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What O3“It is apparent that your organization [Keys To Safer] has done its homework and are well prepared. I’ll review your materials…”
Bill Ybarra, Administrative Project Director
Los Angeles County Office of Education

DebbieBKeys To Safer has been a godsend to Ouachita Children’s Center.  Their knowledge and skills have been invaluable in establishing new programs and finding efficiencies in older ones.  Their ability to survey an organization, analyze it objectively and present cogent recommendations is nothing short of remarkable.  The speed with which they responded to often changing directions allowed me the freedom to continue my daily work with complete confidence that they would meet deadlines with a quality product.”
Debbie Bryant
Executive Director
Ouachita Children’s Center

TottiSininenHymysmall100Our company Peace of Mind Inc. has specialized on the issues work place violence prevention and threat assessment. As part of our never ending process of honing our skills in these topics, we asked Mr. Nelson, MS, LPC, NCC from Keys to Safer to travel to Finland to have a seminar on Anger Management/De-escalation, Assessing the Dangerousness in Adults and Assessing Dangerousness in the Potentially Dangerous Student.  Mr. Nelson, MS, LPC, NCC came to Finland and spent an intensive week with us and with our instructors. His professionalism, cheerfulness, knowledge and respect for other cultures made a heavy impact on us. Mr. Nelson is truly a 100% professional and I am proud to say that he has thought of our instructors needs. Our questions were answered with broad foundation of information and you could clearly tell that he has a long professional back ground from both mental health work and of teaching.

I was pleased of the material, the attitude of the instructor, his capability to adapt into totally new cultural environment and still he managed to provide my instructors an in depth training.  Thank you very much.
Mike Karpela, CEO – Peace of Mind, Inc.
Helsinki, Finland

fulleraIn my 31 years of experience in Law Enforcement, I have attended some of the finest training seminars in this country.  I have never attended any training more professionally presented and practically based than that presented by Keys.  This group presents only that which they have seen in practice and know that it works.  Keys collective backgrounds offer an amazing array of experiences from mental health practice to counter-terrorism, from Safety Surveys to Crisis Response Planning.  The experiences that Keys weaves into their writing and training is done in a manner that makes ideas become alive.  The standards Keys sets for themselves and their students is of the highest order.  It is my professional opinion that Keys will perform beyond the satisfaction of anyone who seeks their help.
Chief Pat Fuller
Chief of Police of a Large School District in Texas

We are very impressed with your website and are excited about downloading the free materials. We would like to post some of these tips on our website and want to share some with our school principals. 
Susan King, Supervisor of Citizens Call Center
School District of Hillsborough County – Tampa, Florida

MS-13 Gang – Webinar:   Online Training

“Really Well Done!  Very Informative, Easy to Understand and Comprehensive.”
Vaness Luna, Gang Violence Suppression Education Coordinator
Nape County Office of Education, Napa, California

The Telecast was very well presented.  The information was well laid out and repeated adequately. [MS-13 Webinar]
Sonia McDonald, Private  Consultant
Child & Youth Worker – Orangeville, ON -Canada

Excellent informational website!! Good information & Officer Safety Issues.  Good introduction into the MS-13 Gang[MS-13 Webinar]
Edgar Castillo, Master Deputy/Training Officer
Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, Kansas

Good [MS-13 Webinar] training and great video feeds!
Brian Walker, 
3-B Detention Center –  Idaho Falls, Idaho

Very Helpful!    Wish you had more online gang seminars for Law Enforcement.   [MS-13 Webinar] I’m very excited to pass this information on and I am interested in other training as well, so I can go to schools to warn kids about gangs.
Wesley Stewart, Correction Officer II
West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority

Very Helpful!    [MS-13 Webinar]
Luke R. Hansen, Psy.D. – Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Center Associates, Marshalltown, Iowa

Good Webinar…  Interesting and informative.  [MS-13 Webinar]
Jennifer Howell, Psy.D. – Psychologist
Tykes and Teens, Inc., Port Saint Lucie, FL

Your site hits close to home for us.”
Lorraine Henke, NY

“Awesome information!!
I am a Child and Youth Worker in a Northern Ontario Canadian School, your information is a great help, I have sent away for some handouts…Thanks !!! ”
Taryn Fuller, Child and Youth Worker
Timiskaming District Secondary School,  No. Ontario, Canadian

“I actually find your e-news and website useful and informative.  The free materials are on-target.  I appreciate your efforts to inform.
Arthur A. Cummins, M. Ed. – Coordinator, Crisis Response Network
Orange County Department of Education – Costa Mesa, CA

“I am a full time police officer. I am also a certified teacher in the state of NJ and a certified police instructor. I was recently appointed to the position of safety coordinator for the Wayne PTO for the school district. I have been teaching safety programs in the schools for the past several years and I wish to take the training to the next level. I have utilized your materials in the past for papers which I have written and your company is very dynamic and at the forefront of this type of training.”
Sgt. Don Pavlak, Wayne Police Department * Wayne,  NJ

“Your site is wonderful and I have learned so much being in Australia. Things you have sent me have circulated around the school, like information about bullying etc. Please, Train-the-Trainer system you have to identify potentially dangerous students, do you have any one running it in Australia?? As we are limited here in such things. Thank you for your site and the information.”
Helen Michael, Teachers Aide Special and Interpreter
Glendale Technology High School,  Charlestown,  Australia

“Thank you so very much for the suggestions you provided, your help in this matter (Bullying of our Daughters) and most of all your kindness.  I am delighted to know there are people (and organizations) out there who care about our children’s safety and  for this Program.  I can honestly say I’m looking forward to the arrival of my booklets in the mail and for the chance that our information on what is happening to our girls, might help another parent going through the same situation.  I’m looking forward to us talking again and welcome any help you can send our way.  Thanks you from the bottom of my heart and Debbie & LorAnn thank you too!”
Janice Smith, Parent – Grovetown, GA

