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10 Tips to Prevent Bullying for Students

Tips for Protection

Tips for Protection

There is a good chance that you have experienced bullying yourself, or that you have been the bully yourself.

Probably, you have seen someone else being bullied. Bullying can take the form of words or deeds. It can be done in person or from electronic devices.

It includes repeatedly calling someone names, or repeatedly excluding someone from the group, or physically harassing someone.  Learn more 

Here are some basic tips for preventing bullying:

  1. Talk with a Trusted Adult

  2.  Be Confident:

  3.  Be Assertive:

  4.  Avoid Situations:

  5.  Do Not Hit Back –Words or Fists:

  6.  Talk to the Teacher/Parents :

  7.  Talk to the Bully :

  8.  Talk to your Peers:

  9.  Join together to respect each other

Training is available for Teachers and School Administrators dealing with bullying and developing effective policies on bullying.   Keys can assist your school with Parenting Training and the development of Student Support groups on recognizing and dealing with bullying.

Keys also offers General Assemblies to address the student body, and the curriculum for Conflict Resolution and Socializing skills for victims & bullies

Click Here for more on this Anti-Bullying Training “Bullying Stops when Respect Begins”

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