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In-Service Training Model

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Inservice Training ModelIn-Service Training Model 

The In-Service Training model is utilized when there is limited time to disseminate the information or skills to a large group of people. This model is employed to refresh skills and knowledge or add new material and examples of best practices needed to meet staffs current job responsibilities. This model seeks to update existing knowledge and skills, or add new ones.

It requires a shorter, more focused period of time than the other training types, and is Inservice training conferencemore summary oriented than Facilitator Certification Training or Train-the-Trainer Certification Training.

It is conducted by a Keys’ National/International recognized Subject-Matter-Expert at the organizations location.

In-service training can occur through structured learning and follow-up activities, or through less structured means, to solve problems or fill-in identified gaps in knowledge of a subject.

Keys’ can provide In-services onsite at the organization or through agencies’ distance learning systems.

Keys’ in-services meet national or international standards and have specific learning objectives, expected knowledge, skills, and competencies to be gained by participants.

In-Service Benefits

  • Designed to reach large groups
  • Disseminate information in a summary fashion
  • Reduced Time requirements (1-3 hours)
  • Reduced Costs
  • Provided by Subject-Matter-Experts at your site.

Just to name a few In-Services Keys’ conducts – here is the short list:

Again, Staff In-service programs and activities are designed to inform faculty and support personnel as to the school’s safety plans, procedures, and staff responsibilities for maintaining a safe school and its climate.

Schools should devote considerable time and resources to this school function.

Among the topics and activities listed below that are appropriate for staff in-services are the;

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