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First Responders Coordination In-Service



  • Law Enforcement agencies
  • School Resource Officers
  • Fire Rescue
  • Emergency Services
  • Office of Emergency Management
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Hospital ER staff
  • Local-State-Federal-Government Facilitates (that may pose a hazard to schools)
  • Clergy
  • PTA/PTO leaders
  • community volunteers
  • school officials.


To facilitate the Coordination between County,State, and Federal First Responders and their local School Systems.  This In-service is designed to bring to light concerns first responders may have with multiple school districts’ differing approach to a Crisis or Terrorist   event.

This In-Service will highlight the uniqueness of each of the schools within the designated district, county or other boundary and seek to identify areas in their crisis planning that can be made uniform  for First Responders.

The schools, with the help of the First Responders and others, will;

  • identify ways that they can be a resource for each other in the event of a   crisis or terrorist event.
  • share how schools can provide first responders   with updated Crisis Plans and maps of every campus and floor plans of every building.
  • discuss jurisdictional issues and roles in a  variety of scenarios.

Engage in open discussions on topics such as:

  • Responsibility and Authority of the school and first responders,
  • Medical personnel will discuss on site triage, mass casualty procedures and air evacuation requirements,
  • the concept of Command Post operations,
  • Sites of Interest that may pose an increased risk to the surrounding schools,
  • on how schools and first responders in implement procedures to handle crisis or terrorist events.

Other Items Covered it Time Permits:

  • Dress Code Issues,
  • Visitors Policies,
  • Student ID’s,
  • How Students can conceal weapons,
  • How to setup District wide Crisis Response Codes & Procedures,
  • When to Evacuate and When not to Evacuate,
  • Bomb Threat Procedures,
  • Traffic Control and more….


What is In-Service/Student Assembly?