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Facts about bullying – Vol. 22


Facts About Bullying!

Bullying StudentsResearchers who have studied bullying have reached the following common conclusions:

  • About 10 percent to 15 percent of children say they are regularly bullied.

  • Bullying takes place most frequently in school.

  • At school, bullying occurs most often where there is little or no adult supervision–on the playground, in the hallways and cafeteria, and in the classroom before lessons begin.

  • Most bullying is verbal rather than physical.

  • Bullying begins in elementary school, peaks in middle school, and falls off in high school. It does not, however, disappear altogether.

  • Boys bully both boys and girls. Girls tend to bully girls.

  • Although boys are more often the perpetrators and victims of bullying, girls tend to bully in more indirect ways, manipulating friendships, ostracizing classmates, and spreading malicious rumors.
  • Both bullies and onlookers tend to blame the victims for the treatment they receive.
  • Although most victims don’t look very different from their classmates, they are taunted most often because of their physical appearance.
  • Boys who are chronically victimized tend to be more passive and physically weaker than their tormentors.
  • In middle school, girls who mature early are commonly victims of harassment.


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