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Facility Site Safety Assessment Survey

Facility Site Safety Assessments (Survey):

Facility Site Safety Survey

are conducted by Experts in the areas of Facility Safety, Terrorism and Risk Assessment.  The surveys are conducted on site.  The assessment includes;

  • surveying the district’s or organizations facilities (Facility Buildings, Court House, Emergency Shelters, Schools, Bus Facility, Food Service Storage Facility, Admin Office, etc);  Evaluating Risks; like Chemical Plant

    • determine risks around your schools within the district  (ex. train tracks splitting a district “evac buses on one side schools on the other”, chemical plant next to school, interstate boarding, detention or jail in close proximity and more…)
    • testing key areas to see how facility staff members respond to unauthorized personnel,
    • interviewing staff and review of key polices (ex. Crisis/Emergency Response Plans, Visitor Policies, dress policies, Food Service security, Bus Services and more…)

  • providing a detail report;

    • outlining potential safety issues, security issues and

    • recommending model solutions to resolve these concerns and help the facility create an even safer site. 

Facility Site Safety Assessments are available to entire organizations with multiple building, school districts or individual schools.

Here is a Sample: Table-of-Contents (this is varied based on uniqueness of facilitiesissues of concerns or safety needs). 

School Violence Readiness Plan and Skills

I.       General Information
II.     Multi-Hazard Crisis/Emergency Operational Plan
III.   Facility/Buildings or Multiple Schools 

IV.    Personnel
V.      Food Service
VI.    Transportation
VII.  Vending & Deliver Services
VIII. Security & Visitor Policies
IX.    Miscellaneous Observations
X.      Summary Recommendations
XI.    Attachment (picture & bomb checklist handouts)

All assessments are handled on an individual basis by Keys To Safer  Contact Keys’ for a Quote