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Safety Bulletin: November 2003

Zero Tolerance Strikes again 


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  1. Zero Tolerance Strikes Again
  2. School Violence in the News
  3. School Site Safety Survey
  4. Tools of  Terrorism
  5. Learn how to become a PDS Trainer
  6. Tips for Students: Be a friend, gain a friend.
  7. NEW Partnership, NEW Products
  8. Why Won't Johnny Sit Still !!
  1. Tips for Parents: Helping children improve Self-Esteem  
  2. One liner
  3. Tip for TeachersPt 4; Eliminating severe behaviors
  4. Up Coming Training Opportunities
  5. Homeland Security Site of the Week
  6. What Others Say About Keys
  7. Co-sponsor A Training In Your Area
  8. Keys Now Accepts Checks On-line  -  NEW!
  9. And more links....

1. Zero Tolerance Strikes Again


Another student is out of school as the latest victim of ZERO TOLERANCE.  Using Zero Tolerance as a management style sounds good and is accepted by some officials in education, law enforcement and juvenile justice. The only problem is that it is counterproductive. In the latest case, a student was expelled for writing a fictional story about a student who fell asleep in Math class and dreamed about shooting a teacher but awoke and knew it was just a dream and went on to the next class. In another case a student was expelled for drawing a stick figure shooting another stick figure. The school did not stop to learn that the stick figure was a US Marine fighting in Iraq or that the student's father and step-father are both currently involved in that conflict. Students see this type of action as not caring about them personally and this strengthens the "wall of silence." To read the full article go to:




2. School Violence in the News

Since our last Safety Bulletin, a 15-year-old Bronx student was shot in front of his school. Another 15-year-old student in South Africa was stabbed to death on campus by another student. Our nation's capital witnessed a high school football player gunned down as he exited his Washington, DC high school. A Kentucky school had to put its crisis team into action to set up a plan to handle a shooting death of a very popular 2nd grade teacher. As ripples reach every inch of pond's shore, these violent incidents impact every student in some adverse way.


To see a collective list of some 20+ events of violence in and around our schools since August 2003, go to this link: https://keystosaferschools.com/violence03.htm This list is not complete because other events crowd such stories out of the news spotlight. If you know of a violent incident that impacted a school, write to Keys and include a news source if possible: Keys@KeysToSaferSchools.com.


3. School Site Safety Survey

"This school is secure. We have an absolute control on visitors. You will not be able to enter my school."  Fifteen minutes after this boast by a principal to one of Keys' Safety Surveyors (with approval from the Superintendent), another entered that school through a locked door that was kept propped open for ease of teachers passing from one building to the next. He proceeded to enter a room full of teachers waiting for a meeting, but none of them asked for any identification. This operative engaged children in conversation and gained unobserved entrance into the cafeteria to include the kitchen. Had he been a vandal or a terrorist, what might he have placed in the food that your students and teachers would have consume the next day? This individual went to the office but entered by the rear door and engaged the secretary in conversation for a few minutes before she realized this was a visitor who had not signed-in.


Is your school any different? Do you have the simplest passive measures in-place to stop the unauthorized entry into your school by person's unknown? If you are not sure, or you need verification of your security measures, contact Keys to arrange a Site Safety Survey of your facility.


To learn more about this program, go to:


4. Tools of Terrorism
A type of bacteria found in feces known as fecal coliform bacteria

Human feces was one of the first poisons used against others. It remains in use today. Smeared on spikes and sharpened poles, it produces a wound that will become horribly infected rather quickly. Feces contain many harmful bacteria. Some of these can be grown in culture and introduced in water and food supplies. Most schools and other commercial buildings are fitted with a "back-flow prevention valve" system to protect the cities water supply. However, these valves are usually readily accessible, above ground, and provide a means for introducing any foreign substance into the buildings water supply. Very few of these valves are locked or secured in any manner because there was no thought of terrorism when they were installed. Look around your school and see if you can locate such a valve. Then ask, How are we protecting our water supply?

What would your school do if confronted with a terrorist attack using bio/chemical weapons? Keys To Safer Schools.com has developed a guide and a training program to provide schools with measures that can be implemented within budget and community restraints. To learn more about the risk our schools face as Soft-Targets click here.


