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November 2, 2015

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Chemical Warfare
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Anthrax Concerns: Vol. 37

SAFER SCHOOLS NEWS-VOL. 37 Anthrax Concerns Handling suspicious mail carefully Officials Say, Be on the Alert and Handle Suspicious Mail Carefully.  A large volume of mail is handle by our schools everyday.  They also have a very precious commodity…are children.  Schools need  →
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Schools, Terrorism & Homeland Security

 Specific Tasks School Should Enact & A Terrorism Attack Contingency Plan as well Does your school know that it is a “Soft Target” and what to do–specifically–when Homeland Security announces a Terror Alert? School Administrators have enough on their plates now  →
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Kids and Crisis: Helping Children Cope with a Crisis. Vol. 35

SAFER SCHOOLS NEWS-VOL. 35 Kids and Crisis How do we help? The World Trade Towers was destroyed by terrorism a number of years ago and many follow on plans have been disrupted. Yet, an icon of America itself has been removed  →
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Terrorism and Anniversaries: Vol. 50

SAFER SCHOOLS NEWS-VOL. 50 Terrorism and Anniversaries (911 & Others) There are two very important reasons that those concerned with the well being of children and youth should take note of the anniversary of the attack on America September 11,  →
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Breaking News: Schools close, others disinfect or quarantine around US over Ebola Concerns

Breaking News Schools close, others disinfect or quarantine around US over Ebola Concerns The second nurse to contract Ebola traveled to her hometown in Ohio to plan her wedding on a Friday and stayed there for three days. On Monday  →
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Multi-Hazard Emergency Response & Crisis Management Process: Vol. 64

SAFER SCHOOLS NEWS-VOL. 64 Multi-Hazard Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plans Process Does Your School have a Comprehensive and Fully Coordinated Multi-Hazard Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plan? The information presented on this page is to assist school districts and  →
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