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Monday, April 7th, 2014


School Safety. What are schools doing? – Vol. 5

School Safety

SAFER SCHOOLS NEWS-VOL. 5 SCHOOL SAFETY “What are Schools doing?” Many schools have started hotlines where students can call inRead More

The last shot fired – Vol. 6

SAFER SCHOOLS NEWS-VOL. 6 The Last Shot Fired POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER The Wound that Won’t Stop Hurting! The woman walkedRead More

Facts about bullying – Vol. 22

SAFER SCHOOLS NEWS-VOL. 22 Researchers who have studied bullying have reached the following common conclusions: About 10 percent to 15Read More

Are our schools safe? – Vol. 1

School Shootings

SAFER SCHOOLS NEWS-VOL. 1 ARE OUR SCHOOLS SAFE? “I know our schools are safe. Statistics prove it. But the perceptionRead More

Displacement due to Disaster

Displaced Due to Disaster

 Helping those of a Catastrophic Disaster Dealing with Anger, Suicide, Depression, Anxiety Disorders and other disorders of Displaced individuals ScheduleRead More