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September 2005 Edition

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Safety Bulletin: September 2005
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Monthly Safety Bulletin Providing information to Promote safe Schools and organizations


1. Hurricane Katrina has devastated cities, industry and private homes:

The lives of 100's of thousands of people have been shattered by this disaster.More importantly, the lives of 100's of thousands of people have been shattered by this disaster. The Keys Team has offered help to any person, group or agency that needs help in restoring order to shattered lives. A number of Keys staff have been volunteering their time, expertise's and money.  Our Director of Program Development, Mike Nelson, MS, LPC, NCC has donated this time to provide Crisis Counseling services and after number emergency on-call Counseling to a Red Cross Shelter which housed at the height of the Crisis 300+ evacuees.


A child who has lost everything from the Disaster of KatrinaAlthough, our help and services as a country are not over.  In the coming days, families will be faced with issues on what to do for their children's schooling. Schools will be asked to take on displaced students. Students will struggle with new surroundings, new schools, new ways and new problems. A Keys Director from Australia in talking with a school there wanted to help and came up the idea of Adopt-A-School. Keys believes schools not directly affected (few am afraid) should look to Adopt-A-School affected.  In adopting you might provide school supplies, books or other items that the school may need.  If anyone or school desires to help with these and other issues rising from Katrina they should contact Keys by email or phone.  If you are a school needing a school to adopt your school contact Keys as well.  We will help hook schools up for those interested. or 1-800-504-7355



2. Terrorism Update: 9/11 Anniversary Attacks Possible

Remember 911"The United States will suffer another large scale terrorist attack within the next year, according to a poll conducted by the National Association of Chiefs of Police. The poll reveals that almost 87 percent of our nation's police commanders and security directors expect a catastrophic terrorist incident within the continental US." Jim Kouri, PHX


"The network is preparing to make a new, more painful strike against the Americans." Abdelazeem al-Mohajer, an Al Qaeda commander, made this statement after taking responsibility for the suicide bombing of a synagogue in Tunisia in April 2002.  The attack claimed 19 lives. It is significant that the suicide vehicle was a fuel tank truck. On July 17, 2005 a suicide bomber used a fuel truck to kill 98 people in Iraq. The FBI has released a memo this month warning of possible attacks using fuel trucks in the US on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. While no specific threat has been made, it is prudent to raise your level of awareness and take precautions to prevent or minimize such an attack.


August 31, 2005: "We have repeated again and again, and here we are warning one more time -- all those who took part in the aggression on Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, we will respond in kind," Ayman al-Zawahri, Al Qaeda's second-in-command broadcast by Al Jazeera television. He also claimed responsibility for the recent London bombings.


If you are not sure of your state of readiness, contact Keys to learn more about Crisis Planning or First Responders Crisis Preparedness.

Articles This Month

- School Crisis:

 Hurricane Katrina

- Terrorism Up-Date: New light

 on Russia School Attack

- Columbine Predictability

- Keys is Expanding:

Down Under - Australia

- Lawsuit:  Bullycide!

- Tip for Students:  

How to Avoid a Bully

- New Products!

- Tip for Parents: How to know what's going on with your child

- Wisdom in a One Liner

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Dealing with New Students

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3. Columbine Revisited: Was there Predictability?

Columbine RevisitedCurtis Rutt, Director of Keys Canada, has researched the Columbine shooting looking specifically for elements of predictability in the evidence. This article looks at who knew what about the two shooters, what they did and did not do with that knowledge, and what actions might have been taken to avoid such a tragedy. Research such as this led to the creation of the Keys program for Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student. Read the full research article at:





4. Keys is Expanding: New Offices opened in Australia


Kevin Dickson, Director of Keys AustraliaKevin Dickson, Director Keys-Australia, has opened the newest International office for Keys in Australia. Kevin is uniquely qualified to provide Keys' services having been trained by the US Secret Service and Drug Enforcement Agency as well as having provided training in Police Survival Training for over 15 years in Australia, Israel and the United States. Kevin is a subject matter expert in the Psychology of Targeted Violence, Characteristics of Violent Individuals, Suicide Bomber interventions. Learn more about Kevin as a member of the Keys Multi-Disciplinary Team or contact him for all your training needs in Australia at





5. The School Board, Superintendent and Counselor sued for bullying death 


It is amazing the number of people and the amount of resources that have become involved in his death compared to the involvement while Daniel Scruggs was still with us.A Federal Judge has cleared the way for a wrong death lawsuit alleging that the school board and specified school officials were negligent in their responsibility to maintain a safe learning environment. Daniel Scruggs at age 12 ended his own life as an escape from the daily bullying he suffered at school. Everyone seemed to know about his plight. The school took action, but whether it was enough will now be settled in court. Although Daniel was being seen by several agencies, only his mother was singled out for prosecution for negligence. Her conviction is being appealed, others are being sued, but the bottom line is that a young boy was bullied to death. If just a fraction of the money now being spent on litigation had been spent on prevention, would Daniel still be with us? Read the full article, The Bullycide of Daniel Scruggs.

If your school needs a policy, program or training on bullying checkout Bullying Stops When Respect Begins. This is a behavior replacement approach that emphasizes positives. It provides schools with knowledge of the domains that allow bullying: The Bully, The Victim, The School and The Parent and the biggest segment of all: the "the stand-by and do nothings." Contact today.




6. Tips for Students:  Avoiding the Bullies


Often the best way to avoid being bullied is to avoid the bully, we at Keys call this skill a "Survival Skill". Other skills are higher level skills that we must teach are students which are in the area of "Socialization Skills" and "Assertiveness Skills".  But, If bullying always takes place in a certain area, try to find a way to avoid being in that area. If there is no way to avoid the area, try to always be with a group of friends whenever you must go there. This is not being chicken; it is being smart.

