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National Reports/Statistics

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  1. ~New ~ FBI Study of Active Shooter Incidents (2003-2013) – FBI: (2.01 MB)
  2. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – NIMH: (1,134KB )
  3. Indicators of School Crime and Safety
  4. ANSER’s Homeland Security Newsletter Rept incl. Keys To Safer
  5. Red Cross: Terrorism-Preparing for the Unexpected (1,700KB)
  6. Preventing School Shooting: Secret Service Report (199KB)
  7. free_reportComprehensive Model: Emergency Response & Crisis Manag. Planning (52KB)
  8. Global Terrorism: US Department of States ( Very Large – 41,200KB)
  9. National Boot Camp Directory: It includes some Military Schools (681KB)
  10. Congressional Report: Food Processing Security (1,450KB)
  11. No Child Left Behind: Unsafe School Choice Options (58KB)
  12. Helping Schools Prepare and Respond to Terrorism (51KB)
  13. FBI’s Uniform Crime Report for 2001 (4,277KB)
  14. Bullying in Schools [US Dept of Justice – (1.120KB)
  15. Stats Overview [Crime & Victimization in the US] (166KB)
  16. Bullying Campaign for Schools [Keys To Safer] (301KB)
  17. School Resource Offices Training Programs [OJJDP] (64KB)
  18. Anger Management and Schools [Florida Dept of Ed] (77KB) – Report includes Keys To Safer
  19. Working Together to Create Safe Schools [Natl School Safety Ctr] (50KB)
  20. Commission Report on Columbine (914KB)
  21. Addressing the Problem of Juvenile Bullying-(43KB)
  22. 1999 National Report OJJDP: Challenging the Myths (476KB)
  23. 1999 National Report OJJDP: Violence After School (257KB)
  24. Annual Report on School Safety (DEd&DJJ)- (1,722KB)
  25. Annual Report on School Safety (DEd&DJJ) – (565KB)
  26. Combating Fear and Restoring Safety in Schools OJJDP (322KB)
  27. Effective Intervention for Serious Juvenile Offenders OJJDP (246KB)
  28. Adolescent Violence – A View from the street. (NIJ) (58KB)
  29. Evaluation of Violence Prevention Programs (NIJ) (73KB)
  30. Families & Schools Together OJJDP (66KB)
  31. FBI School Shooters Report (FBI) (187KB)
  32. Juvenile Offenders & Victims, (NCES) (6514KB)
  33. Indicators of School Crime and Safety, (NCES) (968KB)
  34. Order in the Classroom: Violence, Discipline and Student Achievement (ETS) (416KB)
  35. Keeping Children Safe in School (CDF) (56KB)
  36. Predictors of Youth Violence: OJJDP (242KB)
  37. Preventing Serious and Violent Offending OJJDP (237KB)
  38. School House Hype: Two Years Later (JPI) (244KB)
  39. Preventing Violence: OJJDP (317KB)
  40. Youth Gangs, Drugs, and Violence: OJJDP (218KB)