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Death at a Dance

19-year old dies at school dance in Florida

School Officials arrested for not reporting


Let's Stop the violence! 

See how KEYS can help!!

Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student TtT



Devon Sutton, 19, loved to dance. Friday night, May 5, 2006 he attended a school dance at Parkway Academy Charter High School. After the dance, he was shot to death in an altercation in the parking lot.

 While police do not have a suspect in the shooting, they arrested the Assistant Principal after interviewing him at the scene. When they ran a background check on the Mr. Lumpkin, they found he had an outstanding warrant for DUI. He was booked on a probation violation and other records indicated a previous conviction for theft and another arrest for battery. To his credit, Mr. Lumpkin was the only administrator present at the dance. 

It was also discovered that the school had only one security person for the evening and no off-duty Miramar police. One member of the school board is reported to have told reporters that he was not sure what the school’s security policy is. The principal could not be reached for comment.

 The school has an enrollment of about 500 but witnesses report that the attendance at the dance over 1000. Many were school age but many were beyond school age. A relative of the victim told reporters that the school has a lot of dances but there are always fights and this is not the first time a gun has been there. He said that he had stopped going because the dances were just too dangerous.

In November of 2005 a 17 year old girl shot another girl while riding to this same school on a school bus. Miramar and Parkway Academy are located in Broward County, Florida, the nations 6th largest school district and growing.

 The report leads to the inevitably question: “What is your school policy for sponsored events?” Sporting events and social events bring in revenue and outside people. It is important for your school to consider how it will meet potential and unforeseen challenges in such events. Consultants from Keys Multi-disciplinary Team can help you form and implement policy, procedure and practice to make your school a safer place—during and after school hours.


UPDATE 5/1206 Police arrested a 10th grader in his Miramar home today on charges of 1st Degree Murder for killing Devon Sutton. The name of student was not released as he is a juvenile. Additional accounts of incident say that Devon was involved in a fight in the dance and afterward went looking for that person. Reportedly, Sutton climbed a fence to get to the car that held the one who had been fighting. He then produced a gun and started hitting the window with it. The 10th grader produced his own gun and shot Sutton in the head. Further records search indicates that at the time Sutton was on probation for aggravated assault with a weapon and possession of cocaine charges from 2005.

If you are not sure if your school has a plan or policy or if you are not sure your school has adequate training in prevention and preparedness, contact Keys To Safer today for assistance from the Multi-disciplinary Team.

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