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February 2004 Edition

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Safety Bulletin: February 2004
Schools are Declared "Soft targets



Monthly Safety Bulletin Providing information to Promote safe Schools and organizations


1. Homeland Security Memo, September 16, 2003, Terrorist Chemical Device


Schools "Soft Targets""...Terrorists continue to select soft targets for attack--particularly those that will yield a high casualty count. There are two categories of soft targets that a terrorist may choose for attack, those being soft targets with controlled access and soft targets with uncontrolled access. Examples of soft targets with controlled access include sports stadiums, arenas, and office buildings (with security guards). Examples of soft targets with uncontrolled access include hospitals, malls, restaurants, and schools. All available antiterrorism measures should be rigorously reexamined – to include: physical security perimeters, personnel awareness, and reporting methods...."   Click to Download Report


Did you know about this memo? Were you aware that your school is officially considered a "soft target?" Have you seen the picture of the Chemical Device that Homeland Security published so that your school staff can be aware? It is not Keys intent to alarm but to raise awareness. If you were alarmed at reading this, read the full text of this Memo at: xyz. If you have questions about the effectiveness of your Crisis/Terrorism Plan or your school's state of awareness, review this web page and contact Keys today:




2. California Training Huge Success


California up-coming Trainings

More than a dozen school districts sent delegates to Bakersfield, CA for training on Schools, Terrorism and Homeland Security on January 26, 2004. Feedback was positive and immediate, but all present commented on the timeliness and need for such training. Over two years have passed since the 9/11 attacks yet schools are still confused not knowing what to do to increase security as the Homeland Security Alert Codes change color. Several of the schools there are working with Keys to set dates for more intensive training on Crisis and Terrorism planning tailored for their school and community. Unfortunately, some schools across America have opted (due to a lack of knowledge or political views) to pay no heed to the Alert System and to continue with business as usual. This is a tremendous error in judgment. While it may be true that most schools will never a terrorist attack, those who have invested in good planning and periodic drills will be rewarded with a sense of confidence. They are also more likely to prevent or to mitigate the effects of either a terrorist attack or a natural disaster due their preparedness. To read more about what makes a school dangerous or prepared, Click here.



3. Orlando:
        4th Annual Conference on School Violence Prevention


June 14-15, 2004 are the dates for this year's conference. The site will once again be the Ramada Resort at the Maingate to Disney World in Kissimmee, Florida. The theme for the conference is Homeland Security Codes, Bio/Chemical Terrorism and What Schools can do. There will be presentations by Subject Matter Experts and Discussion Groups about Practical Actions for Schools. This conference will emphasize policy, procedure and activities that schools can realistically do within budget and manpower constraints, but still meet the need of being prepared. You cannot afford to miss this conference. 

If you have a presentation that meets the format of this conference, there is limited space available. Respond by email immediately to be considered. Email:


To learn more about this conference, go to:


Articles This Month

- Schools are listed as Soft
  Targets by DHS

- California Trainings & what

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- Orlando: 4th  Annual Nat'l Conf
- SEMA/MEPA 16th Annual
Crisis Preparedness
- School Violence Review
- Tip for Students: How to
   know if you are being bullied
- Grants for Drug Testing
- Ricin Attack
- Tip for Parents: Involved in
   your child's school life?
- Wisdom in a One Liner
- Tip for Teachers: Gangs
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- Up Coming Training Calendar
- Grants Crisis Plan Developmnt.
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4.State Emergency Management Agency and Missouri Emergency Preparedness Association


The 16th Annual Conference of SEMA/MEPA is a learning and networking opportunity for elected officials, emergency managers and first responders from across the state of Missouri. The focus this year will be Terrorism. Frank Green, MS, LPC Executive Director of Keys To Safer has been asked to be one of the Key Note Speakers. His topic will be Homeland Security, Terrorism and What Schools Can Do to be Prepared. He will present the concepts developed in conjunction with other Keys' staff with years of experience working counter terrorism in the military coupled with years of working with public schools and young people. Adhering to the guiding principle for all Keys programs, Mr. Green will give the attendees practical measures that any school can accomplish within budget constraints and the unique environment of working with minors. If your organization is looking for a dynamic Key Note address on a most relevant topic, contact Keys at  To learn more about this conference click here.