“You (Keys To Safer are more than great!  I just signed up for more information, but this is awesome, I want to know more about you (Keys).
Myrna Benitez, Teacher and Parent – Wesleyan Academy
San Juan, Puerto Rico

“Very interesting and informative website! This evening I will put a link to your site on, an English/Dutch site dedicated to finding causes and remedies for violence. Your link will appear in the right hand column under the heading “Veiligheid op school, school safety“.
Judith Scheepstra, Freelance journalist, Dutch Ministry of Justice – Netherlands

“…Your training programs look interesting… Your approach and materials are of high quality and the web letter is reasonably uncluttered, so not difficult to read. I must say though that having all of this information gathered in one place can be a little unnerving. If nothing else, your site helps keep us vigilant.”
Les Yeager, Teacher
Centerville Elementary – Centerville-Abington Community Schools, IN

Dear (Director of Keys),To merely say “thank-you” seems totally unfair, but I truly do thank you for taking the time, making the effort, and donating your very important message to the 9th graders (300) at Cabot Jr. Hg North.  Your various avenues to keep the students interested and thinking good thoughts has rekindled my love of teaching.  For that I am personally grateful.  Your program (Kids our the Keys) is effective and has already had positive effects on many of our students.  You are GREAT!  Thanks again.
Janet Lowe, Communications Teacher
Cabot Jr. High North,  Cabot, AR

To whom it may concern:   I have recently ordered a product of yours (the 1 strip test kit for THC) and I received in the mail today.  Please answer a few questions from the instructions on how to use these strips. I am hoping to obtain these answers at your earliest convenience so that I may test my child hopefully when I get home from work today. Thank you very much, your site is spectacular and I will refer to it often.  Again, thank you for your help!!
H.R., Parent

I find you (Keys To Safer the BEST according to the information I subscribed.
Monica Maganga, Senior Youth Counselor
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

“This is an excellent resource!!!  I will be returning at many points during the school year to help my schools that I work with to become safer.!!!    Thanks
Ryan P. Emahiser, SRO – Wood County Sheriff’s Office
Bowling Green, OH

“Hello.  I’m am just thrilled to be reading about all of the useful information you have on this website and in your newsletters…keep up the good work here.”
Jill Nagode, Parent
akewood, CO.

“Thanks for all of the great information!”
Matt James, Fruit Cove Middle School
Jacksonville, Florida

“The Keys to Safer website is a great resource of information for counselors, teachers, parents, and concerned citizens.  As a college professor, I’ve recommended it to student looking for resources on school violence.”
Jerry Wilde, Ph.D
Author of “Hot Stuff to Help Kids Chill Out: The Anger Management Book” 

“…this [Keys To Safer] is a very valuable program and would be interested in making it apart of the school that I will be working for in the future.”
Amanda Schneider, Graduate Student
Murfreesboro, TN

“I am impressed how much valuable information you gave within this website. As the government doesn’t give a penny for right education of parents and children, when it comes to drugs awareness here in Croatia, I would be more than delighted if I could join.  Your program, and start developing organization as yours in Croatia. I have numerous contacts in my country from universities, defectologists, city council where I live (Rijeka, Croatia), which could all be used to launch your program over here, because it is really needed, since the drugs are highly available on the streets, which is consequence of the past war, and I have seen in my own eyes children of 12.15 years smoking marijuana on the school playground, while 30 year men playing football on the same playground, with no reaction at all, due to the ignorance, or due to improper education in drug awareness. Please, I would be delighted if we could form some sort of joint operation, which with your knowledge would be dramatic increase in parental prevention for misbehavior of their children.    Best regards from Croatia.
Danijel Habek, Executive Manager

Thank you for all your hard work with our recent request for training.  I want you to know that the speed with which you responded allowed me the freedom to continue my daily work with complete confidence that we would meet the Safe and Drug-Free Grant deadlines this year with quality training.  We needed to use this funding quickly and wanted it to be spent on quality training that our staff so desperately needed.  Since you at Keys To Safer have provided us this type of quality training in the past, we at the Rogers Public School District felt very comfortable to ask once again.  Boy were we right!  We are looking forward to the Assessment/Certification Training: “Early Warning Signs and the Anger Management/De-escalation Training.  We are also excited about instituting your Assessment/Crisis Model in our district.  Thanks again!
Karen Benham, E.C. Director/Drug Education Coordinator
Rogers Public Schools, AR

This training on Bullying and Cyber-bullying was definitely a benefit to all those in attendance. As vice-president of a crime prevention association I believe it is important to address the problem of bullying before things get too bad. This training gave us the tools that we will need to implement a provincial program that deals with preventing bullying. The presenters were very dynamic and very knowledgeable. I especially enjoyed the practical nature of this training. As a school counsellor, I found many things that I could use immediately when I returned to my schools.  I would definitely recommend this training to anyone who is interested in addressing bullying in their schools.  Thanks to Keys for a great job!
Roberta Stanford, Vice-president of Citizens Crime Prevention – Asso. of Newfoundland and Labrador &  School Counsellor

ScovilleI would like to thank you and the rest of the Keys To Safer team for coming to Newfoundland and presenting at our [Cyber-Bullying] conference. The session was very informative and we have received a lot of good feedback…  It has been the general consensus that the workshop provided new knowledge in the area of cyberbullying and that the materials, information and visual aids were very useful. The workbook was a big success as well. Most conference delegates expressed the view that the book would be a great resource and several have already reported using it in their own organizations.
John Scoville, President of Citizens Crime Prevention – Asso. of Newfoundland and Labrador and Superintendent of Prisons of Newfoundland and Labrador.

