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Dealing With the Teenage Years

A practical training for dealing with and changing disruptive behaviors

This training is essential for anyone who has or works with pre-teens and teens who have a disruptive behavioral problem. People who will benefit from the lessons learned here include: parents, students, administrators, probation officers, youth workers and ministers.

Participants will learn to identify the root causes of behavior problems; key motivators for effecting change; the principles of practical consequences; and realistic behavior goals.

The training will address some of the commonly encountered disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD).

It will also address specific behavioral disorders presented by the participants. This is an information filled, fully interactive training that almost everyone will find beneficial.


Training Outline

  •  Session 1  Introduction: Dealing with the Teenage Years and How normal is rebellion?
  •  Session 2 ADHD: Causes Symptoms  and Things that work
  •  Session 3 Dealing with Authority (ODD): Causes & Symptoms and Things that work
  •  Session 4 Anxiety: Causes & Symptoms and Things that work
  •  Session 5  Techniques: Managing Behavior (Behavior Plans)  and What is needed
  •  Session 6 Dealing with Your Teen (Techniques that work) and Specific Cases from the class

 Classes are 1 ½ hours each. 

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