5.  Learn how to become a PDS Trainer

Keys will be holding yet another Train-the-Trainer in Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student (PDS) in Battleboro, NC, (18 mile from Rocky Mount, NC) on November 6-7, 2003. This is an opportunity for you to be Certified or have someone from your school Certified as a Trainer in this most unique program for identifying students who are in need of help and which provides training on determining what help they need most. Your entire staff can then be trained in-house to know what the Early & Imminent Warning signs are and to whom they should report if they observe any of them. If you or your school already use this program, this training will serve as your 2-year refresher and Certify you to conduct the refresher/renewal training for all other Risk Assessment Team members in your school. This is a tremendous cost savings over having to send staff members for renewals. Make plans now before these classes fills up.


Research shows the Number One Way to Prevent Being Bullied is to have Friends.

The more friends you have, the less likely you and; your friends are to be bullied. If you have a difficult time making friends, remember the best way is to be a friend first. Do for someone else what you would like for them to do for you. Talk about things that interest the other person as well as talking about your own interest. Try to learn as much as you can from your new friend. You will find this to be rewarding experience.

Learn more...https://keystosaferschools.com/BullyingStopswhenRespectBegins.htm


7.   New Products: Interactive Library CD Roms

Keys is pleased to announce a full partnership with Interactive Library Series. The initial offering includes both personal and school use products. These CD's will automatically start playing on your computer once they are inserted. The user will then be offered a variety of selections from a high quality graphic menu. Depending on the topic and the user's selection, a video scenario or instructions will unfold in DVD quality video. By working through one of these programs, students will learn techniques and new ideas for staying safe and being successful. Topics include Bullying, Sex, ADHD, Violence against Women, Recruiting and other relevant topics. New projects are in the works now so keep watching. At just $39.95 the CD and Workbook on ADHD will be a valuable addition to any library of resource material. To learn more or to order, go to: https://keystosaferschools.com/MaterialsOrderingPg6.htm#ADHD


8. Why Won't Johnny Sit Still !! 

When you ask him, you get the same answer every time, "I don't know."  What does he mean by that? Do you get totally exhausted day after day with this type of behavior? What can you do?

Keys To Safer Schools.com offers a training called Behavior Modification Planning that is designed to provide school counselors and others concrete techniques for changes inappropriate behavior to more socially acceptable behavior for the classroom. This training bridges the gap between therapy and education and provides proven, practical techniques. If your are faced with disruptive behaviors and find it almost impossible to teach until something is done, contact Keys today.  To learn more about this program, go to: https://keystosaferschools.com/WorkshopsPg1.htm#BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION PLANNING


9. Tip of the Month for Parents:  Helping you Child Improve their Self-Esteem

What is Self-Esteem?  Self-Esteem can be defined as a positive image of oneself, yet words listed like "narcissism" and "self-conceit," have a less than positive over-tone.  Where do we draw the line between a positive, confident sense of oneself and a selfish and self-serving attitude?  At the other end of the spectrum, poor self-esteem is blamed for everything from drug abuse to school shootings.  Parents - The foundations of ones appropriate self-esteem are laid early in life.  Unconditional love and support will help your child react out to the world and grow in confidence.  Please don't forget that Unconditional Love is at times "tough love", many parents miss that point.  We love are children unconditionally but we still correct and discipline them.   So how do we help our children Develop Appropriate Self-Esteem.  Let's look at some ways:

         * Through our Love & Support of them               * By focusing on their potential not their weaknesses
         * Identifying skills & help them pursue interests * Use visualization to see their successes, like athletes
         * Help them develop friends through fostering opportunities (ex. getting them involved in positive groups)
         * Be their for them when they need you             * Dad's be there for them
(only make promises you will keep)

                         * Discipline them like a good Coach disciplines his team to succeed. 

                         * But above all...LOVE AND SUPPORT THEM.

Having trouble and need some help - Contact Keys Experts for advice


10. One-liner of the Month:

"Watch your thoughts for they become words;
watch your words for they become actions;
watch your actions for they become habits;
watch your habits for they become character;
watch your character for it becomes your destiny"

Linda Woodson, 4th Grade Counselor
Lake Hamilton Schools

Send us your favorite one-liner today and look for it in future editions. https://keystosaferschools.com/Contact_Us_Sweepstakes.htm


11. Tip of the Month for Teachers:  Month 4 - Methods for decreasing and/or eliminating severe behaviors 



"How do I stop the behaviors that Johnny is exhibiting over and over in class?"  We will take this topic and do a mini-series on it for a six month period.  This is month three of the series.  You may refer to past E-News' to learn about  Extinction, Time-out & SatiationIf you need help faster, there are two trainings that help in this area; Behavioral Modification Planning and Alternative Learning Environment a Level System (this training comes with forms, polices, a complete Level System so you can hit the ground running and more...). 