I was very impressed with the workshop at Columbia.  As a counselor, I see a definite need for identification and intervention of bullying activity before it gets out of hand.  I want to be a part of Keys To Safer in order to help my students, parents, and staff understand about violence and schools and what we can do to stop the violence.
Linda Gassaway, School Counselor
Pleasant Hill Elementary School, MO

Well Done!  It was meaningful, genuine presentation with practical suggestions.  I really enjoyed the discussion facilitated by the presenters.
Mobile C.P.P.S. – School Counselor [Bullying STOPS when RESPECT Begins Training]

“Dear Presenters,  Through the training “Bullying Stops when Respect Begins” it has helped me find the answer to a question I have need searching for.  With what I have learned I feel my life will only improve!”

Lisa S. Crenshaw, Retract Manager
John S. Shaw High School – Mobile Public Schools

Exciting!  The training had a LOT of hands on activities and practical ways to implement it.  All the material presented was very good and informational.”
School Counselor [Bullying STOPS when RESPECT Begins Training]

“I loved the workbook materials and overall presentation of the material presented.”
MCPPS – School Counselor [Bullying STOPS when RESPECT Begins Training]

Excellent Program! Very relevant to schools and the training gave concrete information that we can implement and use.”
School Counselor [Bullying STOPS when RESPECT Begins Training]

I am in awe of how uninformed I am about bullying.  I have learned so much from “Keys To Safer“.  I have so much running through my mind and I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned!  Keep up the great work! You (Keys Trainers) guys are changing the lives of so many kids and parents!”
Brooke Austin, Teacher [Bullying STOPS when RESPECT Begins Training]

“I liked to skits, participation and videos.”
MCPPS – School Counselor [Bullying STOPS when RESPECT Begins Training]

“The things I liked most were the real practical ideas that I can use at my school.”
Mobile C.P.P.S. – School Counselor [Bullying STOPS when RESPECT Begins Training]

” I enjoyed the role-playing that will become the modeling for our kids.”
Mobile C.P.P.S. – School Counselor [Bullying STOPS when RESPECT Begins Training]

“I believe all Principals should have to go through this training!  I enjoyed the humor and friendliness of the presenters.”
Mobile C.P.P.S. – School Counselor [Bullying STOPS when RESPECT Begins Training]

“I liked the realistic answers and the problem solving of the situations we really face in our schools.”
Mobile C.P.P.S. – School Counselor [Bullying STOPS when RESPECT Begins Training]

“The School Policy Development and Procedures to carry out the polices were the highlight of the training!
Mobile C.P.P.S. – School Counselor [Bullying STOPS when RESPECT Begins Training]

This is a follow-up to our telephone conversation regarding Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Inc. (FCCLA), and STOP the Violence program  partnering and collaborating with Keys to Safer Schools.  I spoke with Christine Hollingsworth, Missouri’ State [FCCLA] Adviser, to find out more about the workshop and presentation [on bullying] that you conducted this past spring.  Christine stated that the evaluations returned were quite positive, and felt Keys to Safer Schools was a benefit to the attendees.
Michelle Flinton, Project Coordinator -STOP the Violence

I am delighted to discover a “port” in cyber-space that offers resources that CAN  create safe zones for the bodies and spirits of our young people.  It is wonderful to see Keys To Safer state-of-the-art technology provide easy access to such a comprehensive list of free and low-cost materials and training programs.  Every school needs to be aware of what Keys is doing whether it is to help with minor incidents that go almost unnoticed in the hallways or major events that end up in national headlines.  When enough people put their minds to solving a problem, from wiping out a polio virus or an epidemic of violence, it can be done!
Kate Cohen-Posey M.S. LMHC LMFT and Author of “How to Handle Bullies, Teasers and Other Meanies

“The Keys bullying Training is an excellent session with a lot of information on Bullying and Cyber-Bullying. The presenters are dynamic and very knowledgeable on the topics. I would recommend this training to anyone who is interested in making their schools safer places. The training itself is very interactive and full of many experiential exercises. Most importantly, you have materials when you leave the training that you can immediately use when you return to your schools.”
Roberta Stanford, School Counselor – Clarenville, Newfoundland, CA

“…I looked at your website. It looks most interesting – in fact, impressive.”
Dr. Jan Strydom (MA, HED, DEd), Researcher, Center for Dyslexia
Co-Author of:  The Myth of ADHD and Other Learning Disabilities. Parenting Without Ritalin & The Right to Read

“Thank you for coming to Mountain Home Schools January 2, 2001 for the in-service training on Anger Management.  Our faculty and staff gleaned many useful and practical bits of information on how to better understand angry students.  Those in attendance indicated that the stories and examples paralleled things that they had experienced in their own classrooms.  Also, your website provided much related research information that went beyond the abbreviated  information provided during the in-service.  Again, thank you for taking so much of your time and effort to put together such an important discussion with our staff.”
Joe Fisher,  Principal
Pinkston Middle School

“I would like to thank you for emailing me the handouts that I requested.  I found all three very informative and helpful, especially the handout on ADD.  I have recommended your site to some of my friends too. 🙂 ”
Diane Attard, OASI Foundation-Prevention Officer
Gozo, Malta

Hello,  I am a community building associate for the United Way in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Presently I am writing a violence prevention manual to distribute throughout our member agencies and to the general public.  I found your web pages to be very helpful and wondered how I would go about receiving permission to include several of your handouts within the resource guide. You help would be appreciated.  Thank you for the great info.
Leslie Fick, United Way of the Capital Region
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

