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Bomb Threat Readiness & Self Search Techniques

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bomb threat Readiness Training

This is training course will equip you with the basic procedures to safely conducting a Passive Search and Identify Skills of explosives and bombs. Through attending this training you will build confidence in your ability to react, respond and properly handle a Bomb Threat.


Any one who holds responsibility for students, staff or others. School Officials, Crisis Team Members, ALL teachers, custodial and maintenance staff, Police, Fire, Emergency Responders, Hospitals, businesses and government officials, any others interested who desire a basic knowledge of Passive Search and Identify Skills of explosives and bombs


To have the best possible defense against bomb related threats and markedly decrease the occurrences of Bomb Threats.

Skills Acquired

A basic understanding of;

  • how to manage a Bomb Threat,
  • proper fact gathering skills and tools,
  • methods of determining a credible threat or just a prank,
  • evaluating the decision on when to evacuate or lockdown,
  • where and how to evacuate or lockdown,
  • who should help make that above decision,
  • where many explosives are placed,
  • skills on conducting a Passive Search,
  • who to involved in a Active Search and
  • Internationally accepted protocols and procedures.

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