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The Empower-U Program: ALE/ALC Model Approach

Implementing an Effective ALE/ALC Model – Utilizing a “School-within-a-School” Model

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Empower-U: ALE ProgramKeys’ has designed the EMPOWER-U program to combat the declining graduation rates, high dropout rates in our schools and the phenomena of the “School-to-Prison Pipeline” we are experiencing across the country.

The EMPOWER-U program will also provide skills in developing a supportive and caring environment.  It has been statistically shown that students who complete their education have a far greater opportunity to reach their full potential.  This program was developed based on the wealth of National Research.  This training target’s School Districts, Detention Facilities, Juvenile Facilities, sanction schools run by courts, Psychiatric Hospitals with school components, mental health providers delivering a behavioral piece to an ALE/ALC and more.  This is an approved program by a state Department of Education in Alternative Education.


EMPOWER-U: A Three Tier System for District, Juvenile Faculties, & other Youth Organizations.  It is designed to EvaluateMotivate and Pursue excellence in students. To help them Overcome barriersWork hard to Ensure they Reach their goals. EMPOWER-U ‘ three-tiered support model allows educators to identify the behavioral needs of all students, match the level of support to the severity of their behavior problems, and then assess the students’ response to instruction and intervention. It promotes a comprehensive and collaborative approach to developing all students’ social, emotional, academic and physical competencies, and to reducing barriers to learning due to behavioral/mental health issues. The integrated instruction and intervention of this system is delivered to students in varying intensities (multiple tiers) based on student need.  The model is “Needs driven” .  Decision-making seeks to ensure that district resources reach the appropriate students at the appropriate levels in hopes to accelerate the performance of ALL students to achieve (emotionally, behaviorally and academically) and/or exceed proficiency.    This program has multiple components that are designed so that the program can be specialized for your district, organization or Juvenile facility.  It can be based on a multi-tier system with ALC “schools-within-a-school“, it can be incorporated within the Rti system, their is a free standing component for an ALE School or a Juvenile Based ALE School and lastly, the program design can accommodate a School Based or Off site Mental Health Day Treatment Program.  Again, EMPOWER-U is a highly adaptable and flexible Alternative Learning System for both Large or Small Districts, Juvenile Facilities and Mental Heath Programs.

Empower-U Tier SystemPurpose 

The purpose of the training is to help organizations design an effect program which is three fold, to;

  • provide a Highly Structured instructional environment for those students who are unable to function adequately within the mainstream school settings.  The primary goal of the EMPOWER-U Alternative Learning Environment (ALE) is to enable and empower students with academic success and
  • provide a Behavioral Component to bring about behavioral skills necessary for success in the mainstream classroom, through the development of study skills, self-control techniques, problem-solving abilities, personal skills and other Pro-Social Skills.
  • provide Highly Skilled Staff that has the knowledge and tools to effectively reach and teach students.

Remember: Systems don’t change People – People change People.  Although, give a Highly Skilled and Caring Staff an Effective System and Skills – Then watch them change their world.


The Self-Contained Empower-U School allows for a holistic, comprehensive education that blends rigorous academics with strong wrap-around (System of Care) mental health, support and enrichment opportunities including in-house support and referrals to outside resources which provide counseling, Job readiness, housing, medical, childcare, and legal services to help students overcome barriers that stand in the way of their success as students and as individuals.   Empower-U School and its System of Care partners work together to emphasize with students these traits:  Hard Work, Compassion, Acceptance, Respect, Self-Discipline and Responsibility through it Life Skill topics or thoughts of the Day.

Pro-Social/Emotion Life skills, which are taught, will be a topic in daily advisory sessions during which teachers help students to address their individual growth and to develop essential skills such as self-discipline, goal setting, and anger-management. Advisory groups can also focuses on health and wellness, personal/civic responsibility, career success, social and life skills, and college/post-graduate planning. 

