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Is Your Organization Safe?


Are you and your organization/school doing what it takes to actively prevent violence from erupting?
Many are wondering what we can do as parents, educators, law enforcement, students and others to ensure a safe environment in the wake of so many mass shootings.  The first step is to know what questions to ask about safety at your organization, school, or university.
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Go through this checklist to see how your organization is doing.

1. What To Look For — Key Characteristics of a Responsive and Safer Organizations Does my organization have characteristics that:

__ – Are Responsive to all there? Characteristics of a Safe Organization

2.  What To Look For — Early Warning Signs of Violence

Has my organization taken steps to ensure that all staff, student, families and others:
__ – Understand the principles underlying the identification of early warning sign?
__ – Know how to identify and respond to imminent warning signs
__ – are able to identify early warning signs?

3. What To Do – Intervention That Works!

Does my organization:
__ – Understand the principles underlying intervention?
__ – Make early intervention available for those at risk of behavioral problems?
__ – Provide individualized, intensive interventions for those with severe behavioral problem?
__ – Have school wide preventative strategies in place that support early intervention?

4. What To Do – Emergency/Crisis Response

Does My organization:
__ – Understand the principles underlying Emergency/crisis response?
__ – Have a procedure for intervening during an emergency/crisis to ensure safety?
__ – Know how to respond in the aftermath of tragedy?

Knowing the early warning signs and having assessment tools are only part of an overall program of eliminating violence in our schools.

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Tell us what your organization is doing to provide a safe environment in the Speak Your Mind section below.

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