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January 2005 Edition

Safety Bulletin: January 2005
Best wishes for a happy and safe new year


Monthly Safety Bulletin Providing information to Promote safe Schools and organizations  

1.  Terrorism Update: Dining Facility Targeted


Terrorist Tent Bombing - December 21, 2004On December 21 a terrorist bomb containing hundreds of ball-bearings was detonated inside a Dining Hall in Iraq. The attack claimed the lives of 22 people and wounded at least 60 others. For those schools who have had a School Site Safety Survey by Keys To Safer, you know that dining/ cafeteria facilities are always emphasized as being prime targets by terrorists. The two Columbine killers targeted their dining hall. While we mourn this latest loss of life and injury, let us determine to look at our own Food Service areas with a renewed commitment to increase awareness.


Authorities now suspect that the suicide bomber gained entrance by wearing an Iraqi uniform. Have you ever stopped to consider how many people are allowed entry to your school without signing-in at the office because they are wearing a uniform? If you have not had an outside agency evaluate your school or your Crisis Plan, contact Keys today for assistance.


2. Still Time To Register: Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student--Training the Trainers: 

Potentially Dangerous Students including Germany most recent Alleged School Shooter 4/02.Can you tell the difference between a potentially dangerous student and one who simply a prankster? Is an isolated student in need of help or just wanting to be left alone? This informative, internationally used training will provide more than insight and information. Participants will become qualified in using a unique Assessment Instrument to screen combinations of behaviors and traits to determine appropriate interventions. Plus, they will be certified to train others and establish the program within their schools or organizations. This course,  Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student, Training the Trainers will be offered three times in the month of January. Click on the city and date below to learn more and to register:

Make plans to attend one of these so you can return and train others at your school. Or you may want to Co-Sponsor (At No Cost) this training and bring us to your school/district/organization.



3. Part 2 - Intensive Help for Juveniles in Crisis:

    Are you looking for help for your teen in Crisis?

Boarding School OptionsThis is Part 2 of the series.  You may refer to last months E-News' to learn about  Boot CampsIf you need help faster, there are three trainings that help in this area; Behavioral Modification Planning, Dealing with the Teenage Years and Alternative Learning Environment a Level System (this training comes with forms, polices, a complete Level System so you can hit the ground running and more...).   


Recap: There are 5 basic ways to get intensive help for your Teen in Crisis, they are (1) Boot Camps, (2) Boarding Schools, (3) Residential Treatment Facilitates, (4) Wilderness Programs, (5) military schools.,  We will start the series with:


Boarding Schools:

Articles This Month

- Terrorism Update: Dining
   Facility Targeted

- Assessing the Potentially
  Dangerous Student (PDS)

- Intensive help for Juveniles in
  Crisis!: 2 of a multi-part series

- School Violence:  2004

- New Evaluation Services now

- Tips for Students:
                           Tell Someone!

- School Violence:
                   Who is the Victim?

- Tip for Parents: Helping your
   child say "NO" to drugs!

- Wisdom in a One Liner

- Tip for Teachers:
       Catching Bulling in the act

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The term "specialty boarding school" are schools that are highly structured boarding schools designed to help teens that need 24/7 supervision. Specialty boarding schools are designed for teens who are struggling with: drug abuse, depression, defiant, failing school, run away from home, motivation, self-esteem issues, adoption issues etc. Therapy in specialty boarding schools is optional for students who have therapeutic needs or you can select a Therapeutic Boarding School for more intensive mental health issues. The day at Specialty Boarding Schools may start around 6:30 am and goes till 9:30 pm. and the time frame will range from 3-6 month periods or longer. Some specialty boarding schools provide the necessary tools for permanent change such as seminars, follow up, and structure for troubled teens.

There are;

  • Specialty Boarding Schools: ages 13-18

  • Therapeutic Boarding Schools: ages 13-18

  • Pre-teen Specialty Boarding Schools: ages 7-13 and others.

To learn more go to The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs and search the database for available school at -->
Or download a
Specialty Boarding Schools Directory
(pdf) of available programs for another source.
  ---> Click here


4. School Violence: New Report Suggests School Violence Has Declined by 50%

School ViolenceEight out of ten articles on school violence this month feature a newly released report, jointly authored by the US Departments of Education and Justice, that is heralding a 50% decline in school violence since 1992.
That report is available --> Click to Download FREE National

Other experts have challenged these figures and/or the methods used for collecting data. What is observable from open news sources is that the month of December 2004 has been brutal for schools.

