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Developing an Alternative Learning Environment (ALE)

Implementing an Academic and Behavioral Multi-Facet Systems Approach

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Developing a ALE

Keys’ has designed this training to combat the declining graduation rates, high dropout rates in our schools and the phenomena of the “School-to-Prison Pipeline” we are experiencing across the country.  This training will also provide skills in developing a supportive and caring environment.  It has been statistically shown that students who complete their education have a far great opportunity to reach their full potential.  This training was developed based on the wealth of National Research.  This training target’s School Districts, Detention Facilities, Juvenile Facilities, sanction schools run by courts, Psychiatric Hospitals with school components, mental health providers delivering a behavioral piece to an ALE and more.


The Alternative Learning Environment must be committed to providing for each student an individualized alternative education program that is appropriate, and least restrictive.  The students in the Alternative Learning Environment (ALE) program should be provided educational and behavioral components to maximize their mental, physical, social, and emotional growth.    Many schools lack the Behavioral Component needed to meet the challenges and the Highly Structured environments which can bring about the needed success of these programs.

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The purpose of the training is to help organizations design an effect program which is three fold, to;

  • provide a Highly Structured instructional environment for those students who are unable to function adequately within the mainstream school settings.  The primary goal of the Alternative Learning Environment (ALE) is to enable and empower students with academic success and
  • provide a Behavioral Component to bring about behavioral skills necessary for success in the mainstream classroom, through the development of study skills, self-control techniques, problem-solving abilities, personal skills and other Pro-Social Skills.
  • provide Highly Skilled Staff that has the knowledge an tools to effectively reach and teach students.  Remember: Systems don’t change People – People change People.  Although, give a Highly Skilled and Caring Staff an Effective System and Skills – Then watch them change their world.

System Design 

This training will help organizations develop a system that will monitor two important aspects of each student’s functioning.

  • The first aspect concerns the Routine Expectations that are required of all students.  Each student is expected to be in class on time with appropriate materials.  Additionally, each student is expected to complete all assigned work.  These expectations are neither more nor less than is required of all other students.
  • The second aspect concerns the Behavioral Expectations that focus upon behavioral issues.  There will be a standard number of behavioral expectations and two to three individualized behavioral expectations for each student.
ALE Program Design

ALE Program Design Guide
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The goal of the program is to return the student equipped to function in his/her mainstream school.  By demonstrating appropriate, responsible behavior, on task skills, self determination and a willingness to succeed.

This training utilizes the       
Alternative Learning Environment:
Utilizing a Behavioral Component  

This system will provide structure to the behavior management techniques and options employed in the program.  This assists teachers in dealing with students in a less emotionally driven fashion.  It also provides the students with a greater degree of predictability.  A major goal of this highly structured program is to reduce confrontations between teacher and student.


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