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summer 2005 Edition

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Safety Bulletin: Summer 2005
 School Resource Officer Killed




Monthly Safety Bulletin Providing information to Promote safe Schools and organizations


1. One Officer is Dead and another Wounded


Officer Dwayne ReevesOfficer Dwayne Reeves was killed Monday July 18, 2005 while attempting to break up a fight between two female students at Weequahic High School in Newark, New Jersey. His partner Akia Scott was wounded but returned fire and wounded the assailant.  The shooting started when the brother of one of the girls pulled up to the school in a stolen car and along with his partner started fighting with the officers. The wounded suspect was arrested and sent to the hospital. Authorities are still searching for the other shooter. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to the family of this slain officer and his fellow SRO's.

A Thought from another Officer:

No one ever said policing was easy. No one ever said a cop's work is  always appreciated. Nobody speaks of the positive impact a good police officer has on the impressionable young members of their community.

Yet we all lace up our boots and go to work anyway. We only seek the knowledge that we made a positive and worthwhile impact in our communities while providing for our own loved ones. Dwayne personified the blueprint of a good police officer and added the responsibility of opting to work in the schools with the youth and young adults in his community. He made himself available to help them deal with life's challenges one day and protected them from harm on another. To Dwayne's family I can say that I also know personally of the pain that murder of a loved one brings. Carry his legacy in your hearts forever and live your lives with the love he has left behind. You are in my prayers.

Frederick R. Williams, Corporal
Princeton Twp. Police Dept.

 Fighting Students: What Do You Do?


Student injuredHouston, Texas, May 21, 2005 A fight started in the lunchroom at Clear Brook High School and was continued after school. A 16 year old student was airlifted with seizures after suffering several blows to his head.


What if this was your school? Is everyone, or anyone, trained in how to break-up a fight and restore peace? Keys' training "Anger Management/De-escalation" provides proven techniques in preventing anger outbursts and a physical restraint technique for use when a student leaves no other options.



2. Terrorism Update: Beslan School Attack Analyzed

Terror in Russia with the Beslan School Massacre.The Russian government, the BBC and independent research groups continue to analyze the terrorist attack on the school in Beslan to determine how the terrorists;


  • got inside with many weapons,

  • why so many innocents died,

  • what has become of those who led this assault. 

This study is critical for all schools in Russia, Europe, the United States and everywhere around the world where terrorists might attack.  This information and other information has been combined to develop a training on "Lessons Learned from the Beslan Russia School Massacre".   Keys has delivered the in-service component of this training at a number of National Level Conferences and Emergency Management Conferences around the country.  Keys will present an in-service based in this training at the Illinois Emergency Management Conference at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield, IL September 6-8, 2005.  If unable to attend, contact Keys for a Key Note Address at your Conference.  

Articles This Month

- School Violence:   SRO Killed,

Student seriously injured

- Terrorism Up-Date: New light

 on Russia School Attack

- Killer Set Free

- Keys is Expanding:    Meet our

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- Lawsuit:  School fails to act!

- Tip for Students:    

 How to Answer a Verbal Bully

- New Products!
- Tip for Parents:
How to get help from schools
- Wisdom in a One Liner

- Tip for Teachers:

How to control bullying

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3. School Killer Released


 Face of a KillerThis is the face of a killer. He deliberately ambushed and gunned down four young girls and their teacher. Ten others were wounded in the hail of gunfire and a community was scarred for life. Convicted as a Juvenile he was released on his 21st birthday, August 11, 2005, with his record sealed. He can vote, buy a gun or join the military as if nothing ever happened. Look closely and see if you can tell the difference in this infamous Jonesboro killer and all the other 13 year-olds you know.  


The Executive Director of Keys To Safer Schools.com supervised the state facility where both shooters were incarcerated. The memory of their arrival by helicopter at night remains very real today. He said,

"I wanted to see two demon boys with eyes glowing red...but instead I saw two boys get off the helicopter who looked like any other 11 and 13 year old..."  

Shannon Wright's son had this to say,

"He gets to see his Mom. I can't see my Mom until I go to heaven."



4. Keys is Expanding: Meet our Multi-Disciplinary Team of Subject Matter Experts!

Keys  is proud to announce the formation of a Multi-Disciplinary Team of SubjectLearn more about Keys Multi-Disciplinary Team of Subject Matter Experts Matter Experts. This is a Multidisciplinary group of internationally known Speakers, Safety Professionals, Researchers, Trainers, Project Managers, and Consultants.   Outstanding in their individual fields of expertise, they collectively represent the "All Stars" in the broad spectrum of School & Workplace Violence Prevention. They are available to your school or organization collectively and/or individually through Keys To Safer Schools.com.

