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Behavioral Management of Section 504 & Special Ed Students

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Behavioral Management SE & 504This training will focus on Section 504 of the IDEA and Special Education Students.  The training will deal with aspects surrounding management of students exhibiting behavioral or severe behavioral issues and then how to serve that student.  The training relies on  the Positive Behavioral Support approach to managing severe behavior.

We will look at;

Critical Diagnostic Information

It is imperative that the Administrative team and others have specific information in advance of any incidents.  This is critical in effecting positive change and ensuring that appropriate measures are taken with these students, immediately following an incident.   Information required includes: diagnoses, possible exhibiting behaviors and preliminary plans to deal with the student’s behavior.

Effective Behavioral Planning

This component guides participants through the process of recognizing the presenting behaviors that are tied to a mental health disorder.  Participants will practice effective behavioral plan writing and development which will affect behavioral change.  Although missed by many, effective behavioral planning must include the parent(s)/guardian(s)’ as part of that student’s success.

Carrying it to Conclusion

Effective communication of the progress or setbacks with the Team, including the parent(s)/guardian(s), is essential.  It is imperative that the parent(s)/guardian(s) be vested with responsibility in the success of the plan and  that they report to the team on their progress with the student during non-school hours. Likewise, it is important that the school team members report to the parent on the student’s progress at school.  This can be accomplished through a unique Behavioral Assessment Tool, which will report the student’s progress and assess their behavior.

This training will equip participants to recognize Critical Diagnostic information, develop Effective Behavioral Plans and carry this process to an appropriate outcome.

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