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Conflict Resolution Training

Turning Conflict into Co-Operation

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Conflict Resolution Training
This training is presented with today’s schools and students in mind; however, it applies to anyone who routinely finds himself or herself in conflict with another person.

Those who attend this training will learn:

  • Why there is conflict; its root causes; that it can be good or bad
  • How to identify someone style of handling conflict
  • Different ways that people handle conflict
  • Techniques for solving our own conflicts
  • How to find help with conflicts from peers; from outside mediators

If conflict is so prevalent, does that mean that we are surrounded by bad people. Not at all. In fact, conflict is not bad. It is how we react to it that can be bad.

For the purposes of this training, it focuses our attention on the aspects of conflict that are usually disruptive and how we can bring resolution to those conflicts.  The training looks at the sources of conflict.

There are two primary sources that will be discussed:

  • Socialization and
  • Expectations
Conflict Resolution Flip-Chart

Conflict Resolution Flip-Chart
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There will be practical exercises during the training that will guide the participants through techniques that can be taken back to the classroom or workplace and passed on to students and/or peers.

There is a Practical Flip-Chart that provides students with a tool to use when in a conflict as a Mentor:

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