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Safety Bulletin: November 2002

Violent Crime on the Rise

IN THIS ISSUE:        

  1. FBI Report: Violent Crime is on the Rise 

  2. Train-the-Trainers 

  3. From 9/11 to the Sniper   
  4. Money for Training
  5. Florida Family Vacation + Training
  6. Keys in the News
  7. School Violence Continues  
  8. Thought for the Month: Bullying or Teasing?
  9. One liner of the month
  10. Tip of the Month: What To Do If You Are Being Bullied
  11. What Others Say About Keys To Safer
  12. Co-sponsor A Training In Your Area
  13. NEW! Home Drug Tests Available On-line
  14. And more links....

1. FBI Annual Report: Crime Rates are Rising

The decade of the 1990's was violent but experienced an overall drop in crime rates. As the crime rate dropped, unfortunately, politicians and administrators at all levels began to focus time and resources in other directions. Programs that had served to bring about the reduction were dropped in favor of other priorities. Now the trend has reversed. The response from one professor of criminology was, "The choices are clear: Pay for the programs now or pray for the victims later." For details on this report, follow the link above.





2. Train-the-Trainers: Certification in Assessing the PDS 

Class size is limited, but there are still slots available.

This is the National Pilot Training Program that you have asked for and have been waiting to attend. Previously, Keys staff were the only trainers who could Train and Certify anyone in Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student (PDS), but due to the increasing demand and the need to reduce costs within a district/organization Keys is making this shift. The size of this class will be limited so apply to attend early. If you accept our offer to become a Trainer in this program, which features our Nationally used and highly unique Assessment Instrument, you will be one of the first. School Districts/Organizations across the USA have participated in this PDS training and paid for every staff member there. This training will allow your district/organization to train you who can then train and certify your entire Assessment Team without additional training cost. The cost for this train-the-trainers event that will be held February 6 & 7, 2003 in St. Augustine, Fl is only $225. Added Bonus: This training may make you eligible to become a Trainer in the Keys Associate Program and help us to reach others all over the county who need help assessing their Potentially Dangerous Students (PDS). For more information or to apply, go to: 



3. From 9/11 to the Maryland Sniper: How do these images affect our children? 

Children are sponges. They soak in everything they see, hear and experience. The problem is that they have not yet developed a system of filters and processors to handle all the information (Coping Skills). Daily doses of watching live coverage of the terrorist attacks on 9/11 and the sniper attacks this past month are not appropriate for most young people. Parents and schools are urged to prudent and seek advice from therapists who work with children and adolescents before allowing them uncontrolled access to such reports. For helpful guidelines on this issue, follow the link above to get your free copy of "Helping Children Cope with a Crisis" and "Fact Sheet: Dealing with Terrorism".




4. Money is available to bring Keys Training to your School

Does your school really need quality, professional training like Keys has to offer but your school simply cannot afford it? Help is available. Target stores has a fund set up to help schools with just such a problem. Keys' staff recently spoke with the management at the headquarters of Target stores and learned that up to $5000 can be awarded per school for the purpose of making your school safer. To learn more or to apply for this grant, go to your nearest Target Store and ask. Additional information is available at: under "community."



5. Annual 2003 Conference on School Violence Prevention

Combine your family vacation with the 3rd Annual Conference on School Violence Prevention - June 16-17, 2003. The theme is Bullies. The conference will take place in the same location in Orlando. We would like to extend our thanks to the Ramada Resort and Enjoy Florida Hotels for being such great hosts in the past years. We solicit your input for topics, activities and guest speakers you would like to see. As we reflect on the tragedies of the past year, let us look forward to exploring ways to make our schools safer and more secure.

CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS: If you would like to be a presenter, please contact us for a Presenters Application.  

Mark your calendars now for next summer's conference.



6. Keys in the News

The staff at Keys continues to be asked for interviews about school violence issues. Most recently, our Director, Mike Nelson was featured in a news special connected with the President's Day of Concern for our children as it related to the DC Sniper. We are frequently called for telephone live and recorded interviews by broadcast and print media across the US and Europe. If you are connected with the media in your area or would like to hear from over your local media stations or newspapers, please give them our email and telephone contact information. Many of our interviews are available on CD.



