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, n. <L. advocatus, a counselor, 1. A person who pleads another’s case; 2. A person who speaks or writes in support of something.

Sometimes we all need just a little help from someone else.

  • A Counselor at a Middle School has just received a new student with a letter from her Therapist giving a diagnosis and an emergency number to call, but very little else in the way of help.
  • An Assistant Superintendent has been tasked to develop an Alternative Learning Center for students who are not academically aligned and have become behavior problems in the regular classroom.
  • A parent has just been told her son is ADHD by one therapist and ODD by another. All she knows is that her son is angry, unruly, failing and might be suspended for acting out.

These three people could use just a little help. Each has the skills and education to accomplish the tasks before them. What they really need is focus, direction, ideas, a sounding board. Unfortunately, they probably have no where to turn with confidence. Often, it proves risky to ask too many questions around the work place or home. Co-workers and supervisors may start to doubt their abilities; family members could become angry or frustrated. If only there was a place where they could go and find professional advice and opinion about their issues from School Violence Prevention Experts/Mental Health Therapist’s (click here to learn more ). If only they could ask privately and not have to spend next year’s budget.

There is just such a place. Staffed by Keys’ Experts who can tap into years of experience and share insights, advice and opinions; who can listen to ideas and concepts then evaluate their potential and/or offer alternatives; who can take a complex behavior issue and put it into a practical, goal focused synopsis; Keys To Safer is the place to go!

The Advocates Corner ( provides:

  • Direct Access to Subject-Matter-Experts
  • The privacy and response of email
  • On-line, live chat sessions*
  • Direct toll-free telephone contact*

*By appointment only.

The speed, convenience and service provided are well worth the industry standard fee of $200 per hour. The amazing part is that it only costs $15**. The price of lunch at a modest restaurant can provide infinitely greater satisfaction and longer lasting results. For such a powerful service to cost so little, it would be easy to think there is a gimmick. The only gimmick to it is:

    • Every professional has gaps in the day that can be filled by answering email.
    • Email usually forces the client to summarize and be briefer than talking in person. The same is true of the response. All the fluff is eliminated.
    • It provides a service to the client and keeps the expert in touch with all aspects of his/her field.
    • Why charge at all? A small fee indicates a level of commitment and eliminates only the casual client who would email just because it was free.

One last word about this site. The subjects posted are examples. Feel confident in asking about any issue. If the full time staff members do not have the expertise, they have a broad network of contacts and can probably locate a professional quality answer. And finally, if they cannot provide an expert response, they will tell you so with no charge for the email.

If this sounds like something that has been needed for a long time, go to and present your issue.

** 15 minutes