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August 2004 Edition


Safety Bulletin: August 2004
Terrorism intelligence and schools


Monthly Safety Bulletin Providing information to Promote safe Schools and organizations  

1. Terrorism Update: Alert Condition Orange--but not 
       everywhere. Although school need to be prepared!

Terrorism AlertThe Homeland Security Alert Codes have always been applied nation wide until this past week. Secretary Ridge announced that the Financial Sector of New York is now under condition Orange while the remainder of the US is under condition Yellow. This new method is based on recent intelligence events that gave new weight to older documents. Although not as specific toward schools as they were toward financial institutions, these intelligence reports continue to indicate that terrorists may be considering attacks against schools as softer, easier to penetrate targets.  It is a fact that terrorists groups in other parts of the world have already shown their willingness to target and attack schools ->learn more.  To read about the current threat click to ->learn more.

To learn more about protecting your school against the possibility of terrorist attack, go to: and contact Keys for more information.


2. The Caribbean, is Paradise lost to school/youth violence?

Jamaica School ended with a bang, literally, in the Virgin Islands. As school let out on June 2 at St. Croix, a 17 year-old student gunned down a 19 year-old class mate in front of their high school. Jamaica and other islands have seen almost daily violence in their schools and among their youth. The United Nations commissioned a study of the violence and discovered that Jamaica's homicide rate is four times that of the rest of the world with Kingston leading the planet in homicides. Keys has been asked to conduct trainings for school staffs in methods to reduce this violence in paradise. This training is tentatively set for mid October, watch for more information as plans are finalized.

Click to obtain more information in Co-Sponsoring a training in your location



3. Helsinki, Finland Training  MAP

Keys will be launching its inaugural European/Scandinavian Training Event August 20-23, 2004. Representatives from countries across both Scandinavia and Europe will gather in Helsinki to be trained as trainers in three Keys violence prevention programs, The final day of this training will take place aboard the sea-going cruise in route to Stockholm, Sweden from Helsinki, Finland. Members of the International School Safety Specialist Association are encouraged to attend. Others who are interested in bring these proven skills to your school are cordially invited to attend.

Keys representatives will be in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands August 24-31, 2004.  If you would like to meet with one please email Keys to set up and appointment. 

To learn more -> click here



4. Deadly School Year Coming?

With  just the preliminary activities of the coming school year underway, the sound of gunfire heralds the new year. Huffman High School in Birmingham, AL was almost two weeks away from the official start of SY04-05 when a dispute over a girl left one student wounded and another in jail. SY03-04 ended with violence as a 12 year-old at Bull Run Middle School in

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- Terrorism Update: 
   Sector Specific Alerts

- School Violence in the

- Helsinki Training
- Deadly School Year Coming
- Tip for Students:  
Respect Works!
- Who has Keys Served?
- Tip for Parents: What we
   must teacher our kids about
   Date Rape.
- Wisdom in a One Liner
- Tip for Teachers:Recognizing
   the Cycle of Violence and
   breaking that cycle.
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Lock Out Violence Everyday with Keys To Safer


Gainesville, VA somehow smuggled a .30/06 deer rifle, a .22 rifle and a shotgun into the school. Fortunately, an Assistant Principal happened upon the youth before he could begin the planned carnage. To see a partial listing of school violence, go to:

If you wish to take an active role in turning this trend around, contact Keys at




Carnival Line's fantasy ship SensationStart making plans and calling all your colleagues. The 5th Annual School Violence Prevention Conference will be a cruise aboard the Carnival Line's fantasy ship Sensation. The dates are June 9-13, 2005. We will sail out of New Orleans to Cozumel and explore the western Caribbean. While afloat, we will enjoy a Professional Development Conference set at a pace that will insure both learning and pleasure. Negotiation are still in progress on details but Carnival has already assured us of a super price break and wonderful time.  The costs will be no more than a normal conference with hotel, food and transportation.  Keep watching the Keys E-News for details.




6. Tips for Students: Respect Works 

  • Respect yourself. You are too valuable as a person to be abused by others.Respect Works!

  • Respect others. They are too valuable to be mistreated.

  • Respect the school. It is too valuable to allow a few bullies to ruin it for everyone else.

  • Respect parents and teachers. They are too valuable as models and guides to rebel against them.