“I have…given your organization information to the Asst. Superintendent as additional training opportunities…”
Susan Allen, Ph.D.,  School Counselor of Forest Heights Elementary
Harrison, AR

“We are grateful for the quality of training you (Keys’) have given us, and looking forward to more.”
Linda Haley, Counselor Supervisor
Rogers School District

“Our superintendent of schools requested that I contact you to obtain more information on your program.  I visited your site, and am confused as to where to begin (since you have so much listedwow!!). What would you recommend?  Thanks!”
Nancy Nicolos, Exec. Asst. to the Superintendent
North Slope Borough School District, Barrow, Alaska

As Garland County Judge I am pleased to support the Lock Out Violence Everyday (L.O.V.E.) Campaign.  I believe community awareness will prove to be a vital deterrent in eliminating violence in our neighborhoods and schools.
Larry Williams, County Judge
Garland County, AR

It was a pleasure to have you [Frank] and Mike in our district.  We have had many compliments on your presentation (in-service; Identifying Early Warning Signs). We had a wonderful opening of school yesterday.  Both teachers and students are positive and happy to be back.  As I visited our schools, I was so proud of everyone.  Teaching and learning was occurring just as if school had never been dismissed for the summer.  As soon as everything slows down a bit, we will get back with you on further training.
Dr. Janie Darr, Superintendent
Rogers School District

The workshop (in-service; Identifying Early Warning Signs) was wonderful. A real eye opener!  Learned a lot and I’ve been teaching for 21 years. Please keep me updated. Thanks,
Tamie Moore, Special Education Resource Teacher
Star City Schools

Dear Gentlemen,
On August 17th, you did an in-service (Identifying Early Warning Signs) for the Roger’s School District.  I was privileged to be a part of that.  I wanted to thank you for being concerned about the welfare of our children, and a part of the solution.  Your example was evident in the way you presented yourselves and the material.  I enjoy and appreciate being touched by your lives.
Colleen Meyer, Second grade teacher-Grace Hill Elementary
Rogers School District

Dear Mike,
Just wanted to drop you and Frank a line of thanks for the wonderful job you did yesterday at the In-service (Identifying Early Warning Signs) at Gravette.  It was very well received by the faculty.
Carl Scott, Dean of Students
Gravette School District

[Keys] did a great job in both in-services [with the 700+ staff in attendance] (Identifying Early Warning Signs).  Everyone was pleased.  Thank for your dedication to this cause.  I’m sure we will be setting some others [in-services] up.
Linda Haley, Counselor Supervisor
Rogers School District

“The Keys To Safer International Conference increased my confidence in managing crisis situations.”
Laura Bishop
Westminster Academy
– Ft Lauderdale, FL

“This International Conference offered valuable information on Anger Management and Crisis Intervention. I liked most the Team Teaching [style] and Knowledge of Instructors.”
Deputy John Blalock, School Resource Officer
Switzerland Point Middle School – Jacksonville, FL

“Being an ESE educator, I was concerned that much of the information should already be common knowledge.  However, many in the room had not been exposed to it previously and honestly the refresher was good for me.  I think I sharpened my abilities to write better behavioral plans.  I re-evaluated my level system.  Not necessarily changing things, but knowing why I liked some of my points.  I did adjust my requirements for levels to show more growth of my student’s as far as their requirements.  I also realized that I do need to write out an evaluation of my program to include why it is successful.  All in all, Thank you for your information and experiences.” [Developing Effective Alternative Learning Environments]
Cameron Venuti, ESE Teacher for EH
Niceville High – Okaloosa County School District – Ft. Walton Beach, FL 

“I would like to thank both Presenters for the Outstanding job in presenting the information on developing effective alternative environments.”
Duscha Brown, Caseworker
Okaloosa County Juvenile Detention Facility

“I attended a workshop [on Developing Effective Alternative Learning Environments] this past week in [Ft. Walton Beach] Florida and thoroughly enjoyed it!”
Barbara J. Jones, ESE Teacher
Okaloosa County School District – Ft. Walton Beach, FL

“What I liked most about the training [on Developing Effective Alternative Learning Environments] were the specific forms that can be implemented easily in our setting.”
ESE Teacher
Okaloosa County School District – Ft. Walton Beach, FL

“In the Development of Effective Alternative Learning Environments what I like most was that the information was usable and adaptable for any program.  This made us see how we could increase our expectations yet be reasonable.”
Cindy Stanley, SED Elementary Teacher
Okaloosa County School District – Ft. Walton Beach, FL

“I really enjoyed the content of the presentation [on Developing Effective Alternative Learning Environments] and would like to learn more about topics concerning students and families.”
Mary Lou Kelly, MSW
Okaloosa County School District – Ft. Walton Beach, FL

I loved the practicality of everything presented in workshop [Developing Effective Alternative Learning Environments].”
ESE Teacher
Okaloosa County School District – Ft. Walton Beach, FL

“Great Information!  Very helpful – although fore ESE/EH Teachers it does not need to be that in-depth.  I loved the time to re-evaluate & change present level system that I use.” [Developing Effective Alternative Learning Environments].”
ESE/EH Teacher
Okaloosa County School District – Ft. Walton Beach, FL

“I have continued to get positive feedback from the Northern Illinois University – Housing Staff about the training [Resident Assistant: Train-the-Trainer] you did for us this past summer. I wanted to check with you about sharing Keys to Safer services information with some colleagues…professional residence hall staff at the Great Lakes Association of College and University Housing Officers (GLACUHO).”
Blanche McHugh, Assistant Director of Residential Life
Northern Illinois University – Division of Student Affairs

“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to learn and grow!  You all made me feel welcome and relaxed!  I really appreciate all the information you presented and I am excited about sharing the things I learned with my co-workers!” [International Conference]
Leslie R. Stone, Truancy Specialist
USD 500-Central Middle School – Kansas City, KS.

