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Train the Trainer – Bullying


This program is a school-based social & emotional learning program designed to bring new awareness to the problem, develop understanding about the issue, implement new skills to empower, to decrease bullying and help you (the student) build more respectful, caring peer relationships.

Based on the Manual: “Bullying Stops when Respect Begins”

Empirical evidence supports the effectiveness of school-based programs that combine;

  • adult training,
  • skill practice for students,
  • school-wide rules pertaining specifically to bullying, and
  • increasing parental awareness of the problem.

 Research also suggests that friendship acts as a buffer for bullying’s harmful effects.

 Finally, teaching  assertiveness,   empathy, and emotion management to students promotes their social & emotional development.

This Train-The-Trainers Workshop is power packed with information, techniques, a student workbook and more…

The Training

  • What is bullying?
  • Why look at bullying today?
  • What’s a Victim look like?
  • What’s a Bully look like?
  • How to Identify the “Levels of Severity” of bullying
  • What can a school do to stop bullying in its tracks.
  • Empowering Students to change their school from within.
  • Learn how bullying today is different from bullying of the past.

The Workbook

  • Targets upper Elementary –  Jr. High
  • Provides exercise to mold behavior in Students
  •  Nationally Researched
  • Applicable to Every School and FUN

Trainer Benefits

  • Train New Teachers
  • Start a S.A.F.E. Chapter
  • Can be Provided Onsite
  • Re-Certification every 2 years
  • Lowers Cost to Develop a Bullying Program at your School

 Included in the Train-The-Trainer Workshop

  • Bullying  Facilitators Manual  (hardcopy)
  • Template of Sample Bullying Policies  (hardcopy)
  • Bullying Survey  (hardcopy)
  • Template of Sample Letters  (hardcopy)
  • Sample Posters, Bully Busting Pledge Cards  (hardcopy)
  • Sample Rules, Random Respect Action Cards & more…
  • Student Activity  Workbook with exercises and cards.

At Completion you will receive

Certification – Certified trainers will be able to train other staff at school/organization

Curriculum –  Lesson materials and activities for training classes

This training is a “must have” for every school in the today’s world!

What’s included in Training

Download flyer 

Download Agenda

Learn  more about bullying Research