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Schools Terrorism and Homeland Security

Schools, Terrorism and Homeland Security Codes

Specific Tasks School Should Enact &  A Terrorism Attack Contingency Plan as well.

Part 1

Does your school know that it is a Soft Target and what, specifically to do when Homeland Security announces a Terror Alert Color     Code? School Administrators have enough on their plates now without having to become Terrorism Experts. Keys To Safer has developed a comprehensive training designed to familiarize school staffs with the realities of international terrorism, how it may effect schools as soft-targets and specific actions that can be taken (with budget restrictions in mind) by the school to enhance the safety of     their students. This training will present concrete actions in the areas of:

  • Crisis Planning Integrated with First Responders

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  • Student Transportation
  • Vending Machines
  • Parent Involvement
  • Food Service
  • Traffic Control
  • Visitor Control
  • Media Relations

Part 2

Part 2 is an interactive workshop to write your Bio-Chemical Terrorist Attack Contingency Plan using a Nationally Used Template.  By the completion of this two-day training participants will have a fully completed Bio-Chemical Terrorist Attack Contingency Plan in Electronic form to attach to their district’s Crisis Response Plans.  Participants will be guided by Subject Matter Experts in  Crisis  Plan  Development  and  Counter-Terrorism so that Plans will be specified for your districts special needs.  Individuals are asked to bring their Crisis Response Plan and a Laptop, if at all possible.  What will be covered;


Information on the types of terrorist  attacks they may employ;

  • Conventional Attack  (D.C. Sniper, Bomb threats)
  • Chemical Attack  (Ricin, VX & more…)
  • Biological Attack  (Antrax  & more…)
  • Nuclear Attack  (Dirty Bombs & more)

Bio-Chemical Terrorist Attack Contingency Plan using a Nationally Used Template;

* Narrative Summary to include in your current Crisis Response Plan
* Discussion & Action Flow-Chart;
* Conventional Attacks  * Chemical
Biological     * Nuclear Attacks
* Matrix discussing;
        * Indications   *  Effects  *  Response 
        * Preventions  *  Immediate Action

As with all Keys training, this information is based on research and first-hand experience in implementing practical procedures that can be put in place today. Call Keys now and rest assured that your school will have the best training available.


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