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Bullying Stops when Respect Begins!!  Attention: Schools, Parents and Students....we need your help!!


Attention - Schools, Parents and Students

  • A National Teens program and past producers of "Scared Straight" was looking for a school to participate in a New Anti-Bullying Program and be a Model for Schools around the nation.  Thank you for those that expressed INTEREST!  If you might be interested in the future, please click here and sign up below.  We will keep it on file to be used in the future.

  • Also, organizations continually contact us looking for stories on bullying and individuals willing to tell their story...sometimes they are National TV ProgramsAgain, if interested click here and sign up below.

  • Special consideration will be given to those who have experienced being a victim who then changed roles and committed a violent act as a result of bullying.  Another situation given special consideration is a victim who suffered serious injury or death as a result of bullying.

Bullying has become an international epidemic. In Europe, bullying has become such a problem that they convened a multi-national conference on the topic.  In our schools, bullying has been linked to almost every school shooting in recent years.  The tendency in the past was to say that bullying is a normal part of growing up and kids, especially boys have to establish their own "pecking order."  If anyone ever complained, they received such advise as, "Work it out yourself.", "Boys will be boys", "What did you do to cause him to hit you?" or worse "I am sure he was only teasing. You need to be a little tougher and not so sensitive."  Bullying is far more than teasing and the answer is far more complicated than learning to stand up for yourself.  (check out Keys "Bullying Stops when Respect begins" to learn the differences between Teasing and Bullying and how to stop it.)

Keys To Safer has been asked by organizations in the United States and abroad to provide programming, information, anecdotes, stories and successes about bullying situations.  We, in turn, look to you for help.  If you would like to participate in finding the solutions, please let us know if your school is interested (click here) or send us your story about bullying, regardless of whether it has a happy ending or not. If you are interested in your school participating or having your story appear on a national television program;

All individuals completing this information will be considered first.



Is your school interested in participating in National Anti-bullying programs , then we want to hear from you.  

A National TV Program had desired to pair up with Keys To Safer to bring a New Anti-Bullying Program to the nation.  Keys receives this type of request occasionally with short time frames to put it together.  Therefore, we are attempting to put together a list of those interested, if your School is interested in being a Model for Schools around the nation to follow? Then act quickly on this.  Please complete the form below and type "Special Opportunity" in the Comments block.


If you are interested in the anti-bullying program for your school click on this title for more information: "Bullying Stops when Respect Begins".  

Please fill out the form COMPLETELY for consideration and click all appropriate buttons below.  For more information call (800) 504-7355, "toll free" 1(800)504-7355 or email.


Complete Name:
I'm over age 18 I want to tell my story on TV/Radio
I want to tell  my story anonymously This is a Current Situation
A past story I would like you to call me
Story is about me. Story is about my child/student


Please tell us your story!!

Yes you may contact me. No, please.


For more information about our training/services (click below).

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