Try showing respect and see if it does also bring respect back to you!  To learn more about a RESPECT centered School Wide Campaign.




7. Who has Keys Served?


In answer to an often asked question about who uses Keys To Safer services, this partial list is offered to demonstrate that Keys is dedicated to serving all schools /organizations, great and small, in the struggle to create a safer schools, work-places, organizations, homes, communities, states and more. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Houston Independent School District * US Navy * International Association of School Safety Professionals, Sweden * BBC Radio * Kern County Superintendent of Schools, Bakersfield, CA. * Austin Independent School District * Regional Offices of Education, Illinois * The Ministry of Education, Japan * Broward County Florida School District * YMCA * National Evaluator's Training: International Resource Group, Ltd. * Fort Worth Police Department * Big Brothers, Big Sisters * Henderson State University * The Florida School for the Deaf and Blind  * The Arkansas School for the Deaf * The FCCLA of Missouri * The Arkansas Counselors Association * Safe and Drug Free Conference of Louisiana * Mobile County Alabama School District * Manatee Technical Institute, FL. * Jackson Mississippi School District * Rogers Arkansas School District * Educational Service Centers & Cooperatives in many states * Royal Canadian Mounted Police, of Canada * US Department of Defense Schools * Walt Disney * City of Hot Springs & Garland County, AR * Public Agency Training Council * Diocese of Shreveport Catholic Schools * Miami/Dade County Florida School District * CORE: Coalition for Residential Education * State Department of Eds * Individual and agency clients in Great Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Canada, Jamaica, Columbia, Russia, Nigeria and many more. Keys has made presentations to organizations, schools with a student population of 200 K-12 and to conventions with over 3000, as well as national radio and television appearances. 

If you would like to have Keys at your school/organization or if you would like to join this team of dedicated experts, contact Keys by email today.



8. Tip of the Month for Parents:  What we must teach our Kids about Date Rape?

Date RapeRape happens when a guy physically forces or coerces a girl into having sex without her consent.

Parents need to learn how to keep their kids safe from Date Rape.  Today there are dangers we can't even see.  There are several very dangerous drugs on the streets, schools and campuses these days being used to sedate potential rape victims.  Powerful, odorless, tasteless drugs like Gammahydroxybutyrate (G.H.B., "Liquid E", "Liquid X", "Grievous Bodily Harm") and Rohypnol ("roofies", La roche", "R-Z", "rib", "roll'n'fall", "the forget pill") dissolve quickly and invisibly into liquids and are being used to secretly spike people's beverages (non-alcoholic as well), causing rapid and severe intoxication, dramatically reduced inhibitions and memory loss.

G.H.B. is an illegal, home-made drug made from easily found ingredients, and is usually sold as a clear odorless liquid.  It will lead to a deep coma-like sleep, and short-term memory loss.
Rohypnol is a prescription drug used as a pre-surgical muscle-relaxant and to treat insomnia.

Here are some helpful information to teach our Kids.

 *  Teach our Boys' to... *  Teach our Girls' to...
  • be respectful to their date's wishes.

  • save sex for marriage or at least for committed relationships.

  • stop when you hear "no". Stop if you don't hear "yes".

  • keep their eyes open at all times and go with a girlfriend.

  • watch all drinks and test them if you can, even if you get them out of a punch bowl.

  • get tested if you think you were drugged.

To learn more about Date Rape Testers for your girls to keep them safe click here.  To learn more about Date Rape drugs click here.




9. One-liner of the Month:


"It's not what is in the hand but what is in the heart that determines violent actions."

Frank Green, Keys

Send us your favorite one-liner today and look for it in future editions.





10. Tip of the Month for Teachers:  Recognizing the Cycle of Violence and breaking that cycle  

Cycle of ViolenceSchool violence can happen any where.  School Year 2003-2004 was one of the most violent years in the last 10 years (see map and list of SY03-04 violence).  Learn how to tell if you have an Un-Safe School and what schools can do to become a Safe School.  Here are some helpful hints to recognize the Cycle of Violence and how to stop it.  Remember:  School violence doesn't "just happen."  It often follows a pattern:

  • Two People or groups have a conflict: over a girlfriend, boyfriend, clothes, etc
  • They trade insults or threats: angry words, looks or gestures
  • Tension builds: each person may become angry and others may egg it on.
  • They may fight: especially if they believe that no one can "back down".
  • One of them may seek revenge:  creating a new cycle of violence and revenge.

