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Is Your School A Safe School?

Agree That It Can Happen Here

The first fact about school violence is that, statistically, school is the safest place any child can be. However, from the largest inner city school to the tinniest rural school, no one is immune from school violence. A survey of fatal and near fatal incidents of violence in schools will reveal that shootings have occurred in huge educational complexes and in communities that house kindergarten through twelfth grades in a single building (see map). The perpetrators were good students and students with problems, they came from fine homes and humble surroundings. In other words, students just like yours have died violently in schools just like yours. The issue is preparation and prevention. Check our credentials. Keys' has dedicated our energy and resources to providing every professional educator, student and parent with the




See how Keys' can help.



Decide to be prepared

Preparation is a conscious effort. It will not happen of its own accord. As soon as you agree that violence can happen anywhere, even in this school, the next step is a decision to do something about it. Assemble the facts about violence. A good place to start is Keys To Safer Solicit support from other members of the school and community. Develop a plan of action. Do it!  Back


Develop a Response Team

Having made a decision to do something the next step is to build a team. Develop a Team by starting with the school and select those staff members who are in Key positions and have the required skills. Reach out into the community and enlist the aid of those in positions of authority such as law enforcement, Fire and Rescue, 911, Emergency Room, Clergy, etc. Seek volunteers from among the parents of your students. Assemble the team and start the process of learning duties and roles. Then continue the process and begin to develop or update an effective Crisis/Response PlanBack


Certify Key School Officials 

Select a small number of school officials to receive certification in assessment the Early Warning Signs of a Potentially Dangerous Student. Develop policies to implement the assessments in a manner to maintain student confidentiality and well being. Develop a decision tree to identify the resources available and the criteria for referral.  Back


Train all Staff, Students & Parents

Involve the community, school staff, students and parents in training programs designed to help them in:  Back

Learning to respect themselves and others. Learning to allow differences to exist in others without feeling the need for judgment.  Back
Identifying the Warning signs of the Potentially Dangerous Student and knowing to whom they should report their observations. Train all through in-services. Back
Managing anger and learning how to avoid power struggles in the classroom and other adolescent gatherings.  Back
Gaining conflict resolution skills to aid students in resolving their problems when no adults are present.  Back

Confronting bullying and using techniques to reduce the impact of bullies in the school and community.  Back


Enlist Students in Appropriate Reporting

Enlist students in appropriate reporting. It is important that students understand the difference between being a tattletale and being a responsible citizen. Students are in the position to know more about the actions and attitudes of other students than any teacher or parent. They need to feel comfortable and confident in coming to an responsible adult with a report about another student. This will require practice to develop.  To Learn more about what you can do, click on ACTION STEPS FOR STUDENTS . Back


Team up with Parents

Make sure that parents know that the aim is to Lock Out Violence Everyday, not to punish their children. It is important to seek their input, not so much as a reporter, but as a member of a team dedicated to insuring everyone’s safety. Parents will take on more responsibility if they are asked and treated with respect as an equal partner in the process.  To Learn more about what you can do, click on ACTION STEPS FOR PARENTS .  Back

Let us provide you today with the 



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