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Volume 17 

Walking in the Light (Safer Schools News-Vol 17)

Once again the seasons have changed, pages have fallen from the calendar and sand has poured the hourglass, blah, blah, blah. Its school time again!! At a recent training event, one of the Administrators phrased it this way, "We have assembled to execute another frontal assault on ignorance." I like that image. Generals, soldiers and cooks massed to carry the torch of knowledge into the darkness of the unknowing.

If only "not knowing" were our only enemies and the three Rís were our only objectives. Unfortunately, schools in Arkansas and Florida could not get through the final month of last school year without violence. We were unable to even make it through the summer without another school shooting in Washington. The image of warfare should be a metaphor, not reality. It should refer to books, not bullets. What are we to do, then? Wave the white flag and surrender? By no means!!!

An old proverb says, "It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness." There are two important elements in this proverb that I had not seen until recently. First, someone had to admit that there was darkness before anyone thought of lighting the candle.



 There are still too many schools (students, teachers, board members) who think, "It cannot happen here." (map of School Shootings)  There should be no alarm, panic or paranoia; but admitting that darkness is all around us and applies to everyone is the first step in finding solutions. As institutions of learning, we must be proactive in admitting the potential for violence in every classroom. Secondly, someone had to have a match to light the candle. To "Be prepared" is more than a motto. It is a way of life. We have fire extinguishers that are never used and life jackets that get never get wet, yet there is no question that their presence is absolutely necessary. Crisis plans and violence prevention training, hopefully, will never be used. However, their necessity should be as accepted as the fire extinguisher and the life jacket.



Written By:
Frank G. Green
Keys To Safer Schools

Copyright © 1999 All Rights Reserved


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