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November 2, 2015

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Crisis Drills
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Breaking News: Finland – 3rd school massacre prevented

Helsinki, Finland: A third school massacre prevented 22 people killed and 14 injured in school shootings in Finland since 1989. In January 1989, in Rauma, a fourteen year old student shot and killed two of his classmates, one was also  →
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Breaking News: Shooting kills 1, wounds 3 at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, WA

Breaking News 4 Shot; 1 Dead and 3 others injured at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, WA Seattle, WA: Another College school shooting.  A 26 year old gunman opened fire Thursday around 3:30 pm at Seattle Pacific University, killing one person and  →
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3 Shot; 2 Dead including shooter with 1 wounded in Portland, OR suburb school

Breaking News 3 Shot; 2 Dead  including shooter with 1 wounded in Portland, OR suburb school Trountdale, OR: A Student (not yet identified) of Reynolds High School in Troutdale, OR enters his school around 8:00 am with a rifle. He  →
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Breaking News: ISIS/ISIL & Our Schools

ISIS/ISIL & Our Schools Should U.S. Schools be concerned about ISIS/ISIL and the possible 100+ U.S. citizens who have western passports and could be re-entering the US?   ISIS – Islamic State of Iraq and Syria  or ISIL – Islamic  →
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Breaking News: School Shooting NC – 1 shot & 1 in custody

Special Report 1 Shot; 1 shooter in custody NC school Albemarle, N.C: Police in Albemarle report one student has been shot and another student is in custody after a shooting at Albemarle High School in Albemarle, NC which is about  →
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