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Emergency Response Development Training

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Preparing for and Developing a Multi-Hazard Crisis/Emergency Operations Plan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Learn more about the Full Multi-Hazard Emergency Response Model ScheduleRead More

Decatur Ga Incident – A Peaceful Resolution

  He wasn’t a student. 20 years old and armed, he came to the school intent on killing people andRead More

Back to school means possibility of bullying: Tips for protection

More than 160,000 kids skip school every day because of bullying. What is bullying? It’s more than just a partRead More

5 Ways to Help Your Child Prevent Bullying this School Year

As children head back to the classroom, now is a great time for parents and guardians to talk with yourRead More

Drug Detection Periods – Urine Testing

Keys' Drug Testers

Drug Detection Periods are expressed in terms of lower and upper boundaries. Many factors can determine an individual’s placement withinRead More

Early Warning Signs

Student Violence Watch List   The National School Safety Center See “Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student“ …warns that a studentRead More

Bullying Stops When Respect Begins (BSWRB)

Stop Bullying in its tracks Schedule a Training | Co-Sponsor a Training | Testimonials | Download Flyer | Learn more about Accompanying Book This program isRead More

Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student (PDS)

 Why Didn’t We See It Coming Schedule a Training | Co-Sponsor a Training | Testimonials | Download Agenda | Learn more about Accompanying Book | Learn about In-ServiceRead More

First Responders Workshop

A Component of Risk Assessment Team Model Schedule a Training | Co-Sponsor a Training | Testimonials | Download Flyer | Download Agenda Audience: Law Enforcement agencies,Read More

Drug Recognition and Intervention

Drug Addiction & Training

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Drug Recognition & Intervention Training Program Targets Schools & Youth Organizations ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Schedule a Training | Co-Sponsor a Training | Testimonials Substance abuseRead More