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November 2, 2015

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Chemical Warfare
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Schools, Terrorism & Homeland Security

 Specific Tasks School Should Enact & A Terrorism Attack Contingency Plan as well Does your school know that it is a “Soft Target” and what to do–specifically–when Homeland Security announces a Terror Alert? School Administrators have enough on their plates now  →
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Pandemics Planning for Organizations

What is a Pandemic? Each year the common flu kills about 36,000 people in the United States. A “pandemic” occurs when a strain of the flu virus mutates to become readily transmitted person to person and is resistant to the  →
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Breaking News: 4 or 5 Students Exposed to Ebola in TX

Special Report Ebola now in U.S. for the 1st Time – with 4 or 5 Students exposed Dallas, TX: BREAKING YESTERDAY:  According to Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the first ever U.S. Ebola patient (while infectious) has had contact with four  →
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Breaking News: Schools close, others disinfect or quarantine around US over Ebola Concerns

Breaking News Schools close, others disinfect or quarantine around US over Ebola Concerns The second nurse to contract Ebola traveled to her hometown in Ohio to plan her wedding on a Friday and stayed there for three days. On Monday  →
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Tragedy can strike at a moments: Vol. 113

SAFER SCHOOLS NEWS-VOL. 113 TRAGEDIES CAN STRIKE IN A MOMENT!! ARE YOU READY? Tragedy can strike at a moments notice and decisions must be made quickly that can have life altering impact. In tragedies like; New Orleans Schools: Katrina, Elliot Rodgers California  →
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Multi-Hazard Emergency Response & Crisis Management Process: Vol. 64

SAFER SCHOOLS NEWS-VOL. 64 Multi-Hazard Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plans Process Does Your School have a Comprehensive and Fully Coordinated Multi-Hazard Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plan? The information presented on this page is to assist school districts and  →
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