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Kids are the Keys

Recognition & Reporting of Threats from Students

Students are the Keys

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One Researcher reported, “In almost every school shooting, student knew in advance“.  Students often know about  threats of violence in a school — even when administrators and teachers are in the dark. Yet fear of reprisal or being labeled a “Narc” or snitch will often keep students silent.

Kids are the Keys

Kids are the Keys

Kids are the Keys Program provides a means of reporting  crime, violence, or  threats of violence while maintaining anonymity. Such knowledge can help make our schools safer places for learning.  Keys‘ adds this caution, that this program is just one piece of an effort to make schools safer places “learn more”.

In almost every incident of school violence, there was a group of people who were not caught off guard. Fellow students knew that something was going to happen.

They knew that “Johnny” was not handling the bullying as well as the teachers thought he was. The problem was that there was no systematic means of reporting available to the students nor were they aware that certain behaviors should be reported. 

Early Warning

Helping StudentsKeys’ presents an interactive program to students to help them recognize the Early Warning Signs of potential problems in another student; then, what they should do with the knowledge gained from such an observation.

This training is not an invasive form of “Big Brother” looking for someone to step out of line. The emphasis in on recognizing through every day activity when one of their friends is showing signs of needing help.

The system of reporting is based on the individual school’s needs, desires and policy.  The students then become the first level of prevention in a school wide program to identify students who need help and a means to provide that intervention.

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