In -
 * Charlotte, NC a student was stabbed   
   * Lake Charles, LA a student was shot in the leg
 * Spokane, WA a student shot himself in the school hallway 
 * Haines City, FL a student was shot in the ear by another student with a BB gun,
 * Brookville, OH a school was hit by at least three bullets from a passing car,
 * Jerome, ID a 12 year-old student stabbed a 14 year-old student.

 * Ontario, Canada a student was fatally stabbed and a week later a teacher was killed

Thank goodness that schools were only in session about half of the month! When these events are added to the threats, plots and plans of violence that never came to fruition, it is easy to see why parents and students do not share in the optimism of this new report. To read about these and other incidents of violence this school year, go to:

There is no comfort in knowing that you are not alone when the issue is school violence.
Learn how Keys' can help!



5. " Evaluation Services" available at Keys


Evaluating Program Effectiveness by Goal Attainment Scaling (G.A.S.)
A Quantitative Method for Evaluating Attainment of Multiple Goals.


You asked and now Keys it delivering!  Announcing our new G.A.S. training which will enable administrators, principals, counselors, program managers and evaluators to simultaneously rate the effectiveness of a program (like; (PBIS) Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports ) by generating rating system. Scores from this system will provide a measure of the overall effectiveness of the program.  Learn more --> Click here!


Mark Krain,


Keys is excited to announce this great training and our Evaluation & Consulting Services which will be headed up by Mark Krain, Ph.D. - Professor in the School of Social Work.  He designs evaluation systems based on Goal Attainment Scaling techniques and applies those techniques to diverse areas in education and human services. He specializes in techniques that use ordinary, easily calculated arithmetic steps that lead to powerful and valid determinations of whether or not pre-specified objectives/goals have been attained, which may be utilized for grant purposes.


Let Keys help you with your current or next grant program.  Contact us today to help!





6. Tips for Students:  Tell Someone!  


Tell someone that can help!Story 1: Kayla heard Josh talk about setting fire to the school. She thought it was dumb. But then she saw him playing with gasoline and matches. He said that he was practicing. She told him to stop kidding around. He told Kayla to mind her own business that he had a score to settle. Josh warned her that friends do not rat on friends, so she better be quiet. She went home and stayed in her room without talking to anyone. The next morning her mother told her about the school catching on fire and that two janitors working late were burned to death.


Story 2: Richard knew that Jason was planning on doing something bad to Brad after school. Jason told Richard that real friends keep secrets so he should not tell anyone. But Richard told his Mom. She called the school. The School Resource Officer went to Jason's home and found a loaded handgun in his pack back. Jason told Richard he would never be his friend again.


Which student, Kayla or Richard, did the right thing? How would you feel if you were Kayla?  Rickard? 


Remember: If it is really important or if someone could be hurt, the responsible student will tell someone.


To learn more about responsible students go to Kids are the Keys.




7. Student Violence:

Students KilledFor 12 years as a student in public school she was teased, ridiculed and isolated by her fellow students. The teachers knew about it; the administration knew about it; other students knew about. Still it continued. In her final year at this institution of torture, she began to fantasize about getting even with all her tormentors. Her thoughts became words and the words became written plans. Fantasy was becoming fact. Her plans were discovered. She was arrested and will never graduate. She did nothing but plan; "they" made fun of her. She only planned a few weeks; "they" bullied her for 12 years. She will spend next spring in jail; "they" will walk across a stage at graduation. Who is the victim; who is punished?


Learn more about Victims


Learn about Bullying Stops When Respect Begins.





8. Tip of the Month for Parents:  My Child is using Drugs!  I need help!


My Child is using Drugs!  I need help! How Can You Help Your Child Say "No" to Drugs?

Parents can help their children say "no" to drugs in a variety of ways and by starting when their children are young.  We will deal with creating a Family Drug Policy and Contract.

  • Create a Family Drug Policy & Contract to establish rules for drug, alcohol and tobacco use.  Be sure to include the punishment your child will face if he or she breaks the contract and the rewards for following them.  These contracts are best used for children ages 12 and up.  Establishing a contract will provide your children with a clear family position on drug use.