Recap: There are 6 basic ways to decrease or eliminate severe behaviors.  They are (1) Extinction, (2) Time-out, (3) Satiation, (4) Punishment, (5) Reinforcement of incompatible behaviors, and (6) Desensitization.  Let's briefly deal with Punishment.


Punishment - Punishment is perhaps the most misunderstood and emotional explosive of the behavior modification techniques.  It is an intervention used to decrease or eliminate an inappropriate behavior.


There are TWO distinct forms of punishment that the teacher may consider with students.  The first is Addition.  This one is more commonly understood...it is the addition of an aversive stimulus (sometimes unpleasant) as a consequence of a behavior.  It can be either physical or psychological.  ex. reprimands, extra work, detention.  The second form is Subtraction .  It is the subtraction of something the child perceives as desirable. ex. taking away previously earned tokens or points or sometime a privilege.


Punishment is effective for obtaining short-term goals.  If punishment is used teachers should adhere to the following:

  * Specify & communicate the punishable behavior by means of class rules 

  * Post the rules & review them (put them in a positive light - not: "don't talk" but "Sit quietly" )

  * Provide models of acceptable behavior, to include you!  (Watch backbiting or putting other teachers down)

  * Apply punishment immediately (if you are mad...wait to apply it...apply it in love and in support of the child)

  * Apply punishment consistently, not whimsically.

  * Be fair in using the punishment (no favorites)

Having trouble and need some help - Contact Keys Experts for advice


12.  Training Opportunities

Mark these on your calendar and register today or call or email to set up a training at your school or in your community.

  • Battleboro, NC - PDS: NC Dept of Public Inst & Rocky Mount Prep Sc (train-the-trainer), November 6-7, 2003  

  • Cabot, AR - Schools, Terrorism and Homeland Security, November 20, 2003

  • and more...  check our Calendar of Events page

Schedule or Co-Sponsor a training for you School or Community--email or call (800)504-7355


13.  Homeland Security Site of the Week

Keys To Safer Schools.com was selected by the Homeland Security Newsletter as the recommended Site of the Week for the week of July 4, 2003. With over 1000 pages of information, our website continues to grow to meet the needs of today's schools, students, staff, administration and parents. Your searching, reading and recommending our website have led to this honor and we wish to express our thanks for the many kind words of praise that our readers have said of us. We pledge to continue to strive to meet your needs and offer only the best of practical solutions. 


14.  What Others Say About Keys To Safer Schools.com - https://keystosaferschools.com/WhatOthersAreSaying.htm


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What Others Say About Us! The best advertisement is word of mouth. We truly appreciate the many kind and encouraging words said about us by those of you who have attended one of our training's or received another service from us. Those who are considering one of our services might find it helpful to review some of these comments. Please feel free to contact any of them that you recognize. If you have a comment about Keys To Safer Schools.com and would like to share it with others, please email it to us and we will place it on the site. To read some comments click here ->https://keystosaferschools.com/WhatOthersAreSaying.htm


15.  Co-sponsor a Training Seminar.  https://keystosaferschools.com/CoSponsoranEvent.htm 

Would you like to have a training event in your school or local area but fear that you do not have the participation or budget to do so? Keys has a program just for you! Co-sponsor an open training event by arranging a meeting place, supplying some equipment for the presentation and assisting us in getting the word out about the event in your area. Keys will do their part. The Co-sponsor will receive two training slots FREE!! It is a Win - Win arrangement.

If anyone has questions or desires more information about this training opportunity contact us (800)504-7355.


16. Keys Can Now Accept Your Check On-line

When ordering training, materials or the testers below, you can write a check on-line as simply as writing one at your local grocery store. Look for the "pay by check" option button and follow the instructions. It is easy, it is secure and it is available now. Some of the latest innovations in drug testing are available through Keys and our new check option. Check out the ones listed below.

Or for information or to place an order, go to: https://keystosaferschools.com/MaterialsOrderingPg3.htm

Contact us today at (800) 504-7355 or email us at the address below to set up your account for using Purchase Orders.


17.  Contact Information....

Keys To Safer Schools.com website is at https://keystosaferschools.com.
Contact: Mike Nelson or Frank Green at
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