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Keys To Safer - Second Annual National Conference on School Violence Prevention  July 29-30, 2002, Orlando, Florida                 Australian Violence Prevention Conference Australia

International Violence Prevention

     Conference and Workshop

April 3-7, 2006 - Lilydale, Melbourne Victoria. Australia 


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Are Schools Safe?

No place should be safer than our schools...
but are they as safe as they could be?

That question is of particular interest to parents of students in New South Wales schools where gang activities, violent attacks, drug dealing, extortion and even playground stabbings led to a summit on school violence in 2002.

University of Technology:

Lilydale Campus

Swinburne University - Lilydale Campus Housing 

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Virtual Tour

Herald Sun
18 APR 2005


Alarm grows at school attacks


Teachers and classroom aides have been punched, bashed with metal cans, kicked, spat at and threatened with knives, metal stakes and replica guns.  Others have been injured by chairs, rocks and computers thrown by angry students; some have received written death threats.  The Herald Sun has catalogued dozens of frightening student attacks on government and private school teachers over the past 12 months.

BULLY BILL: $5 mil compo for hundreds of students - School violence costs us $1.5 million [Read Article]

 The article sited two significant items:

  1. Schoolyard fights and bullies have cost taxpayers almost $1.5 million in compensation over the past two years (in Australia).
  2. Payouts of up to $250,000 have gone to 31 students or other victims in Victorian government schools.


This conference and workshop will address these identified needs. Three areas of violence in schools will be addressed in separate workshops:

  • Train-the-Trainer: Bullying Stops When Respect Begins: Learn more
    Bullying Stops when Respect BeginsThis workshop leads to Certification as a Trainer in this special program. It examines the 4 domains that support an environment of bullying, they are, The Bully, The Victim, The School and The Parent. It will also examine the role of the largest segment of those who support bullying: The "stand by and do nothings." This program does not set forth punishment for bullying but rather replaces poor behavior with the positive character trait of Respect.

  • Train-the-Trainer: Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student: Learn morePotentially Dangerous Students including Germany most recent Alleged School Shooter 4/02.

  • This workshop consists of Certification Training in using a unique Assessment Instrument to look at the Early and Imminent Warning Signs displayed by a student. It does not predict violence in any student but will point out a student who is in need of immediate help and what interventions are appropriate and available.

  • Terrorism and What Schools can do: Learn more

    This workshop will provide detailed information on the increasing incidents of terrorist attacks, to include Chemical and Biological agents and what schools can do.  It will explore the practice of terrorists turning to "soft targets" as the standard targets become more difficult to reach. Most importantly, this workshop will produce specific action schools may take as the Terrorist becomes heighten.

Think you don't have time to attend training?

How much time or money do you place on a student &/or Staff member's life or well being?

 It's a disturbing thought that schools, which should be the home of learning and nurturing, can also be violent and abusive.

The Director of the Bureau of New South Wales Crime Statistics and Research, Don Weatherburn, has delved into the violence and brutality in schools in the largest study of it's kind in Australia.
His study focused on schools which have had more than their fair share of violent incidents.


Australia International School Violence Prevention Conference and Workshop

Day 1 and 2. Train-the-Trainer: Bullying Stops When Respect Begins. This is not just a anti-bullying punitive campaign. It teaches students the character trait of respect and replaces bullying with a more positive behavior. It is both a campaign and a program. Upon completion, you will be Certified as a Trainer with the ability to return to your school and train both staff and students to help others.  There is a Trainers Manual and Student Character Ed. Workbook include as well. 

Day 3 and Day 4. Train-the-Trainer: Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student. What are the the Warning Signs that Schools should know? If observed, what do they mean? How important is just one sign? In this workshop, these and many more questions will be answered. You will be Certified as a Trainer to certify others in your agency to use the Keys Assessment Instrument, a unique tool that weighs the early and imminent warning signs and leads to identifying students who are in need of immediate intervention. 

Day 5. Terrorism and What Schools Can Do. This workshop will look at common, existing delivery systems and concentrate on three major areas of vulnerability within schools;  
    * Transportation,  * Vending/Delivery Services,
 * Food Service. (see article
Terrorism is more widespread than ever and signs indicate that it will continue to expand. Guidelines published for industry and government agencies do not work well for schools. This workshop will discuss what does work and what schools can do practically. At the completion of this workshop, participants will have specific actions to take as Terrorism becomes heighten.

If you work with students, as an educator, School Resource Officer, parent or other capacity, make plans now to join us in Lilydale, Melbourne Victoria. Australia April 3-7, 2006 to learn from others in the field how your organization can increase its' ability to safe-guard Students and Staff.