    • The primary purpose of a Family Drug Policy & Contract is to set expectations and for teens to be held accountable for their behavior while allowing parents to maintain a reasonable amount of control. If used consistently it will teach teens that there are consequences to breaking rules and the knowledge that will hopefully transfer in the child's mind to school rules as well as the legal system.

    • Include your teens and preteens in the coming up with rules, consequences and rewards they feel are appropriate for the Contract. Child  who feel that they are being heard by their parents and are allowed to participate in this process are far more likely to be compliant than those who are handed a set of rules and told "Do it or else.".

    • Make weekly drug screening your child a major part of the contract, if they are currently using.  Random drug screens for signs of warnings of possible drug usage.

Attention Parents

  • To obtain information on Drugs and Street names -->click here

  • To obtain information on Home Drug Test Kits  -->click here

  • If your child needs professional help in a Treatment Facility "click here" for a Treatment Locator of Drug Treatment Facilities.



9. One-liner of the Month:

"The Roots of Violence: Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice, Politics without principles"

Mahatma Gandhi 


Send us your favorite one-liner today and look for it in future editions.





10. Tip of the Month for Teachers:  Don't wait to be told, catch the bully yourself.


Bullying Students

  • Be where the bullying takes place.

  • Ask for help from parents and other volunteers to supervise playgrounds, buses and other bully hotspots.

  • When you see bullying take place, talk to the bully without involving he victim.

  • If you must interview both, always talk to the bully before talking to the victim.

  • Keep records and pass your observations to other teachers, parents and administration.

  • Develop functional anti-bullying policy.

For help in putting together a bullying program for your school, contact Keys today.



11. Training Opportunities


Training for StaffMark these on your calendar and register today or call or email to set up a training at your school or in your community.




Schedule or Co-Sponsor a training for you School or Community--email or call (800)504-7355




12. What Others Say About Keys To Safer -


Click to see a video recommendation using Media Player.

See Video to learn how others feel about Keys' Training
Must be on internet & slight wait to download clips

Click to see a video recommendation using Real Player.

What Others Say About Us! The best advertisement is word of mouth. We truly appreciate the many kind and encouraging words said about us by those of you who have attended one of our training's or received another service from us. Those who are considering one of our services might find it helpful to review some of these comments. Please feel free to contact any of them that you recognize. If you have a comment about Keys To Safer and would like to share it with others, please email it to us and we will place it on the site. To read some comments click here ->



13. Co-sponsor a Training Seminar. 


Would you like to have a training event in your school or local area but fear that you do not have the participation or budget to do so? Keys has a program just for you!  Co-sponsoring one of these trainings in your area.  We will bring the training to you and provide you with a Free Slot.  This would cut travel costs, hotel expenses, work days lost travel to and from event, food costs, car expenses, and you get a Free Slot out of it, too.  Again, what we look for in selecting a site are;

  • A site large enough to hold about 50-100 attendees,
  • A school willing to Co-Sponsor it...there are no costs in sponsoring it (see Co-Sponsoring guidelines),
  • Close to an Airport or a hub district for other school districts in the area,
  • A school willing to be a gracious host to others who attend and
  • a willingness to help us get the word out to surrounding schools/organizations in the area.

It is a Win - Win arrangement.  If anyone has questions or desires more information about this training opportunity contact us (800)504-7355.



14. Keys Can Now Accept Your Credit Card by Call-in order or Your Check On-line

By your request, Keys has made arrangement with Merchants Banking to accept you call-in orders to include taking your credit card information by telephone. This added means of purchasing Keys' services and materials is another example of our desire to meet your needs.

You can also write a check on-line as simply as writing one at your local grocery store. Look for the "pay by check" option button and follow the instructions. It is easy, it is secure and it is available now. Some of the latest innovations in drug testing are available through Keys and our new check option.

Or for information or to place an order, go to:


Contact us today at (800) 504-7355 or email us at the address below to set up your account for using Purchase Orders.



15. Contact Information....

Keys To Safer website is at https://keystosaferschools.comContact: Mike Nelson or Frank Green at or call local (501)847-2596, "toll free" (800)504-7355.


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