Among the Members of this Multi-Disciplinary Team are;

  • Dave Grossman, best selling author and founder of Killology

  • Michael Dorn, best selling author and founder of Safe Haven

  • Curtis Rutt, decorated Police Officer and Director of Keys Canada

  • William Dodson, consultant and retired Superintendent from Pearl, MS

  • Jay Carter, best selling author and consultant on bullying in schools

  • Bo Munthe, School Safety Professional & Director of Keys Europe

  • and many more.

All of these experts in safety, security, terrorism, Law Enforcement, academia, bully prevention and more are available through Keys.


Contact Keys before writing your next grant to determine who and what can be applied to meeting your needs with a very high probability of receiving your funding.


Contact Keys Today to learn more!



5. Lawsuit alleges School employees failed to act 


LawsuitsHow much does training cost? A School District in California is facing a new lawsuit for failing to act to protect a student from overt bullying even after the parent repeatedly asked for help. The bullying continued until the victim's collar bone broken by the bullies. As an interim "fix" the district has reassigned the victim to another school. Last year another district agreed to pay over $1million in damages and institute a staff and student training program about harassment as a settlement to a lawsuit. The training program will cost the District even more. If your school considers professional training, such as that offered by Keys, too expensive, perhaps you should ask, "How much does the smallest lawsuit cost, even if we win?"


If your school needs a policy, program or training on bullying checkout Bullying Stops When Respect Begins. This is a behavior replacement approach that emphasizes positives. It provides schools with knowledge of the domains that allow bullying: The Bully, The Victim, The School and The Parent and the biggest segment of all: the "the stand-by and do nothings." Contact Keys today.




6. Tips for Students:  Answering a Verbal Bully


Answering a Verbal BullyOften the worst bully uses no more than words to inflict injury. If you come back with a "put down" you have stooped to the bullies level and things may get worse. Showing that the bully hurt you by crying or running away will often give him the "green light" to keep pouring it on.


Turning the bully's words around can make him or her think about what is being said and that may stop the bullying. Here are some suggestions: Let's say the bully has said something mean about your weight. You can...

  1. Agree in fact: Your quite right.  I have added a few pounds this year.

  2. Agree in theory:  You might be right.  Maybe I could shed a ounce or two.

  3. Speak it as you want it:  Thank you for noticing the weight I have been losing.

  4. Take it as a compliment:  Thank you so much.  It isn't easy keeping this weight on.

  5. Return with a compliment:  Thank goodness you look fit.

For more help on how to handle being bullied, read

How to Handle Bullies, Teasers and Other Meanies

by Kate Cohen-Posey M.S. LMHC LMF


Note to parents and teachers: Encourage students who being bullies, harassed or abused by bullies to respect themselves and to learn to be assertive without being aggressive in kind.

  To learn more about responsible students go to Kids are the Keys.



7. Featured Product


Drug Free Family Pak.

This product is a kit with information, instructional videos, testing materials and much, much more. It is designed to help families stay drug free in today's world of substance abuse in homes, schools and communities. Listen to what one father had to say:


Thank goodness I have it for my kids today. They won't have to go through what I went through. 

Jerry Rettie - Father and Recovering substance abuser


These kits originally sold for $699 but through special arrangements with the authors and manufactures, Keys is proud to present them to you for just $99. Order one for your family or several for a parent help center at your church, school or youth organization. Click her for more details.


Tactical LED flashlight

These super efficient flash lights are light weight, milled aluminum for durability and use LED technology rather than light bulbs to produce a brilliant light with very little battery drain. They are ideal for Crisis Kits, SIP kits, law enforcement, and all First Responders. They operate on three AAA batteries held in a unique pack that minimized overall size. Anyone that may need a flashlight but does not need the bulk and weight of the traditional heavy flashlight needs one or more of these state of the art lights.


Stop the Litigation!

This is a unique interactive CD Rom that uses broadcast quality video in a patented presentation that will guide Administrators, Counselors and other school officials through realistic daily scenarios that have the potential for taking the school into court or protecting all parties from liability. At 49.95 this may be the most cost saving investment your school will ever make.