Learn Behavioral Responses to difficult students.  Learn how to Break-up a Fight.  To learn more about our Train-the-Trainer: Anger Management De-escalation Training utilizing a non-pain inducing physical restraint technique -> click here.  Learn more about our Train-the-Trainer: Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student Training -> click here.




11. Training Opportunities


Training for StaffMark these on your calendar and register today or call or email to set up a training at your school or in your community.




  • Truman, Arkansas; August 9-10, 2004 - The Alternative Learning Center, A Levels Model - Co-Sponsored by Trumann Public Schools

  • Fort Lauderdale, FL: August 12, 2004 - Managing Anger for Security Professionals "In-Service" Co-Sponsored by Broward County Public Schools 

  • Helsinki, Finland; August 18-23 - Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student and more..., Peace of Mind & International School Safety Association (ISSA).

  • Roanoke, VA.; September 21-22, 2004 - Anger Management/De-escalation Train-the-Trainer.  Co-Sponsored by Roanoke City Public Schools.

  • Bakersfield, CA.; October 11-12, 2004 - Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student Train-the-Trainer.  Co-Sponsored by Kern County Superintendent of Schools & Schoenfeldt and Associates.

  • Mt. Vernon, WA.; October 25-26, 2204 -  Schools, Terrorism and Homeland Security + Workshop to Develop Bio-Chemical Contingency Plans.  Co-Sponsored by Northwest Educational School District 189 & Schoenfeldt and Associates.

  • Bakersfield, CA.; November 15-16, 2004 - Schools, Terrorism and Homeland Security + Workshop to Develop Bio-Chemical Contingency Plans. Co-Sponsored by Kern County Superintendent of Schools, Kern High School District & Schoenfeldt and Associates.

  • Osage Beach, MO; March 28-30, 2005 17th Annual SEMA/MEPA Conference on Crisis Preparedness             

  •  and more...  check our Calendar of Events page

Schedule or Co-Sponsor a training for you School or Community--email or call (800)504-7355




12. What Others Say About Keys To Safer -


Click to see a video recommendation using Media Player.

See Video to learn how others feel about Keys' Training
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Click to see a video recommendation using Real Player.

What Others Say About Us! The best advertisement is word of mouth. We truly appreciate the many kind and encouraging words said about us by those of you who have attended one of our training's or received another service from us. Those who are considering one of our services might find it helpful to review some of these comments. Please feel free to contact any of them that you recognize. If you have a comment about Keys To Safer and would like to share it with others, please email it to us and we will place it on the site. To read some comments click here ->



13. Co-sponsor a Training Seminar. 


Would you like to have a training event in your school or local area but fear that you do not have the participation or budget to do so? Keys has a program just for you!  Co-sponsoring one of these trainings in your area.  We will bring the training to you and provide you with a Free Slot.  This would cut travel costs, hotel expenses, work days lost travel to and from event, food costs, car expenses, and you get a Free Slot out of it, too.  Again, what we look for in selecting a site are;

  • A site large enough to hold about 50-100 attendees,
  • A school willing to Co-Sponsor it...there are no costs in sponsoring it (see Co-Sponsoring guidelines),
  • Close to an Airport or a hub district for other school districts in the area,
  • A school willing to be a gracious host to others who attend and
  • a willingness to help us get the word out to surrounding schools/organizations in the area.

It is a Win - Win arrangement.  If anyone has questions or desires more information about this training opportunity contact us (800)504-7355.



14. Keys Can Now Accept Your Check On-line

When ordering training, materials or the testers below, you can write a check on-line as simply as writing one at your local grocery store. Look for the "pay by check" option button and follow the instructions. It is easy, it is secure and it is available now. Some of the latest innovations in drug testing are available through Keys and our new check option.

Or for information or to place an order, go to:


Contact us today at (800) 504-7355 or email us at the address below to set up your account for using Purchase Orders.



15. Contact Information....

Keys To Safer website is at https://keystosaferschools.comContact: Mike Nelson or Frank Green at or call local (501)847-2596, "toll free" (800)504-7355.


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