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Director Munthe: Keys-Europe

 ExDir. Director:  Keys-USA, Canada & Europe
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Bo Munthe, SSP Managing Director: Keys-Europe

Bo Munthe, SSP Managing Director: Keys-Europe

Bo Munthe, SSP of Stockholm, Sweden
Managing Director
Director, Keys’ Europe
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Certified by theNational School Safety Center and
Certified by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Founder of International School Safety Association (ISSA)
Certified as a Sweden School Safety Professional (SSP)


  • Has developed special methods for preventing Workplace Violence through his programs Safe Workplace and Safe School;

    • threat assessment,
    • creating and implementing plan of actions,
    • written training material in handling threat and violence

  • Working with the effect of media violence on children in connection with Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, (ret.) – Killology Research Group, Arkansas, USA.
  • Trained and certified by NSSC, National School Safety Center and John Jay College of Criminal Justice, USA, School Safety Leadership, 2000.
  • A member of IASSP (International Association of School Safety Professionals) since 1999
  • Was a “Fellow member” of the American Institute of Stress, for 1999
  • Is a member of the Swedish Association of Narcotic Police, SNPF


  • Has written numerous articles about how to prevent work place violence, conflict management and self defense.
  • Also written Books about Martial Arts, Safe Work and Conflict Management
  • Is during autumn of 2004 releasing his book about school safety in Sweden.
  • During spring 2005 his memoirs from his life in the Martial Arts are planned for celebrating the 30 year anniversary of ninjutsu in Europe.

Martial Arts:

He belongs amongs leading experts in ninjutsu in the world and he holds 9th dan and title Shihan.  He was one of the first three non-japanese students of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi and first european.

  • Since 1958 Bo has trained and studied the Ancient Japanese Martial Arts, Budo. He is entitled shihan (master instructor) and shidoshi (teacher of the warrior ways).

  •  Art/style Examinator:

    • 9 dan Bujinkan budo taijutsu (1993) Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, Japan
    • 6 dan kobudo (1989) Soke Lucien Ott, Belgien
    • 5 dan ju jitsu (1988) Soke Lucien Ott, Belgien
    • 5 dan jujitsu (1997) Prof. Richard Morris, UK
    • 4 dan jiu jitsu (1987) Renshi Jim Shortt (UK)
    • 3 dan jujitsu (1984) Sensei Jan Erik Karlsson, Sweden
    • 3 dan kempo karate (1987) Sensei Pedro Rojas, Spain
    • 3 dan modern self defence Sensei Martin Wietschorke, Germany
    • 1 dan Tae kwon do HC (1990) Sensei Alfredo Iglesias, Spain
    • 1 dan judo (1973) Svenska Budoförbundet (The Swedish Budo Federation)/RGK
    • 1 dan Ju-shin-jitsu (1977) Soke Georg Irénius, Sweden
    • 1 dan renshinkan karatedo (1978) Sensei Zsolt Györbiro, Sweden
    • 1 dan jujutsu/goshin ryu (1978) Sensei Vernon Bell, UK
    • 1 dan karate HC (1985) ASKO/UK
    • 1st level Trainer (1981) Shadows of Iga, Stephen K. Hayes (USA)
    • 6 dan ninpo kito ryu (1988) Association Espanola de Ninjutsu
    • 5 dan karate HC (1984) Sensei Rui Mendoca, Spain
  • Is a black belt in a multitude of them, i.e. judo (1 dan 1973), jiujitsu (6 dan 1988), Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu – ninjutsu (9 dan 1993).
  • Introduced ninjutsu 1975, now under the name of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, to Sweden and during some years in the 1980-s in different countries of Europe. Called the Grandfather of European Ninjutsu.
  • Founded Ninpo Goshinjutsu Mu Te Jinen Ryu 1977.
  • Awarded the highest distinction in Swedish Budo by the Swedish Budo Federation (1997) and Bu-fu yukosho, honorary medal in gold (1985) by Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, Japan.