Register now Reservations

WHAT will be presented:   

  • Practical Instruction

  • Field proven techniques internationally in 4 Countries

  • Facts about School Shootings, Bullies and their Victims, Terrorism

  • Help for Potentially Dangerous Students

  • Role playing that works

  • Interactive learning

  • Sharing of experiences, successes and failures

  • The fullest, most exciting 4-day event of the year


WHO will be the presenters: 

Frank G. Green
click to
learn more

Frank G. Green, LPC, Executive Director, Keys To Safer, is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist and member of the American Counseling Association and more. Frank’s experience spans a 20-year military career and Frank’s 15 years of therapy experience includes residential, clinical, and private practice with a concentration on Youth at Risk and their families.  He was the Jailor for the Jonesboro School Shooters.  H e over saw a States Juvenile Correctional Facilities and Serious Juvenile Offender Campus.  He is a member of NASRO.  Retired Military Officer. He was a contributing author for Military Field and Training Manuals on Rear Area Combat Operations, Counter Terrorism Procedures, Order of Battle and others that deal with gaining knowledge about and countering the activities of insurgents and terrorists. He gained expertise in identification, methods of employing and functioning of explosive devices while serving in these positions. In assignments around the world and in the United States, Frank was responsible for Risk Assessment, Threat Analysis and Security for international exercises and the dignitaries (at the highest government levels) who attended.

Kevin Dickson
click to
learn more

Kevin Dickson has served in the Australian Federal Police and has over 15 years of Police Officer Survival training experience.  He has performed close protection/security duties for 3 Prime Ministers, several Ambassadors and Heads of State, Mr. William GATES and family and others. Kevin designed and delivered training in relation to understanding the psychology of targeted violence and the characteristics of violent individuals using US Secret Service threat assessment methodologies.  He has delivered this program to a wide range of audiences from school teachers to corporate executives.He has extensive knowledge of suicide bombing methodologies and interdiction strategies having provided instructional training to several police agencies and Airlines.  He has also provided security/safety risk assessment using both traditional and Red Team methodologies.


WHERE will it be: Show Me

Lilydale Student Village

  • $50 AUS (conversion rate) per night, minimum 2 nights. Includes self serve breakfast. For accommodation bookings contact Mary Flood 0409 413 060 or email

  • The Lilydale Student Village overlooks scenic Lillydale Lake. The units are a short walk from academic buildings, leisure facilities and public transport connections.

  • The Village has 100 beds available in 26 self-catering apartments. Each apartment contains four separately keyed bedrooms, kitchen, lounge/study room, laundry and storage locker. 64 bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms and 36 have twin-share bathrooms. A number of ensuite apartments have wheelchair access.

  • The Village apartments are fully furnished. Each apartment has dining and living room furniture, laundry equipment and some storage facilities. Each bedroom is furnished with a bed, desk, chair and clothes storage area. Free car parking is available.

  • The bedrooms are wired for telephone/internet services.

    Take Virtual Tour of facility



WHO should attend? (target Audience):

  • State, Private, and Catholic Schools - Principals, Administration, Counselors, Schools Psychologies,  teachers, Crisis Team Member, Risk Assessment Members and more...

  • Law Enforcement - State Police Officers, Children Court Staff, City Crisis Team Members, those that interface with schools on "Bomb Threats", "Student verbal threats", "Weapon on camp searches", and more....

  • Caregivers - Parents, Grandparents, Foster Parents,  and more...

  • Other Youth Related Organizations - YMCA's, Boys and Girls Club, Emergency Shelter Staff, Youth Camps, Residential Youth Facilities, School-Based Mental Health Professionals and more... Top

HOW much will it cost:  Conversion rates --> click here

  • Cost per person is as follows (all costs are in U.S. Dollars);

    • $505 U.S. cost for the 5-day Professional Training featuring;

      • Bullying Stop when Respect Begins: Train-the-Trainer  -  (April 3-4)

      • Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student: Train-the-Trainer - (April 5-6)

      • Terrorism, Violence and what Schools can do! - (April 7)


    • or to attend individual trainings only, it is;

      • $225 U.S.- Bullying Stop when Respect Begins

      • $225 U.S. -Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student

      • $135 U.S. -Terrorism, Violence and what Schools can do!

  • What does the above cost cover, since there are no additional costs excluding Hotel stay!

    • The one, two or five days of Cutting Edge Training selected above.

    • The appropriate Manuals (included in Cost of training)

      • Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student: Trainer Manual

      • Bullying Stops when Respect Begins Facilitator Manual

        • Free usage and copying of a school Survey and more...

        • Certification as a Trainer

        • Bullying Stops when Respect Begins Workbook

          • Free usage and copying of Flyers, Bullying Buster Pledge Cards, Random Respect Action Cards and more...

      • Schools, Terrorism - What Schools can do. Manual

    • Certifications

    • Continuing Educational Credit toward Professional Licenses

    • Networking with professionals from all-over Australia and other countries and more.

  • $50 AUS "see conversion rate above" per night at the Lilydale Student Village. **

  • $500 US Vendor Booth*** 



*Conference Registration information -  To receive early registration/payment price the payment must be received on or before March 17, 2006 , after date there will a 20% additional cost. You may pay by All Major Credit Cards, Check On-line, or Purchase Orders (PO); however, PO's must be paid by the date above before registration is complete. There is no guarantee of space availability after this date.   Click for more information   Top

**Reserve a Room at Swinburne University of Technology: Lilydale Student Housing - When you register for the conference, register with Lilydale Student Housing at the same time to insure a room.   Click for more information   Top

***There is limited space available for vendors who wish to exhibit their materials or services to this special audience. Please contact Keys by email quickly to secure your booth.

Register for the Conference

Reserve lodging:

Vendor's Booth:                                                                                 Top   


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