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Executive Director Green: Keys-USA, Canada & Europe

 ExDir. Director:  Keys-USA, Canada & Europe 
Director: Keys-USA           |          Director: Keys-Canada          |          Director: Keys-Europe

Frank Green, MA, LPC Co-Founder Executive Director of Keys'  USA, Canada & Europe

Frank Green, MA, LPC
Executive Director of Keys’ USA, Canada & Europe

Frank G. Green, MA, LPC
Executive Director/Founder
Senior Director, Keys’ USA, Canada & Europe

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Member: Mental Health Counselors Association of Arkansas; American Counseling Association; Arkansas Counseling Association; Association for Religious and Ethical Values in Counseling; Learning Disabilities Association of America, National Association of School Resource Officers.


  • Member of NASRO
  • Past Assistant Director of a State agency “Division of Youth Services” :
    • Management of Juvenile Incarceration and Serious Offender Programs for the State.  
    • Oversight for all “wilderness camps” for adjudicated juveniles
    • Incarcerated juveniles convicted of multiple school murders and assaults.
    • Placed Boys and Girls Club, first in the US, in a State Incarceration Facility. 
  • Clinical Therapist:
    • Clinical, residential, out-patient and private practice.
    • Trained and Certified in the use of various psychometric instruments.
    • Residential and Out-patient counseling for youth at risk.
  • Certified in a Cognitive Restructuring curriculum for juveniles
  • In-home interventions through Human Services and Juvenile Court
  • Residential and Out-patient counseling for youth at risk.
  • 20 years as Commissioned Officer.
    • Military Trained Risk Assessment Officer
    • Developer of curricula for Major Miltary Training Center.
  • Taught at the k-12 and University levels.
  • Public school consulting and crisis intervention.
  • Created new organizations in the private, military and government sectors.
  • Director of a Boys and Girls Club.
  • Multiple positions with the Juvenile Justice system 
  • Program Development and Grant Writing
  •  Management (Public, Private and Government organizations)

Specialized Training:

  • Keys to Excellence
  • Organizational Effectiveness and Management Skills
  • Cognitive Restructuring curriculum for juvenile in corrections institutions
  • Military Threat Analysis
  • Military Bomb Ordnance trained
  • Organizational Effectiveness and Management Skills
  • Managing Aggressive Behavior
  • Physical Intervention Techniques
  • Certified AIDS counselor