“At the International Conference what I liked most was the Crisis Management [training] and Agent Agundez.”
Charles Wilson, Teacher
Homestead Elementary School – Crossville, TN 

“I have been certified in the past as a Trainer for PCM and CPI but found what you presented [Anger Management/De-escalation Training] to be more practical for use in the school security environment. I hope that at some future time you can present training based on what you presented [to our Security Professionals] in August.  I have had a chance to review the Course Evaluations and found them to be positive. I have also talked with several Security Specialists who stated that they need more… training.”
Officer Robert Dinkel, Jr.,  Broward County Public Schools
COORDINATOR – School Safety & School Resource Officer

“This is one of the BEST workshops I have attended!  I would like for ALL of my teachers and Administrators to attend this.  I liked the groups and interaction.”
School Alternative Teacher [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

“I attended the Train-the-Trainers session on Anger Management/De-escalation in Roanoke City. Your information was absolutely incredible and usable the next day in the classroom.”
Kim Guertin, Classroom Teacher
Roanoke City Public School  – [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

“I really enjoyed everything.  Everything was GREAT & INFORMATIVE!”
School Counselor (Susan) [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

Keys To Safer‘ “Anger Management/De-escalation,” would be a tremendous asset to the staff here at Alternative Learning Environment of Garland County.
Jim Morgan, Director of ALE, ALE of Garland County

It was GREAT!  I mostly liked the Prevention Methods to de-escalation before they go off.  Every employee should be required to attend this workshop!
School Counselor – Mobile Public Schools [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

“The Anger Management training is an AWESOME informative and prevention workshop!  The De-escalation training was most beneficial.
D. Parker, Assistant Principal
Mobile Public Schools (MCPSS) – Mobile, AL

I loved the “Techniques” used to de-escalate angry students!
School Counselor – Mobile Public Schools [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

Instructor was very knowledgeable and I liked that it was with ACL facility.  Could you train more Administration?  I’d like to really learn more and attend another training session.  Will check out website.
Diane Walter, Teacher – Bonita Springs Middle School
Lee County Public Schools, Ft. Myers, Florida [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

The entire instruction was informative and educational.  This instruction was universally applicable and should be taken by all personnel.
Robert Green, Title Teacher – Bonita Springs Middle School
Lee County Public Schools, Ft. Myers, Florida [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

I liked most the lecture and demonstration.  (all A’s on rating part)
Alex Lewis, ALC Security – Lee County Public Schools, Ft. Myers, Florida
[Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

I liked the hands on exercise.  (all A’s on rating part)
Horace Barrett, ALC Teachers – Lee County Public Schools, Ft. Myers, Florida
[Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

Learning ways to stop a fight was what I liked most.  I think it was a great class.  Great!  I will use many of things I learned today.
Joseph Cofield – Bonita Springs Middle School
Lee County Public Schools, Ft. Myers, Florida [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

I liked the hands on activities and group discussion.  Training was very informative.
Yolonda White, Teacher – ALC;  Lee County Public Schools, Ft. Myers, Florida
[Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

I enjoyed the Audience Participation.
Peg Binoniemi – ALC;  Lee County Public Schools, Ft. Myers, Florida
[Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

“Thank you for taking time to answer our questions.  VERY ON TARGET, HELPFUL!
School Counselor [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

“…all information very effective, Productive day!”
School Counselor [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

“The Anger Management training was extremely relevant to handling classroom or hall confrontations and problems with students anger.”
School Counselor – Mobile Public Schools [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

“This is the first time in 9 years that I attended a training  [Anger Management/De-escalation Training] that met my expectations!  I thoroughly enjoyed these sessions.  This is the first time I felt that material was relevant to our situations.  I think having instructors who “know where we are coming from” helps.  They were EXCELLENT!
(Deanna) Michelle Fauley
School Counselor – Mobile Public Schools [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

“I really enjoyed the entire week.  As a Special Ed educator and a Counselor, the information was very beneficial.  I wish I had received training such as this earlier in my career!”
School Counselor – Mobile Public Schools [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

“Trainers where very practicable and real.
School Counselor [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

“It was organized and a comfortable environment.  Great Workshop!
School Counselor – Mobile Public Schools [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

“Concrete strategies to use with our student!”
School Counselor – Mobile Public Schools [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

An Excellent workshop!  I loved the hands on experiments of the How to Break-up a Fight!”
School Counselor – Mobile Public Schools [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]
“Last Friday, Twyla Simmons, the counselor at my school, attended your workshop at WAESC.  I had already registered for this coming Friday’s session, but after Twyla’s resounding recommendation, I would have been forced to “crash” the meeting had I not been scheduled to attend.”
Christy L. Cypert, Principal Cedarville Middle School
[Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

This training uses creative ideas for defusing [anger] => humor.
School Counselor [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

“Very relaxed atmosphere.  I would like to see regular classroom teachers receive this training.”
School Counselor [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

” I think this is fantastic and more schools & administrators should open their eyes and listen to this information.  They [Keys] know exactly what they were talking about.”
School Counselor [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

The training provided techniques I can utilize IMMEDIATELY!”
School Alternative Teacher [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

“Practical, not trickle-down theory but applicable.”
School Counselor [Anger Management/De-escalation Training Attendee]

“Practical / usable ideas (rubber band)”
School Counselor [Anger Management/De-escalation Training Attendee]

“I liked the relaxed setting and humor in learning.”
School Counselor [Anger Management/De-escalation Training Attendee]

“I thought the training on how to break up a fight was really valuable…”
School Counselor [Anger Management/De-escalation Training Attendee]