  • Find another route to school or the bus stop

  • Use a different restroom

  • Ask the bus driver to let you sit closer to him or her

  • Don't look directly at the bully

  • If you make eye contact show no expression, especially fear or anger

  • Ask a teacher or your parent for suggestions

Note to parents and teachers: Model an attitude of assertiveness and positive expectations and your students will follow your example.

  To learn more about responsible students go to Kids are the Keys.



7. Featured Products


Stop the Litigation! This is a unique interactive CD Rom that uses broadcast quality video in a patented presentation that will guide Administrators, Counselors and other school officials through realistic daily scenarios that have the potential for taking the school into court or protecting all parties from liability.Stop the Litigation! This is a unique interactive CD Rom that uses broadcast quality video in a patented presentation that will guide Administrators, Counselors and other school officials through realistic daily scenarios that have the potential for taking the school into court or protecting all parties from liability. At 49.95 this may be the most cost saving investment your school will ever make.

Other Interactive/ Informational CD available through Keys.

Tactical LED flashlight. These super efficient flash lights are light weight, milled aluminum for durability and use LED technology rather than light bulbs to produce a brilliant light with very little battery drain. They are ideal for Crisis Kits, SIP kits, law enforcement, and all First Responders. They operate on three AAA batteries held in a unique pack that minimized overall size. Anyone that may need a flashlight but does not need the bulk and weight of the traditional heavy flashlight needs one or more of these state of the art lights.


Drug Free Family Pak. This product is a kit with information, instructional videos, testing materials and much, much more. It is designed to help families stay drug free in today's world of substance abuse in homes, schools and communities.

These kits originally sold for $699 but through special arrangements with the authors and manufactures, Keys is proud to present them to you for just $99. Order one for your family or several for a parent help center at your church, school or youth organization.

Click her for more details.





8. Tip of the Month for Parents: How To Know What's Going On With Your Child

Talking with your teen has more to do with ears, eyes, heart and arms than it does with your mouth.Listen



Then, understand...

Talking with your children has more to do with your ears, eyes, heart and arms than it does with your mouth.

Having trouble and need one-on-one help - Contact Keys Experts for advice



9. One-liner of the Month:

"Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them."

Lady Bird Johnson

Send us your favorite one-liner today and look for it in future editions.




10. Tip of the Month for Teachers:  How to Handle New Students?

Hurricane Katrina will fill hundreds of classrooms with new students. This would be a challenge any time, but will be heightened due to the trauma that has brought these kids to your school. Everything will be more intense. Here are some ideas that may help:

  • Watch for the signs of depression or suicide and refer to counseling
  • Be everywhere. The new students may become victims (to students or adult sex-offenders) or bullies, if left to themselves.
  • Watch for signs of 504 and Special Ed. There may be no records or IEP.
  • Do not pamper them. They need a normal school routine as soon as possible.
  • Avoid negative comments about officials or situations dealing with the hurricane.
  • Accept, be positive, be sincere, be real, be there.

For help in building new skills for dealing with these kids, contact Keys today or check out these trainings:



11. Training Opportunities


Training for Staff


Mark these on your calendar and register today or call or email to set up a training at your school or in your community.



Schedule or Co-Sponsor a training for you School or Community--email or call (800)504-7355




12. What Others Say About Keys To Safer -


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What Others Say About Us! The best advertisement is word of mouth. We truly appreciate the many kind and encouraging words said about us by those of you who have attended one of our training's or received another service from us. Those who are considering one of our services might find it helpful to review some of these comments. Please feel free to contact any of them that you recognize. If you have a comment about Keys To Safer and would like to share it with others, please email it to us and we will place it on the site. To read some comments click here ->



13. Co-sponsor a Training Seminar. 


Would you like to have a training event in your school or local area but fear that you do not have the participation or budget to do so? Keys has a program just for you!  Co-sponsoring one of these trainings in your area.  We will bring the training to you and provide you with a Free Slot.  This would cut travel costs, hotel expenses, work days lost travel to and from event, food costs, car expenses, and you get a Free Slot out of it, too.  Again, what we look for in selecting a site are;

  • A site large enough to hold about 50-100 attendees,

  • A school willing to Co-Sponsor it...there are no costs in sponsoring it (see Co-Sponsoring guidelines),

  • Close to an Airport or a hub district for other school districts in the area,

  • A school willing to be a gracious host to others who attend and

  • a willingness to help us get the word out to surrounding schools/organizations in the area.


It is a Win - Win arrangement.  If anyone has questions or desires more information about this training opportunity contact us (800)504-7355.



14.  Check out Keys Falling Prices on our Drug Test Kits


    Keys has dropped prices on all Drug Tester - Check it out.


Parents, looking for a way to help your teen stay away from drugs or does your teen already have a drug problem and you are trying to help?  Parent's try using these Drug Test Kits in conjunction with your personal family drug policy to help your children stay off or away from drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  Parents are you concern about Date Rape Drugs?  Is your young adult going to College and you want to help them.  Keys has Date Rape Tester available now...check them out.  See links below.

Or for information on large quantity discounts for Schools, Organization, Juvenile Courts, Business or others call Keys for a quote.  Contact us today at (800) 504-7355 or email us at the address below to set up your account for using Purchase Orders.





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The local number for the Keys Headquarters Offices only has changed to 501-847-2596.  All other numbers remain the same.


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