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2001 SLC Logo - Conquer the JungleSTATE FCCLA 

Conquer the Jungle 2001
March 29-31, 2001

Note of Thanks to FCCLA from Keys!

Learn about Keys' Bullying Program for Schools

What Schools do to Lock Out Violence Everyday? Becoming a Safe School!
Request  the conference Handout Learn about Student lead S.A.F.E.
Bring us to your School Tell us what you thought about the conference.
Learn what others said about our bullying training Tell us your bullying story!

Get out of my way, GEEK!!  Words of our bully involved in the Skit presented at the FCCLA Conference.

With theses words, Jimmy shoved Johnny out of line and took his place. Jimmy turned and glared at the other kids in line and shouted, "You got a problem?" They all turned away and looked at the floor. Hoping not to be the next victim for Jimmy, the school bully.

This scene could have been in any school in America, or beyond, but it was not. This scene was played out on stage by student leaders from across Missouri who had gathered for their annual FCCLA conference. They were taking part in a program on Bullying in the School presented by Keys To Safer Schools.comMike Nelson and Frank Green kept the crowd of students and adult sponsors moving through out the presentation as they offered positive steps that can be taken to curb bullying in our schools.  From the Superintendents who were present to the newest faculty member, all were encouraged to accept the premise that the Kids are the Keys to stopping the violence on our campuses. Not through becoming bullies themselves, but through being empowered by the Administration to accept responsibility for the schools safety.

Several people were unable to be in the Expo Center at the beginning and we ran out of Handouts. If you would like to have a Handout for this presentation, click to request the handout. At the conclusion of the program, there was a brisk business at the book counter as many came by to purchase Taking the Bully by the Horns, by Kathy Noll. This is a self-help for every grade level, although it is targeted at elementary junior high levels. Some counselors are buying case lots to use as the foundation for groups on bullying in their schools. For those who missed out on getting a copy, there are still some available over the website.

Keys would like to thank all involved in making this conference a great success.  Mike Nelson of Keys said, "The Leaders of the Conference, School Staff, and Students were great, they all treated Frank Green and myself like Kings."  Special thanks to Christine Hollingsworth, Virginia Koenisfeld, Larry (the media guy), two students (Adam - the skits' bully and Taebonesa - one of the victims), all the other participants in the skit and the four that came up at the end and said what they were going to do in their school.  To The Four...Are YOU???  

Thank you again from Keys To Safer

Together we can 

L-ock O-ut V-iolence E-veryday !!

When it comes to violence, let's make this our motto:

L-ock O-ut V-iolence E-veryday!!  Not in my school, not in my home, not in my community!!

Lock Out Violence Every day and "Not in my School, Not in my Home, Not in my Community are registered marks of Keys To Safer 1999
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Please Send me a copy of the Conference Handouts, evident by me completing the information below or I will call "toll free" 1(800)504-7355 for more information.

NOTE: The handout will be in a Word Document...if you don't have Word we will need to mail it to you.  Please provide us with your address in the comments section below.



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