“Practical, practical, practical!!!”
School Counselor [Anger Management/De-escalation Training Attendee]

“This was a very practical, helpful and information.  I appreciate this presentation.
Assistant Principal [Anger Management/De-escalation Training]

“The interaction between the presenters and their vast knowledge and experience.”
School Counselor [Anger Management/De-escalation Training Attendee]

“The emphasis on treating students with a respectful attitude was what I liked.”
School Counselor [Anger Management/De-escalation Training Attendee]

“I like directly dealing with school situations.”
School Counselor [Anger Management/De-escalation Training Attendee]

“The following are some of the comments that were written by the participants about the anger management de-escalation workshop [Keys To Safer provided]:

Share info with staff and principals
Interested in the assessment workshop and the bullying workshops
Want to visit your website
This is wonderful information!
This was a very beneficial training!
Great workshop!
Workshop was very organized and useful.

I hope this info will help and look forward to working with you guys again.  Good luck!”
Cindy Cole, Drug Facilitator – Western Arkansas Cooperative

[Comments out of “The Daily Siftings Herald” – March 12, 2000] Attending a training that was held at OBU he said, “I think Keys To Safer Schools addresses a vital issue today in dealing with anger and teaching anger management skills to Educators.”
Dr. William Viser
Associate Professor of Religion
Ouachita Baptist University (OBU)

Someone who knows me and my work with kids and teens apparently thought I would be interested in knowing about your site. They know me well as I am indeed delighted to know about your web site and the information.
Yana Freeman, CCHt

[Comments out of the “The Daily Siftings Herald” – March 12, 2000]
Violence in Schools focus of workshopThere is help in the form of training…The anger management program’s purpose is the teach the teacher, administrator, youth worker how to deal with anger that our students bring to class every day.”
Dolores Harrington
Siftings Herald

My E.D. was very impressed with [Keys To Safer] … (and of course I brag about you too) and would like to explore the possibility of you performing an evaluation of the proposed project. “
Brenda Kennedy, RN
Project Coordinator
White River Rural Health, inc

“Wow, you … are doing such great work.   As soon as the Governor names a new education liaison, I am going to make sure that we set up a meeting with he/she and you so they will know what all is going on with your organization and your message.”
Beth Anne Rankin
Arkansas Governor’s Office
Former Ms. Arkansas

“I was at the recent SEMA Conference (State of Missouri – State Emergency Management Agency: 17th Annual SEMA/MEPA Conference on Crisis Preparedness ) where I saw your presentation and think it would be a great thing to have at our local citizens corp meeting.”
Sandy Koenig, Perry County Health Dept, Missouri.

Still talking about your speech at the conference (Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) 2005).  Was truly the best of them all!
Nancy Crestwood,  ESDA (Emergency Services and Disaster Agency), IL

Great to meet you yesterday at the IEMA conference (Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) 2005) …  You speak from a conviction and those that I talked to felt like you were a welcome addition to the conference.
Joseph V. Gasparich, Homeland Security Training Coordinator * Illinois Fire Service Institute
Fire Chief, Nokomis Area Fire Protection District * Nokomis, Illinois

“My name is Gina Light and I live in Bakersfield where I attended one of your classes.  The class was great (11-15/16-04) and I learned valuable information that I use at my school site. ”
Deputy Gina Light, Kern County Sheriff’s Department
Bakersfield, California [School, Terrorism & Homeland Security Training Attendee]

“I like how they made it relevant to our needs!”
School SRO [School, Terrorism & Homeland Security Training Attendee]

“This is a very good program.  [Staff] are very informed and excellent facilitators.”
Rhonda Smith, Asst. Principal -Beebe Public Schools
[School, Terrorism & Homeland Security Training Attendee]

Great information!”
SRO Mark Jones, White County Sheriff’s Department
[School, Terrorism & Homeland Security Training Attendee]

“Interesting, organized and needed.”
Mari Newton, Counselor – England School District
[School, Terrorism & Homeland Security Training Attendee]

The training gave me a lot to work with and brought up subjects I normally would not have thought about.  Very informative.”
Tina Lee, School Nurse – Junction City School District
[School, Terrorism & Homeland Security Training Attendee]

“The information was not comforting from the realization that our schools are very much open or susceptible to terrorist activity.  It was reassuring to have clear outlines and information for what CAN be done to take action in time of crisis, but now I feel I am aware, so I can prepare.  Again, my thanks for sharing your wealth of information.  It is correct this has been excellent.  I’m glad you two (presenters) are on our side!
Julia Ingram, School Counselor – Prescott School District
[School, Terrorism & Homeland Security Training Attendee]

Very Good Information!  None of this was given nor shared with us by the government.”
Tina Lee, School Principal
[School, Terrorism & Homeland Security Training Attendee]

“Very needed information, presented in a interesting way.  The Presenters were very knowledgeable and made the training fun.”
School Counselor
[School, Terrorism & Homeland Security Training Attendee]

“It provided information we can implement immediately!  These presenters were very organized and extremely knowledgeable on their subject matter!”
Ellen Lowe – Junction City School District
[School, Terrorism & Homeland Security Training Attendee]

“The knowledge of the instructors.  Great Job!
Denny Rozenberg, Principal – Bearden School District
[School, Terrorism & Homeland Security Training Attendee]

“All of the information was very informative.”
Darla Stivers, Counselor – McNeil School District
[School, Terrorism & Homeland Security Training Attendee]

Very informative!
SRO Todd Crisp, Waldo Police Department
[School, Terrorism & Homeland Security Training Attendee]

“I liked the realistic, and actual scenarios.”
Angela Scroggins, Special Programs Administrator – Harmony Grove School District
[School, Terrorism & Homeland Security Training Attendee]

