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Bus Violence

3 Days in March


Bus Violence in the News

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A partial list of Bus Incidents in 3 days, March 14-16, 2006:

March 16, 2006

Hampton Roads, VA A 13-year-old Toano Middle School student was arrested Wednesday after he shot two students with a BB gun, police said. The child, whose name wasn't released, fired the BB gun at the students, ages 12 and 13, while waiting for a school bus. A witness called police when the boy who fired the shots boarded the school bus.  The 13-year-old was charged with two counts of assault and battery and one count of brandishing a firearm. 

Florence, KY A third-grader at Ockerman Elementary School in Florence was charged and released to the custody of his mother Monday after police said he brought a pellet gun to school. Other students riding on a school bus with the 9-year-old boy saw the butt of the pellet gun protruding from his coat pocket and informed a teacher when they arrived at school. Authorities took him into an office and searched him and discovered the weapon, which resembled a semi-automatic pistol. The youngster did not shoot or threaten to shoot anyone, but has been charged with possession of a weapon on school property. 

Severn, MD  - A 14-year-old boy allegedly fired shots from a B-B gun at a school bus stop. It happened Wednesday morning. Responding officers stopped a bus nearby and found a boy matching his description with a BB gun in his backpack. He has been charged with reckless endangerment and possessing a concealed dangerous weapon. He was released to his parents.

Lawrence, IN
A van driven by an 82-year old turned left in front of a school bus driven by a 76-year old. Five children and three adults were treated and released at a local hospital. No tickets were issued.

MONROE, MI Ė A 3-year old boarded his school bus with a plastic bag clutched in his hand. An alert bus assistant noticed the bag and asked to see it. The bag was marijuana. The studentís mother confessed to police that she kept marijuana in the house, but the boy told police it got it from his Dadís car. The parents are facing drug and child neglect charges.

PLAINFIELD, Wis. - One student has died of injuries suffered when a tractor-trailer plowed into the back of a school bus stopped along a rural highway. The student was one of eight people hurt in Tuesday's crash on state Highway 73 west of Plainfield. The injured were taken to four different hospitals. Two are listed in critical condition.

The bus carrying 11 students home from the Tri-County Area School District in Plainfield had its red lights flashing and a stop arm out when the accident happened, investigators said. Why the semi failed to stop remained under investigation Thursday.

 March 15, 2006

Easley, SC Two girls fighting resulted in one of them bringing a gun on the bus to settle the score. The 13-year old girl lifted her shirt to show the other passengers her gun. Panic broke out with student jumping, screaming and running. The bus driver focused on getting to the nearest school available, not her usual stop. The girl was taken into custody and has been expelled. Charges and appeals are pending.

Wayne County, IN A school bus and a tractor/trailer rig collided. The bus with about 40 children on board had just departed Highland Heights Elementary when the crash occurred. The bus windshield was shattered and it remained pinned against he big rig and the curb. First Responders removed several children on backboards. Most have been released and no serious injuries were reported. Police would not release any details; however, there was a stop sign for the bus but none in front of the diesel rig.

Washington, DC Shots were fired Wednesday at a D.C. school bus carrying four children. None of the students were injured; however, an adult attendant was slightly injured by shattered glass. The bus driver sped up to get through an intersection then pulled over. Another bus delivered the students to their school.

Rogersville, TN A empty bus, except for the driver, was shot. The driver heard something but did not notice anything until she arrived at Joseph Rogers Primary School and found the behind her seat broken, a bullet hole in the window frame and a spent bullet lying on the bus floor.

 Richmond, VA A Goochland County school bus carrying between 22 and 24 students was hit by a passenger vehicle this morning. There were no serious injuries. These buses travel about 5000 miles per day and this is first serious accident in a long time.

 March 14, 2006

Easton, PA A man in a van tried to abduct a 14-year-old student as she walked to her bus stop in Easton Tuesday morning, Easton police said. It was the second abduction attempt near a bus stop in the Lehigh Valley area in two days. On Monday, a third-grader in Pen Argyl reported four men tried to lure her into an SUV.

MILWAUKEE, WI -- Eight people were injured on Tuesday morning after a school bus hit a minivan. The bus allegedly blew through a stop sign and hit the minivan, causing the bus to flip on its side. Five students were hurt in the accident. The bus driver and the two people in the van were also injured. None of the injuries are considered life-threatening.

Detroit, MI Four students were injured while riding on a school bus on Detroit's east side Tuesday morning. The school bus ran over a branch on a curb, and timber sprang up and shattered a window on the bus, Local 4 learned. The four children who were on board the bus were sprayed with glass.

EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, MO The driver of a pickup truck was killed and his passenger was seriously injured when the vehicle collided with a school bus in northwest Missouri. The Missouri State Highway Patrol said David Merriman, 19, of Camden, was killed in the accident about 4:30 p.m. Monday in Ray County, just outside Excelsior Springs. According to the patrol, the truck had just crested a hill when it hit the bus. Merriman was pronounced dead at the scene, the patrol said, and his passenger was taken by helicopter to University of Kansas Hospital. The driver of the bus suffered minor injuries.

An article such as this requires little in the way of comment. It must be noted that this was a partial compilation of open source reports about bus incidents over just 3 days in March. When added to what was not reported and extended for a week, month or school year, it should be readily apparent that the frequency of serious incidents with school buses is rather high.


Think of the school bus as a mobile classroom, except unlike the classroom teacher, bus drivers

  • Have more students

  • Have a wider range of ages

  • Have less training (initial and continuing education)

  • Have their backs to the class

  • Are miles from help

  • Must focus on driving, not the students

  • Can be involved in a serious or fatal accident at any moment

Regardless of the source (international terrorism, irate parent or out of control student) Bus Drivers are faced with potential Crises every time they run their route. They need and deserve specialized training to meet this challenge. If your Bus Drivers have need of such training, check out this link: and call or email Keys today.


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Keys Staff

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