Empower-U Components:

Component 1:

    • Empower-U Component 1Alternative Learning EnvironmentA Level System:
      • How to Utilize a Level System
        • How Does a Level System Work?
        • Is Movement Upward Only?
        • What are the Advantages of a Level System?
        • What will the Level System do for Us?
        • What do we need to get Started?
      • Tools for the Development of a Level System

Component 2:

    • Empower-U Component 2Behavioral Management of Disruptive Students
      • How to Manage & Extinguish Severe Behavior
        • Understanding Behavior
        • Determining it’s Function in a Student
        • Identifying Replacement Behaviors
        • Looking for Possible Interventions and
        • Crafting a Positive Behavioral Plan to
        • Extinguish the Inappropriate Behaviors and
        • Ways to Measure the Progress
      • Tools to Measure & Develop Program

Component 3:

    • Anger Management/De-escalation “AMD” –  Huan Ju, the Art of Redirection 
      • Empower-U Component 3Controlling Anger – Before It Controls You
        • Anger Management,  Self Control & more
      • How to prevent it
        • Anger Interruption Methods & more
      • Intervention To Classroom Anger
        • Power Struggles, How to Break up a Fight,
        • Redirection & more
      • Therapeutic “None-Pain Inducting” Hold Technique System
      • Correction – Restoring Control
        • Consistency, Reporting & more

Component 4:

    • Empower-U Component 4Bullying Stops when Respect Begins  
      • Anti-Bullying
        • Cyberbulling,
        • Victim,  Bully, School & Parent
      • Student Workbook – Exercise
        • Exercises: Power Struggles, Perceptions, Self-Worth & Much More…

Empower-U School – ProSocial Skills offered will combine with the District/Schools Academic piece:

*Academic Intensive interventions  *Nontraditional/Flexible setting  *Highly Qualified Teachers (HQT)  * Re-entry Program   *Character education curriculum  *Rigorous curriculum with innovative strategies (Distance Learning)  *Academic Assessment  *Modifications in learning environment & curriculum pacing *Credit Recovery *Job Readiness available  *Low Student-to-Staff ratio  *Ensuring delivery of services for those in need through SoC referrals.

  • Academic interventions should include:
    1. explicit instruction of skills (e.g., academic skills),
    2. structured prompts for appropriate task following,
    3. opportunities for the student to practice new skills in the natural setting, and
    4. frequent feedback to the student and communicating regularly with a student’s parents.
  • Provides guidance in developing ProSocial skills, ex; solving problems, emotional management and to assist students to successfully becoming members of school and community.


  • Intensive Treatment Intervention Strategies– Mental Health Services onsite  (The Inspire-U Program for Mental Health Providers)
    • Focusing on: 

* Anger Management * Empathy Skills  * Re-entry Services * Cue Recognition (self/others) skills * Impulse Control  * Social Skills * Replacement Behavior Skills  * Conflict Resolution Skills  * Challenging Irrational Beliefs  *Decision-making skills  * Self-Talk/Self-Monitoring  * Relaxation/Stress Management Training  *Adaptability/Flexibility Skills

  • Therapeutic Intensive interventions:
    • Group Therapy, Individual, Case Management, Med.  Management, Family Therapy, Risk Assessment, After-Hours Crisis Services and Screening/Referrals.


  • Support Services Connections
    • Developing Effective Support Service Connections (SSC) to help students & Parents:

* Developing Successful transitions across SSC   * Linkages to empower students to become successful by working very closely with schools, parents, social services and law enforcement. * Assist problem adolescents to become active, healthy participants in society

  • Providing an array of referral services through SSC:

* Drug/Alcohol Intervention Services  *Job Readiness Serv. * Child Welfare/Family Preservation Serv. * Housing Serv.  * Food Serv. * GED Serv. *Pregnancy Serv.   * Minor Medical Serv.  * Targeted Supportive Serv. & Crisis Response Strategies  * Re-entry Services  * Probation/Court Serv.


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