“This presentation was excellent!
School SRO [School, Terrorism & Homeland Security Training Attendee]

“This is a very good program! The presenters were very informed and excellent facilitators.”
Rhonda Smith, Assistant Principal & Crisis Team Director
Beebe, AR  [School, Terrorism & Homeland Security Training Attendee]

“Great Class…Thanks!”
Officer Al Crandall, SRO
AR  [School, Terrorism & Homeland Security Training Attendee]

“Good Information! I would like to see more of your workshops!”
Officer Mark Jones, SRO
White County Sheriff’s Dept, AR [School, Terrorism & Homeland Security Training Attendee]

“This has helped me a great deal in feeling much more comfortable in the event of an emergency.”
School Principal [Crisis Response Training Attendee]

“Great Job!!”
School Administrator [Crisis Response Training Attendee]

“I liked the step-by-step method, the template format, the workbook and the ease of customization [our Crisis Response Plan].  Also the knowledge of the instructors.
Zane Vermillion, School Counselor
England School District, AR

[Crisis Response Training Attendee]

This will help in our Crisis Response manual and training.
Ms. Reagan – School Counselor

Keys‘ … is a professional organization committed to developing a program … to increase awareness and prevent violence in schools, communities, and homes.
Larry Williams, County Judge
Garland County, AR

“When contracted to perform an internal program evaluation, they again exceeded what I expected.  The staff of Keys are true professionals whose easy going manner of getting the job done causes everyone involved to feel at ease and confident.  Their credentials and breadth of experience mark them as the most capable organization I have every worked with.  I would gladly recommend them to anyone in need of youth or management services.
Debbie Bryant, Executive Director
Ouachita Children’s Center

[Comments out of  “The Benton Courier” ]
Sunday Spotlight – Ounce of Prevention -They believe that all states…”need a statewide system of responding [A Crisis Response Team] to any crisis in the public schools or other locations that involve a significant number of children or adolescents.”
Jerry Breeden
The Benton Courier

“I attended one of your (Keys To Safer seminars in Columbus, Ohio.  The seminar was excellent in discussing warning signs of potentially violent students.”
Officer Scott Fortkamp
Columbus, Ohio [Ohio Conference]


Click here

See Video & below to learn how others felt about the Train-the-Trainers: Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student

Click here

“As the Stepmother of a child killed (Andy Robinson) on school property, I applaud this [Assessment of the Potentially Dangerous Student] training. It is so very important. God speed getting every teacher trained.”
Traci Robinson, Stepmother

“Cutting Edge information.  This information allows for immediate identification [of students that need help quickly].  It removes the Fear Factor by providing an easily implemented plan [Risk Assessment Model].  I highly recommend this training for individuals that work with At-Risk Kid’s.”
Lori Lamb, East Hills Middle School
[Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“As a founder of threat management services for the Helsinki, Finland Police Department, I constantly look into different options and resources on threat assessment and threat management procedures. The training that I have personally received from Keys To Safer has been both educational and very useful.  I look forward to putting Keys To Safer concepts into practice in Helsinki in different school safety issues. Thank you very much for your excellent training, material and resources.”
Totti “Mike” Karpela, SergeantThreat Assessment & Management Services
Helsinki Police Department, Helsinki, Finland

“I think that all police forces and educational institutions in Canada should follow this Model of Youth Risk Assessments“.
Cst. Marilyn Sexton
Mission “Royal Canada Mounted Police” Mission, B.C. – Canada
[Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

Excellent evaluation Tool/Scale for us to use at the school site!”
Louis M. Long, Dean of Students – Port Charlotte High School
Port Charlotte, Florida
[Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“It was a pleasure being here today and yesterday…There are other’s who should have been here, but its’ their loss.  I should have invited my “Head of Security”, but someone had to watch the building.  Excellent Job!!
Vernell Whittaker – Dean of Students
North Chicago Community High School – District 187
[Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“Well organized topic of discussion.  We cannot afford not to have ALL school districts in this country not receiving this training. It’s to important during this new heightened Security.”
[Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

Excellent training to facilitate the coordination of services that are available, but not well-known, to other organizations that may have to intervene to prevent potentially Dangerous Students from becoming Front Line News Nation-Wide.”
Sergeant Curtis Rutt, Training Sergeant Orangeville Police
Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
[Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“Interaction of training & experiential exercises.  This training really is needed to raise awareness in schools – to the point of actually changing what they are doing to make schools safer.  Now we, as trainers, can start the assessment teams.  I am excited about the possibility of getting all the behavior consultants involved in Arkansas.”
Terry Henderson, Behavior Intervention Consultant for the Arkansas Department of Education
[Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

Excellent!  My district may need your program.  NO! they do need it.  I’ll be in touch.”
Dr. William King – Illinois
[Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“What I liked was that the training [Assessment of the PDS] had information that we ALL could use!”
Carl Pridgen, Consultant – North Carolina Office of Charter Schools
Raleigh, North Carolina

