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Huan Ju

The Art of Blending and Re-Direction

Huan Ju - The Art of Blending and Re-Direction:  Anger Management/De-escalation Training







This Research Based Training is designed to provide specific skills and general guidelines to school and other youth workers. Physical demonstrations, interactive exercises and sharing with others in the field serve to make the workshops dynamic and relevant. The Guide that supports the training serves as a great resource but is not intended to act as a “self taught” lesson.


 The principles of AMD Huan Ju, the Art of Blending, are used throughout the training. For some, this will be your first exposure to this discipline. The heart of Huan Ju is remaining goal focused and blending your energy with the student’s energy to redirect it into a more desirable path. Winning is never the goal. In fact, Huan Ju teaches to stop corrective action the moment the student stops. Anger is viewed as an emotional escalator. Once it starts it will continue to escalate through a series of stages ending in violence. Similarly, once it is stopped or redirected, it will continue to de-escalate until order is restored. Like most Oriental forms, Huan Ju has a physical component; however, the Art of Blending starts with verbal and non-verbal communication. The goal of this training is to recognize the steps on the Anger Escalator and to apply techniques learned here to stop the anger process as early as possible.


School Teachers, School Resource Officers, Faculty, Classroom Aides, Professors, Counselors, Mental Health Professionals, Probation Officers, and Parent of special need students---Everyone who works with children, adolescents and young adults NEEDS this training.  It is based on Nationally Researched projects and developed by professionals who have worked with students, juvenile offenders and angry adults for many years.  Not another class on theory, this training is:

  • Practical

  • Hands-on

  • How-to

  • Informal

  • Skills oriented

An Instructor at an Alternative School wrote this on her critique form:

"This is one of the BEST workshops I have attended!  I would like for ALL of my teachers and Administrators to attend this.  I liked the groups and interaction."

Learn what
others are saying about the training.

The practical applications of this training are based on Huan Ju, the art of blending. Participants will learn and demonstrate verbal, non-verbal and Non-pain inducing Physical intervention techniques of de-escalating potentially violent situations. Emphasis is placed on recognizing and intervening in anger elevating events before they develop into violence. Not only will attendees be able to apply these techniques, they will be able to pass them on to students so that they can learn to control themselves. 


Topic Areas and Handouts Include:

Behavioral Responses

Power Struggles

Anger Response Process

Reality vs. Perception

Core Belief System

How to Break Up A Fight


Personal Space 

Anger Interruption Method

Measure Your Anger Checklist

Humor & Self Talk

Problem Solving

Managing An Escalating/Hostage Situation

Punishment vs. Consequences

and much more…



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