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Anti-Bullying In-service

 Bullying Stops when Respect Begins: In-Service

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This training comes in multiple formats 
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Staff In-service and Student Assemblies

Bullied StudentsSchool students have reported an increase in bullying with severe consequences to themselves and their schools. As if this were not enough, bullying has been identified in a national study as a factor in the recent school shootings.

At Columbine  a group of school athletes bullied the two boys who later became shooters. Almost any group in anyone’s school could be the “bullies” and and it would be accurate at some point in time.

Bullying can be physical, emotional or social. Keys‘ Bullying Program offers four modules to fully address the different aspects of this complex issue.  These are:

  1. The Victim: How to handle being bullied by a peer.

  2. The Bully: How to identify the need for bullying and better ways to meet that need.

  3. The School: How to deal with both sides of bullying in a productive manner.

  4. The Parent: How to recognize signs that your child is being bullied, how to help your child cope with bullies and how to interact with the school about a bullying situation.

Training is available for Teachers and School Administrators dealing with bullying and developing effective policies on bullying.   Keys can assist your school with Parenting Training and the development of Support groups on recognizing and dealing with bullying.  Keys also offers General Assemblies to address the student body, and the curriculum for Conflict Resolution and Socializing skills for victims & bullies.

1-2 hour Student assembly or 2-3 hour Staff In-service

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