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Drug Free Family Pak

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The Drug Free Family Pak answers the need of many families in crisis due to the drugs in our communities and schools. Over 35 experts in the field have combined their knowledge to produce this resource center aimed at empowering parents to help keep their children clean while living in a world dirty from illegal drugs, tobacco and alcohol.

Originally sold at $699 this kit packed with information and helpful aids has been reduced to just $99 to make it more available to all families. For those who still cannot afford this price, consider having local churches, schools, or youth organization purchase several for use in a parent center. Everyone need access to this information and these tools.

The Drug Free Family Pak Includes...

9 PAK Video Guides
feature experts who will bring their professional training directly into your home to conduct detailed lessons on many aspects of drugs and their effects, parenting principles and the many techniques you can use to fight the war on drugs...and win.
6 PAK Booklet Guides
give both parent and child an easy to understand resource they can access any time to brush up on the specifics involved in alcohol and other drug prevention techniques.
PAK Drug Screening Kit
Includes one urine testing kit (postage and laboratory fees pre-paid) with instructions on how and when to test.
ALCO Screening Kit
Two strips for use when intervention is necessary right in your own home.
AWARE Newsletter
A one year pre-paid subscription that includes quarterly updates on drug prevention and ground breaking methods your family can use to continue to fight, and win, the war on drugs.
4 PAK Audio Guides
provide the video guides in audio cassette tape format which can be listened to in the car, or on any other cassette playback machine.
AFDP Brochure
The American Foundation for Drug Prevention, our goals, and some surprising statistics on the rise in drug use in America.
PAK Resource Guide
A collection of suggested additional prevention materials you and your family may find valuable.
PAK Family Covenant
All the members of your family can show their commitment to staying drug free by signing the PAK Family Covenants. Frame them and display them proudly in a prominent place in your home.
PAK Guide To Common Drugs And Their Effects
A reference to common drugs of abuse, their effects and how to identify the signs and symptoms of use.




SPECIAL HANDLING: Each order is shipped by standard postal service which can take up to 10-16 business days. Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee. These include:

  • Priority (Ground, 3-7 working days) - based on weight

  • Express (Air, 2-4 working days) - based on weight

Times are not guaranteed. For credit card purchases and on-line checks, please select the type of shipping you desire while making your purchase.  You will find options on shopping in the shopping cart, select one of the shipping buttons.  

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