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Early Warning Signs of the Potentially Dangerous Student

Why Didn’t We See It Coming

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This training comes in multiple formats 

Train-the-Trainer Model Facilitator Training Model Inservice Training Model Student Assembly Model
In-Service Training Model

In-Service Training Model

This 3 hour In-service is an abbreviated version of our  Assessment Training of the Potentially Dangerous Student (PDS). It is intended as a follow-on training for the school staff in implementing the Observation Component to the Risk/Threat Assessment Team procedures covered in the full Train-the-Trainer or Facilitator PDS trainings.

The PDS model is for the school district to develop a Risk/Threat Assessment Response Team concept, consisting of 3 or 4 people in each school who are trained in the use of the Keys’ International Used and Research Based “Assessment Tool” and referral procedures.

This provides a core of people who can take the observations of Early and Imminent Warning Signs provided by staff and others and process them into an action plan for the student.

We are prepared to provide the in-service without the PDS Assessment training, however, it may leave a gap as to what the staff are expected to do with their new found knowledge. If the school/organization already has a plan, we will incorporate it into the training.

This in-service will address three sub-topics:

  1. Why do we need to know the Potentially Dangerous Student/Adult? | This is a discussion of trends in schools and workplaces about others acting out violently toward others.
  2. What are the Early & Imminent Warning Signs? This is a listing of signs and traits demonstrated by perpetrators of past violent acts. It also includes cautions about misunderstanding and misapplication of the signs and possible harm that can come from doing so.
  3. Now what? This topic explores preventative interventions that can be taken with those who display Early & Imminent Warning Signs. It emphasizes the need to take action while being careful not to label students.

NOTE:  For maximum benefit it is recommended that this training be paired with the Assessments of Early Warning Signs or Assessing Dangerousness in Adults before the in-service. If the Risk/Threat Assessment Team is training, then the in-service includes training and information on the referral process to these Assessment Team members when observers (teachers/staff) identify Early & Imminent Warning Signs in others.

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