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Director Nelson: Keys-USA

 ExDir. Director:  Keys-USA, Canada & Europe
Director: Keys-USA           |          Director: Keys-Canada          |          Director: Keys-Europe

Mike Nelson, MS, LPC/S, NCC Senior Director: Keys-USA

Mike Nelson, MS, LPC/S, NCC, DART
Senior Director: Keys-USA

Mike Nelson, MS, LPC/S, NCC, DART
Senior Director/Founder
Senior Director, Keys USA
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  • Mr. Nelson, MS, LPC, NCC, DART  is an International Speaker, Author and Trainer in the US, Canada and Europe.
    • A featured speaker and trainer in a Japanese Documentary sponsored by Japan Ministry of Education on Youth Violence in Japan.
    • A featured speaker on FOX NEWS with Sabrina Steger, Mother of Kayce Steger, a school shooting victim at Paducah, Kentucky.
    • A featured speaker on numerous other TV shows discussing “Kids coping with 911”, “Dealing with the Santana High School Shooting”, “Tips to remaining safe from the NY Beltway Sniper“,  “Cyber-Bullying  & BullyCide” and more…
    • Featured on BBC RadioUp All Night” out of London discussing the sentencing of the Santana High School shooter.
    • On numerous other Radio Shows discussing “Identifying the Potentially Dangerous Student” (one radio showRealPlay or Mpg), “How to Stop Bullying in Schools”, “What can parents do to keep their student safe in school”, and much more…
  • He has developed programs, trained, evaluated and/or consulted with; Law Enforcement, Schools, Emergency Management Personnel, Health Department Personnel, State & Federal Youth Service Agencies, Boys & Girls Clubs, Transportation Agencies, Threat Assessment Agencies, Red Cross & other Crisis Relief Agencies; on topics of Prevention, Intervention and Emergency/Crisis Preparedness & Readiness.
  • Mr. Nelson, with his many years of therapeutic intervention with violent offenders, parolees, violent sex offenders, serious emotional disturbance (SED) children and seriously mentally ill (SMI) adults, has utilized this experience in writing books and developing hands-on, technique-driven books and trainings to manage these populations.


Master’s level Licensed Professional Counselor
Specialization License – Counselor Supervisor for new Counselor’s (LAC’s)
Certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors.
Certified by the European International School Safety Center
Certified  Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART)
Certified Victim and Family Assistance
Certified Keys’ Crisis Recover Team Member (K-RTM)
Certified Trainer in De-escalating Violence & Therapeutic Hold Techniques
Certified Trainer in Assessing Dangerousness in Adults and Students
Certified  CPI – Physical Intervention Techniques 
 in Keys to Excellent’s Cognitive Restructuring Curriculum
Certified Private Medicaid Provider
Certified  AIDS Counselor

Experience in:

  • CEO – Mental Health Day Treatment for Violent/Seriously Mentally Ill Adults.
  • Developing, Training & Implementing:
    • Alternative Learning Environments for Schools, Mental Health Agencies & others.
    • School-Based Day Treatment Facilities for Mental Health, JuvenileAgencies
    • Stand-a-lone Day Treatment Centers
  • Member of NASRO
  • Mental Health Therapist
  • Clinical Director of Multiple Mental Health Clinics
  • State Director of School-based Mental Health Services for Mental Health Organization.
  • Past Clinical Director of a Juvenile Residential Facility servicing Court Order Juveniles and State Youth Services Agencies.
  • Past Director of Program Development for a Tri-County Community Mental Health Center.
  • Past Director of Youth Services for a Tri-County Community Mental Health Center serving Court ordered Juveniles and providing therapy to Serious Offender Juveniles.
  • Clinical work with serious offender juveniles and families
  • Clinical Therapy with Act 911, those pleading Insanity for violent crimes.
  • Clinical Therapy with Paroled Sex Offenders
  • Clinical expert witness for many Child Abuse Court Cases.
  • Clinical consulting with public schools for Serious Emotional Disturbed Students
  • Clinical work with AIDS Patients
  • Public schools consulting.
  • Has worked with parents of school shooting victims, law enforcement officer (ex. Officer who shot student in El Cajon, California, at Granite Hills High School.) , Superintendent at Schools involved in School Shootings (ex. Superintendent of Schools in Pearl, Mississippi) teachers, students, and more.
  • Expansion & development of Teen Courts, Truancy programs,  electronic monitoring of delinquent juveniles, and more.
  • Creation of suspension/expulsion programs in school districts
  • Therapy services with victims of a Tornado
  • Development of behavioral components in Behavioral Classrooms, Alternative Schools, Sanction School, School-based & Non-School based Day Treatment Programs.
  • Workings of Juvenile Justice system in the State of Arkansas & other states
  • Prior member of Youth Services Providers Association of Arkansas and chaired a committee charged with the development of State Standards for mental health care of youth by the Division of Youth Services.
  • Private Medicaid Eligibility
  • Grant Writing, Program Development, Medicaid revenue maximization
  • Certified in a Cognitive Restructuring curriculum for juveniles
  • Certified in CPI, a physical restraint technique
  • Military Disaster Relief when a Titan II Missile explode in AR
  • Military Training – Air Force

Specialized Training:

  • Specialization License as a Supervisor of new Mental Health Therapist’s (LAC)
  • Critical Incident Crisis Counseling and Emotional Urgent Care: Crisis Counseling
  • Positive Approaches to Solving Severe Behavioral Problems
  • Cognitive Restructuring curriculum for juvenile in corrections institutions
  • Identifying Gangs and intervention skills
  • Training in Physical Intervention Skills (Therapeutic Hold Techniques)
  • Identifying and treating Sexual Abuse victims
  • Identifying Dangerousness in Adults and Children
  • Treatment approaches for ADHD/ADD
  • Treatment of PTSD and other anxiety disorders
  • De-escalation Techniques
  • AIDS Counseling Training
  • Safe Management of Bomb threats
  • Management of Assaultive Behavior
  • Managing Anger & Aggression of Children

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