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Internet Safety Contract between Teacher and Students

The automobile and roadways are very useful to us. The computer and internet are also very useful, but as with cars and roads there are rules that must be followed and signs to be obeyed or the results can disastrous. Using the Internet at our school is a privilege just as using the school car in Driverís Education. We expect you to obey the rules or accept the loss of this privilege.

  1. I agree to be on the Internet only with the schoolís permission.

  2. My scheduled Internet time is: ________________________

  3. I agree that I am permitted to be on the Internet for the purpose

  4. I will avoid any site that contains: ________________________

  5. I will never give out my name or any name of any family member, home address, telephones number, the name of my school, principal or teachers. I will not answer any personal questions about myself or my family or send any personal pictures over the internet. If any place on the Internet requires this information, teacher must enter it.

  6. I will tell my teacher right away if anything online seems strange or makes me feel uncomfortable.

  7. I will tell my teacher immediately if anyone online wants to meet me in person.

  8. My passwords are private. I will never share them with anyone because anything done online with my password is the same as me doing it. If anyone asks for my passwords in person or online, I will tell my teacher immediately.

  9. I will never download anything over school computers.

  10. Sometimes I will receive messages and images over the Internet that I never asked for. I will tell my teacher and I will delete them immediately because this is a trick. If any of these seem dirty, I will tell my teacher so that they can stop it from happening again.

  11. Words are just as important online as in person; therefore, I will never use bad language, send mean messages or make threats online.

  12. The school has my permission to examine the computer I use to tell what sites I have visited and to see what email I have sent and received.

  13. I will enter Chat Rooms only with permission and keep my messages clean.

I have read the above and agree to follow these rules. If I don't, my privilege of using the Internet will be lost.

Studentís signature

I agree to let my child use the Internet so long as these rules are followed.

Teacherís signature


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