A Comprehensive Model to 
        Emergency Response

Crisis Management Planning

A Dynamic Process to develop of a Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Procedure and Plan

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Phase I 

Evaluate the District Need

* Meeting 1: Determine the Need

* Meeting 2: Implementation
                        plan of phases

* Meeting 3: Philosophy-theory
                         of Crisis Planning
A foundation building training conducted by uniquely qualified Subject Matter Experts (SME).

Needs Assessment

Phase II

Evaluate the Schools Need

SME’s will meet with individual school Principals and their Crisis Teams to determine the specific needs of each school, looking at:
*  Visitor Policy and Practice,
*  Communications Systems, 
*  Traffic, 
*  Parking and many others.

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Assessing Safety and Security of SchoolsPhase III
Assessing Safety and Security of Schools


SME’s will:

* Conduct a  physical site
    inspection of each school and
   district facility. 

* Facilitate Town Meetings &
   others types about safety.

* Provide a written & formal
   presentation on findings.

Emergency Response & Crisis Management Planning


 a Dynamic Process

Development of the Emergency Response and Crisis Management PlansPhase IV
Development of a Multi-Hazard Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plans

* Meeting 1: Policy Decisions

* Meeting 2: First Responders
                         Coord. workshop

* Meeting 3: District Plan
                        Devlpmnt Wrkshp 
* Meeting 4: Individual School
                        Plan Devlpmnt

Completion of a Cohesive Coordinated Combined Plan

Staff & Crisis Teams Skills Training & Overview Phase V

Staff & Crisis Teams Skills Training & Overview

In a fully integrated plan, certain skills & knowledge are required by all Staff & Team Members, like;

* what is an effective lockdown,

* how to setup a Command Post,

* how to safeguard students,

* how to effectively handle a
   bomb Threat &

 Phase VI

Implementation ProceduresImplementation Procedures


No plan is complete until it is put into place & exercised.


* Drills: SME’s will assist Districts

  * Table-Top Drills

  * Command Post Drills

  * Single School Drills

* Debriefings: SME’s guide

    District & School  in holding


Recovery Process Phase VII

Recovery Process


The goal is to return to normal. This will not happen on its own and must be guided.


* Train: Crisis Recovery Teams

* Develop: Crisis Recovery


* Foster: Linkages to State and

                 Regional Teams

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