 7. School Violence Continues

This week a student in Tulsa was shot by a Security Guard who was shooting at another student. A student in New Jersey was shot by a fellow student. A university student in Arizona gunned down 3 professors and shot himself. For additional information on these and other violent events, go to:

Reporting this type of news often gets labeled as emotional hype, self-serving, overly dramatic, but the truth is that if schools do not know this is happening they will not see the need for being prepared. Can such incidents be accurately predicted? NO. Can Potentially Dangerous Students be identified and helped? YES. Can schools develop sound Crisis Response Plans? YES. Keys is here if your school needs help in these areas.






8. Tip of the Month: Bullying or Teasing?

  1. It is Teasing only if both parties know it is teasing.

  2. Teasing is not about Power, Ridicule or Control.

  3. Teasing does not involve Pain (physical or emotional).

            Otherwise it is bullying and should not be accepted by the parents, school or the students.



9. One-liner of the Month:


"Speak without Offending; listen without Defending."

Send us your favorite one-liner today and look for it in future editions.



10. What To Do If You Are Being Bullied

  • Talk with a Trusted Adult
  • Be Confident (but not pushy)
  • Be Assertive (but not aggressive)
  • Avoid Situations Where Bullies are Unobserved
  • Do Not Hit Back –Words or Fists
  • Make Friends and Work Together


To learn more, go to


11. What Others Say About Keys To Safer


What Others Say About Us. The best advertisement is word of mouth. We truly appreciate the many kind and encouraging words said about us by those of you who have attended one of our training's or received another service from us. Those who are considering one of our services might find it helpful to review some of these comments. Please feel free to contact any of them that you recognize. If you have a comment about Keys To Safer and would like to share it with others, please email it to us and we will place it on the site. Here are just a few of the comments:

  • "Your website has given me support and something to present to the school to help solve this problem (Bullying).  Thank-you for being there."   Pat Dasler, Parent

  • "This [National Conference] is GREAT!  Very practical, easy to use and very timely!
    Sabrina Steger, Paducah, Kentucky [mother of school shooting victim Kayce Steger]

  • "...All presenter were excellent and allowed time for excellent discussion".
    Linda Delaney, Memphis School District, Memphis, TN.

  • "...The Assessment Model (of the PDS) was very interesting and with the training will be very effective"  Janice Chiaradonna, Johnson & Wales University, LYNN, MA

  • "The Keys To Safer [International Conference] increased my confidence in managing crisis situations.
    Laura Bishop, Westminster Academy, Ft. Lauderdale, FL [International Conference]

  • "I would like to thank you for emailing me the handouts that I requested. I found all three very informative and helpful, especially the handout on ADD. I have recommended your site to some of my friends too. :)" Diane Attard, OASI Foundation-Prevention Officer Gozo, Malta

  • "The topics covered were very good-Exactly what we were looking for! What did you like least about the training? Too little time for so much material."
    School Counselor, IL [Bullying & Conflict Resolution Training]

  • "This is one of the BEST workshops I have attended! I would like for ALL of my teachers and
    Administrators to attend this. I liked the groups and interaction."
    School Alternative Teacher [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

  • "I like how the training was WELL ORGANIZED with good supporting information"
    School Counselor, KS [Assessment Training Attendee]

  • "The assessment practice exercise toward the end of the day I felt this was very beneficial."
    School Resource Officer (SRO) [Assessment Training Attendee]



12. Co-sponsor a Training Seminar.

Would you like to have a training event in your school or local area but fear that you do not have the participation or budget to do so? Keys has a program just for you! Co-sponsor an open training event by arranging a meeting place, supplying equipment for the presentation and assisting us in getting the word out about the event in your area. Keys will do their part. The Co-sponsor will receive two training slots FREE!! It is a Win - Win arrangement.

If anyone has questions or desires more information about this training opportunity, go to


13. Expanded!! Home Drug Tests now Available On-line *Discounted & Falling Prices*

For information or to place an order, go to:

Contact us today at (800) 504-7355 or email us at the address below to set up your account for using Purchase Orders.



14.  Contact Information....

Keys To Safer website is at
Contact: Mike Nelson or Frank Green at or call local (501)847-2596, "toll free"

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