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2007 Starts with a Bang!

Let's Stop the violence! 

See how KEYS can help!!

Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student TtT

Actually it was bang, bang, bang but it was not the fireworks welcoming a new year. In the first week of school after returning from the holiday breaks, three separate school shootings took place.

January 2, 2007

The first one was on January 2 in Fayetteville, North Carolina where students were fired upon as they left their Westover High SchoolWestover High School Parking lot. The three students in the car were not injured. Apparently there was a fight among several students at a recreation center across the street earlier that prompted an unidentified male to step into the street and fire at the black car as it departed the school parking lot. School officials believe it may have been a case of mistaken identity.

"Our student had a black car and there was another black car involved we are thinking that he just saw a black car and fired," Bruce Morrison, a school official, said.  See Video - Watch Video

Police have arrested a 14 year old as the shooter. He is not a student at Westover. For now, he is in Juvenile Detention charged with attempted murder.  Other incidences since February of 2006:

  • A student said he took a 9mm handgun to Westover High School in February to protect himself from other students.
  • A student was charged with taking a handgun to Westover High in June. Investigators reported that the boy said he brought the gun because he had been threatened.
  • A Westover High football player was accused of shooting another student with a BB gun on campus in August.

January 3, 2007

The following day, January 3, 2007, across the country in Tacoma, Washington, Henry Foss High Schoolan 18 year old student gunned down a classmate in the hallway of Henry Foss High School. Police said he admitted to killing Samnang Kok, but refused to say why. He was being held on $1 million bail.

Witnesses said that the shooter approached Kok with a handgun and shot him in the face. He then stood over the body and fired two more shots. Police have learned that the shooter has a history of mental illness and was hospitalized two years ago for suicide attempts. He takes medication to control schizophrenia. In an interview with police he said that the meds help but do not eliminate his symptoms.

Students reported hearing what they thought were firecrackers. The teachers started yelling at everyone to go to the gym, then they climbed up on the tables in the cafeteria and started screaming for the students to go to the gym. Law Enforcement converged on the School with Officers and their Mobile Command Post. The school was placed on “lock down” then the students were released for the day. Security was increased for the students to return.  While admitting to the shooting, the shooter entered a not guilty plea.

Listen to 911 calls from Henry Foss High School

Security officer Mitch Herd Main office secretary Sharon Allison Teacher Kris Cournoyer

Internet Survey Completed After Shooting


Survey by Internet individuals after shooting at Foss.

January 9, 2007

One week after the first shooting, two students were injured by gunfire January 9 in the Western High School Shooting - Road Ragethe parking lot of Western High School in Las Vegas, Nevada. One of the wounded students had been in a vehicle that nearly collided with a Ford Mustang at a convenience store a few blocks from the school. He said the Mustang's driver followed that vehicle to the school parking lot and fired at least five shots before Western High School Shooterdriving away.

A male student in the car that was targeted, was struck in the ankle or lower leg. A female student who walking through the parking lot was struck in the stomach by the gunfire. Both were taken to University Medical Center for treatment. There was yellow tape and police everywhere, but classes continued as close to normal as possible.


These shootings were an eerie reminder of a series of three shootings within a week about 90 days ago. First in Colorado, then Wisconsin and finally in Pennsylvania. Two of those shootings were perpetrated by people who were not members of the school. Similarly, two of these recent three involved shooters who were not part of the school, while in both sets, one was perpetrated by a student with known behavioral issues. Perhaps the greatest concern is how, after all these years of dealing with school shootings, can someone walk into a school, apparently anywhere, with a weapon and start shooting. Secondly, once the shooting has started, what actions can students and staff take to survive, aid the wounded and assist law enforcement in resolving the crisis??

Schools across America routinely conduct fire drills. The result is that no student has been injured in a school fire in over 10 years. About 25, 000 school students and staff are injured annually in incidents of violence yet many schools never conduct any type of drill or exercise dealing with violent acts. Many schools do not address violence contingencies in their Crisis/Emergency Response Plans. The Mission of Keys to Safer is help schools provide a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff. If you are not sure if your school is prepared, or if your school needs help in planning or drilling, contact Keys today.


If your school needs help in establishing  policy or implementing procedures for a violence prevention program contact Keys To Safer today for assistance from the Multi-disciplinary Team. 

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