5. School Violence 2003/2004 in Review


School ViolenceA recent editorial in a major news paper started with this sentence, "With the decline in school shootings since the tragedy at Columbine..." A major broadcast News Magazine program presented a piece that held the same premise as the truth. If we look at reports of school related violence we wonder how this can be true. The media, at times, underreported this problem and gave their own fraternity the impression that school violence and school shootings have declined. Not only is this premise questionable, reporting it causes some schools and communities to believe that problem has been solved and there is no more need for vigilance or added training. Keys To Safer scours all sources of reporting and compiles the results for our readers to view at It is apparent by viewing these collected reports that the world and our schools continue to see students killed and injured at a record number during the 2003-2004 school year. Last week, in the nation's capital one student was killed and another wounded in shooting event inside their school. Before that, a school in Nevada was terrorized by a gunman who ran through their halls looking for the third party in a love triangle. Half way around the world, a school in New Zealand was bombarded by gunfire sending students and staff seeking shelter and in Britain crime is on the increase . This list is not complete because other events crowd such stories out of the news spotlight. If you know of a violent incident that impacted a school, write to Keys and include a news source if possible:  We need your help to keep you informed.




6. Tips for Students:  How to Know if You are Being Bullied


Stop Bullying with Respect.Bullying is not just a big kid picking on a smaller kid. Here are some hints to know if you are being bullied by someone. Is someone;


These are all signs that your are being bullied. But perhaps the best sign is if you do not feel like to going to school because of fear or just feeling bad about the way you are treated, then you may very well be the victim of a bully. So what should you do? 

You are not expected to handle this on your own. There are adults who will help you.



7. Drug Testing Grants


Grant informationIn his state of the Union Address, President Bush announced an increased emphasis on Drug Testing young people. A number of schools and juvenile agencies have recently received federal grants for drug testing and more are on the way. If your school has a grant providing for Drug Testing, contact Keys for program consulting and Drug Testing supplies. Keys has been supplying these items to schools, individuals, military organization and major universities. Perhaps the most popular new item for Drug Testing is the Oral Screen. This device eliminates the privacy issues encountered in collecting urine samples. It also eliminates Health Department concerns in handling urine. Keys' Saliva Drug Tester will accurately identify 4 common illegal drugs of abuse, or verify their absence. 

Date Rape TestersA case recently reported involved a young lady who was sexually assaulted  after drinking something spiked with a Date Rape drug. Keys' has the only tester available for this class of drug. The testers come in two styles, one resembles a business card or credit card, the other is a coaster. If a young person has any reason to suspect his or her drink, a drop on the tester will discover if the drink has been spiked.  To see other testing supplies click on any of the links in the table below.





8. Ricin Attack

The chemical RicinU.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist was the apparent target of a ricin attack.  The senator reported that the substance apparently came through the mail (see identifying suspicious mail) as a white powder, similar to the Anthrax attack shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. While both were transported as white powders they are very much different. Anthrax is a biological agent while Ricin is a chemical agent. Anthrax (especially the spores as used) is difficult to produce and deadly to the person handling it. Ricin is a home kitchen type of product that is relatively easy to produce. The source ingredient is the Castor bean which is from an ornamental grown in many home gardens or is available through nursery supply houses. The other items needed for the refining process are available at any department or discount store.  (To learn more about the poison Ricin, go to: .)

Though different in nature, the overall effect of either of these is much the same. Both instilled fear in thousands. Terror is the goal of the terrorist, international or domestic. This Ricin attack is not likely to kill anyone, but others have.  Deadly attacks and copycat attacks are used to spread the fear that anyone, anywhere at any time may be the next target. What would your school do? How do you recognize a suspicious piece of mail or parcel? If you have doubts about your school's state of preparedness for Chemical or Biological attack, contact Keys today and review this pages at this link:



9. Tip of the Month for Parents:  Become involved in your child's school life

Parents become involved in your child's school life by supporting and reviewing homework, talking with his or her teacher(s), and attending school functions such as Parent-Teacher conferences, class programs, open houses, and PTA/PTO meetings.  If you will be attending a meeting and will be advocating for your child remember these tips


* Start off the Meeting with a positive attitude

* Even if you know your child's right try not to quote the chapter and verse of the Law

* If you feel that your child needs educational testing or special education resources,
  ask for them.


