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What should you do, if you know a student is carrying a hand gun

One of the most frightening situations we face is the growing number of children that use guns against children, on purpose or by accident.

Each day 16 children are killed in a gun related accident, homicide, suicide or unintentional shooting.  For ever young person who dies from a gunshot, ten more are seriously wounded, disfigured or permanently disabled.  An estimated 1.2 million elementary-aged children have access to guns in their homes.  Even though you may not keep a gun at home, chances are that some parents or relative of your child's friends may.

We are not saying that guns are the problemthe problem is a lack of education and the proper care of guns.  The one using the gun improperly is our concern.  Although, parents play an important role in teaching children about the dangers of guns.  Children are not always aware how dangerous guns are.

Below is a teaching tool that parents, teachers, or anyone concerned with gun violence prevention can use to help students understand how dangerous guns are.



Tommy showed his friend John the gun he had brought to school.

"Where did you get it?" asked John

"My dad keeps it in his night stand" said Tommy, "This will teach those guys, they can't bully me!"

"Are you going to shoot them?" said John.

"No, I'm just going to scare those guys silly."

"A gun is dangerous.  You could get in big trouble," said John. 

What should John do? 
What would you do?



If someone brings a gun to school or the playground to scare people, it could go off by accident.  The person may not mean to hurt you or your friends, but accidents do happen.


  • Leave the area they are in as soon as possible (this will give you the best chance of not being hurt if the gun goes off by accident).
  • Tell a trusted adult (An adult will keep you safe).
  • Never try to take the gun from the person (the gun could be loaded and you might be accidentally shot).
Written By:
Mike Nelson
Keys To Safer Schools

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