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Anger Management II

How do I handle a fight in my classroom?

This 3 hour In-Service is an abbreviated version of our Anger Management/De-escalation Training. It focuses on specific interventions that classroom teachers may take when a volatile situation erupts. Attendees are given techniques for confronting fighting students that emphasize non-physical means of stopping the fight. Physical intervention techniques are provided along with cautions and limits. Methods of regaining classroom control and returning to “normal” as soon as possible are also taught. This is an interactive training giving the participants opportunity to practice acquired skills

This in-service will address three sub-topics:

Huan Ju, Goal Focused Approach

This is a discussion of the martial arts technique of “blending” which focuses on verbal actions

Let’s Get Physical

While emphasizing physical intervention as a last resort, this section provides basic demonstration and practice in breaking up a fight that protects the teacher and student from harm as much as possible.

Corrective Action

This section provides principles and techniques of restoring order and reducing the recurrence of violence.

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