8. Tip of the Month for Parents: How To Get Help From Your School


How To Get Help From Your School

The following suggestions are presented in order of steps to be taken. Skipping steps can cause delays. STOP at any step when you receive satisfactory results and thank those responsible for taking action. If there is danger of harm to your child, go to step 8 and follow the advice received there.

  1. Talk to your student's teacher first.

  2. Talk to the Counselor.

  3. Talk to the Principal

  4. Document each conversation, your reception and the action taken

  5. Write a letter to the Principal and copy the teacher.

  6. Write a letter to the Superintendent and attach a copy of 4 & 5 above.

  7. Write a letter to the President of the School Board and attach copies of 4,5 & 6.

  8. Seek legal advice from an attorney specializing in school law.

Download handout on Advocating Meeting


Having trouble and need one-on-one help - Contact Keys Experts for advice



9. One-liner of the Month:


"Silence may be misunderstood but is never misquoted."



Send us your favorite one-liner today and look for it in future editions.






10. Tip of the Month for Teachers:  How to Control Bullying ?

Resources for TeachersBullying is a major problem in schools. (also business, industry, churches and other walks of life) Many teachers are so overwhelmed with getting all assigned tasks done that solving this problem seems out of reach. Here are some simple suggestions:

  • Catch the bully yourself rather than wait for it to be reported
  • Know where bullying takes place and be there
  • Remember the bully bullies out of a need and from modeled behavior
  • NEVER suggest to a student-victim to "handle it" or to "grow up."
  • Take every report seriously
  • Show your students how to handle bullying by being assertive with other staff who may bully and by not bullying others as well.

For help in changing students self-defeating beliefs, contact Keys today or check out these trainings:



11. Training Opportunities


Training for Staff


Mark these on your calendar and register today or call or email to set up a training at your school or in your community.




Schedule or Co-Sponsor a training for you School or Community--email or call (800)504-7355




12. What Others Say About Keys To Safer Schools.com -https://keystosaferschools.com/WhatOthersAreSaying.htm


Click to see a video recommendation using Media Player.

See Video to learn how others feel about Keys' Training
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What Others Say About Us! The best advertisement is word of mouth. We truly appreciate the many kind and encouraging words said about us by those of you who have attended one of our training's or received another service from us. Those who are considering one of our services might find it helpful to review some of these comments. Please feel free to contact any of them that you recognize. If you have a comment about Keys To Safer Schools.com and would like to share it with others, please email it to us and we will place it on the site. To read some comments click here ->https://keystosaferschools.com/WhatOthersAreSaying.htm



13. Co-sponsor a Training Seminar.  https://keystosaferschools.com/CoSponsoranEvent.htm 


Would you like to have a training event in your school or local area but fear that you do not have the participation or budget to do so? Keys has a program just for you!  Co-sponsoring one of these trainings in your area.  We will bring the training to you and provide you with a Free Slot.  This would cut travel costs, hotel expenses, work days lost travel to and from event, food costs, car expenses, and you get a Free Slot out of it, too.  Again, what we look for in selecting a site are;

  • A site large enough to hold about 50-100 attendees,

  • A school willing to Co-Sponsor it...there are no costs in sponsoring it (see Co-Sponsoring guidelines),

  • Close to an Airport or a hub district for other school districts in the area,

  • A school willing to be a gracious host to others who attend and

  • a willingness to help us get the word out to surrounding schools/organizations in the area.


It is a Win - Win arrangement.  If anyone has questions or desires more information about this training opportunity contact us (800)504-7355.



14.  Check out Keys Falling Prices on our Drug Test Kits

Falling Prices


    Keys has dropped prices on all Drug Tester - Check it out.


Parents, looking for a way to help your teen stay away from drugs or does your teen already have a drug problem and you are trying to help?  Parent's try using these Drug Test Kits in conjunction with your personal family drug policy to help your children stay off or away from drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  Parents are you concern about Date Rape Drugs?  Is your young adult going to College and you want to help them.  Keys has Date Rape Tester available now...check them out.  See links below.

Or for information on large quantity discounts for Schools, Organization, Juvenile Courts, Business or others call Keys for a quote.  Contact us today at (800) 504-7355 or email us at the address below to set up your account for using Purchase Orders.



15. Contact Information....

Keys To Safer Schools.com website is at https://keystosaferschools.comContact: Keys National Service Center at keys@KeysToSaferSchools.com or call "toll free" (800)504-7355.


The local number for the Keys Headquarters Offices only has changed to 501-847-2596.  All other numbers remain the same.


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