To learn more about Advocating for your child click this link to download a handout to help answer those questions and prepare you for the meeting.  ---> click here
(this is a pdf file and will take a little time to download)



10. One-liner of the Month:

“Dream it, then do it!”   

Guy Gilchrist, Artist

Send us your favorite one-liner today and look for it in future editions.





11. Tip of the Month for Teachers:  Gangs Signs and Symbols


Symbol of Folk NationWhy do Gangs use Graffiti?  The Role of Graffiti is as follows;

* Marks territory, identifies turf and warns other gangs.

* Challenges other gangs - by crossing it out or putting opposing graffiti

* Sending messages about who will be killed or assaulted.

Dealing with Graffiti;

* Report it                  * Photograph it

* Note color, utensils used, time it appeared

* REMOVE IT! --> accepting graffiti is accepting the gang.

To learn more... contact Keys about training and read articles on Gangs



12. Training Opportunities


Training for StaffMark these on your calendar and register today or call or email to set up a training at your school or in your community.




Schedule or Co-Sponsor a training for you School or Community--email or call (800)504-7355




13. Crisis Plan Development Grants

Crisis PlanningKeys To Safer is presently working with several schools who have received the Discretionary Grants for Developing Crisis and Contingency plans. Some have received their grant money and are in need of expertise in developing the plans, others are writing their applications for these funds and have sought our help. Keys has developed a Model that breaks Crisis Planning into more manageable elements to help you work through this process. You can read about it at:

If you want to update your Crisis Plan and want one that is well thought out, provides for integrated services, and is completely comprehensive, review this article, download our Crisis Road Map (pdf 360k) and contact Keys today



14.  What Others Say About Keys To Safer -


Click to see a video recommendation using Media Player.

See Video to learn how others feel about Keys' Training
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What Others Say About Us! The best advertisement is word of mouth. We truly appreciate the many kind and encouraging words said about us by those of you who have attended one of our training's or received another service from us. Those who are considering one of our services might find it helpful to review some of these comments. Please feel free to contact any of them that you recognize. If you have a comment about Keys To Safer and would like to share it with others, please email it to us and we will place it on the site. To read some comments click here ->



15. Co-sponsor a Training Seminar. 


Would you like to have a training event in your school or local area but fear that you do not have the participation or budget to do so? Keys has a program just for you! Co-sponsor an open training event by arranging a meeting place, supplying some equipment for the presentation and assisting us in getting the word out about the event in your area. Keys will do their part. The Co-sponsor will receive two training slots FREE!! It is a Win - Win arrangement.


If anyone has questions or desires more information about this training opportunity contact us (800)504-7355.



16. Keys Can Now Accept Your Check On-line

When ordering training, materials or the testers below, you can write a check on-line as simply as writing one at your local grocery store. Look for the "pay by check" option button and follow the instructions. It is easy, it is secure and it is available now. Some of the latest innovations in drug testing are available through Keys and our new check option.

Or for information or to place an order, go to:


Contact us today at (800) 504-7355 or email us at the address below to set up your account for using Purchase Orders.



17. February Special - FREE handouts from our Collection of Valuable Handouts Booklet


Keys is marking February as our Appreciation Month for all the support you have shown us in the past year.  As a way of giving back to those who read, support and provide information for this exciting and informative Newsletter we will provide a web link.  This web-link will allow you to download all our handouts included in our Book called "Collection of Valuable Handouts".  Keys routinely sells this for $19.95 but it will be Free for the month of February only.  Feel free to pass this information on to all that might benefit from these valuable handouts.  They deal with topics like;


* How to break up a fight   * Check list of a Safe School   *  Anger Management Techniques (4 ways)

* Managing a Escalating/Hostage Situation   * Bullying  * Oppositional Defiant - Behavioral Responses (Checklist)

* Internet Safety Contract w/students  * Adolescent Depression    * Teen Suicide Prevention

* and much more...

Thank you again!  Click to download all these and more....




18. Contact Information....

Keys To Safer website is at https://keystosaferschools.comContact: Mike Nelson or Frank Green at or call local (501)847-2596, "toll free" (800)504-7355.


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