“The Instructors were very knowledgeable in MANY areas.”
Mary Beth Whipkey, ALE/L.S.W. Greenwood School District
[Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“The knowledge of the Trainers was tops.  I also liked the participants from all over the USA – Networking Opportunities
School Psychologist  [Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“I wish you (Keys) could do all our “inservices” – you make it so interesting and understandable!!  Please keep in contact with all of us.  Our school lacks so many resources and you (Keys) have given us so much valuable information.
Jan Moore, Cedarville High School
[Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“The information to identify PDS was very helpful.  I enjoyed the workshop…very helpful.”
Harvey Benton, Assistant Principal of Conway School District
[Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“I loved the PDS vs. Prankster exercise at the beginning and how it ties into the assessment tool”
Chief of Police [Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“Very Good workshop and information – it was much NEEDED!!  The expertise of the Trainers was great!”
Mary Thompson, High School Counselor – Berryville School District
[Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“The Trainers’ interpersonal skills are excellent and they left no doubt as to their wealth of knowledge and expertise with the subject material.  Thank for all the help! I liked the networking and the exposure to the Risk Assessment Model.”
Head of Security  [Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“Enjoyed your training, Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student.  Thankfully, the majority of our discipline issues deal with “pranksters” rather than true potentially dangerous students; nonetheless, I appreciate your assessment tool and the greater understanding of options and steps to be taken when severe situations arise.  Thanks so much for your help and concern for the safety of our schools, students, staff, and community.
Rachel Rasburry, Assistant Principal, Bryant Middle School
[Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“My wife [Melissa Haney of Magazine Public Schools] recently attended a course [PDS Train-the-Trainer Training] in Cabot AR and was very impressed with the structure, content, and application process.  [I] …desire to help in the area of training of individuals attending your courses.”
Mike Haney, Logan County EMS, Nationally Registered EMT-Paramedic/Logan
Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training]

“I loved the Assessment Tool and the case studies”
School Counselor  [Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“The practice in the use of the Assessment Instrument was invaluable.”
School Principal  [Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“This was an excellent training. Most in-services have bits of information I can use.  This one was 2 days full of helpful information.  I would recommend it to anyone.  I especially appreciate the willingness of the instructors to answer questions and share personal experiences.  GREAT TRAINING!
Melissa Lampinen, Cedarville High School
[Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“I liked meeting other professionals and sharing ideas with them.  The knowledge of the Professionals was exciting and the group activities were great!”
School Professional  [Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“The training was very practical and very do-able.”
School Head of Security  [Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“The hotel was close to training site!!  I liked the Assessing students [exercise] and group activities.  Excellent Training!  Thanks Keys!!”
Michael Henriquez, Safe School Coordinator – Monroe Co. School District, Key West, FL. [Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“I have … an appointment with the assistant superintendent to tell them all about Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student …  I am hoping to get them to implement this program system wide.  I think this would be great for the schools.”
Joyce Beason, Huntsville High School * Huntsville, Al [Train-the-Trainers – Assessment of the PDS Training Attendee]

“What I liked most was the examples and the first hand knowledge [of Presenters].  Excellent job!”
Paula Peach, K-5 Guidance Counselor
Mt. Carmel, IL  [Assessment Training Attendee]

“Knowledge of  Presenters was astonishing.  Assessment & rating tools will be most helpful.”
Brenda Wilson
Harrisburg LAB, IL  [Assessment Training Attendee]

“The World events today (date of this training 9-11-01) made teaching and learning difficult. The team [Presents] did an admirable job over coming these obstacles.” I liked most about this training were the “Real life examples”. 
Charles Sternberg, Principal 
WABASH 248,  IL  [Assessment Training Attendee]

“What I liked most about the training was the listing of characteristics of perpetrators and what to look for.  SUPER DAY! “
School Counselor [Assessment Training Attendee]

“I certainly appreciated the information I received today.  My level of awareness has been raised.  You were great. “
School Counselor [Assessment Training Attendee]

“The assessment practice exercise toward the end of the day I felt this was very beneficial.”
School Resource Officer (SRO) [Assessment Training Attendee]

“The Trainers were personable & informative.  VERY WELL PRESENTED!
School Counselor [Assessment Training Attendee]

“I am amazed at how much the subject matter has effected me since I got back….”
Shurna Robbins [Assessment Training Attendee]


“This is a very interesting website that I am sending to …all the other counselors.”
Ms. Vance – School Counselor

“I’m a parent of a 14 year old male with ODD. I need information for his school. I will certainly pass on this site. I find it very Informative .
Thank You.”
Christine Comeau (Mother) – Nova Scotia, Canada

“May I just say your web site is top, keep up all the hard work!”
William Fenton – Manchester,  England

“I am a social worker at a youth correction facility.  This information would be very helpful.”
Corinne Aikens; Brookside Youth Centre – Cobourg, Ont, Canada

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.  You have a great web page!
John I. Kaminar; Dean of Residential Affairs

“I thought you might want to see this site.  It has Great information.”
Charlie Wilson; Homestead Elementary School – Crossville, TN

“I love your website!…”
Diane Smith, FRYSC Director-Berea Independent Schools, KY

“I enjoyed this site and thought you might to.”
Susan B. Metcalf; Drug Ed Coordinator – Newport, AR
[Comments out of  “The Benton Courier” – February 6, 2000]
Sunday Spotlight – Ounce of Prevention – “…Deadly assaults by gun-toting teen-agers on students and teachers throughout the country had such an impact on two … men that they decided to do something to help prevent such tragedies in the future.” 
Jerry Breeden
The Benton Courier

“Thank you so much for all your help yesterday.  We couldn’t have pulled this off without you!”
Brenda Kennedy, RN
Project Coordinator
White River Rural Health, inc

“Dear Mr. Nelson: All the information provided is excellent. I had the opportunity to share with other teachers.”
Prof. Fernando Santiago, BA ED
Emergency Trainer Crisis Management Team
Ft. Buchanan, Puerto Rico

“The Program Evaluation which they provided for a federally funded, multi-agency grant project proved to be the pivotal point in bringing all the pieces together, not only to meet the needs of the grantor, but the needs of the children as well…Keys has surpassed my expectations and requirements.”
Debbie Bryant
Executive Director
Ouachita Children’s Center

“What I liked most was…”Eye opening as to preparedness”
Derrell Thompson, Dean of Students – McGehee

“Very interesting and informative – great to have an already written plan that will satisfy ACT 648 to be included in our Crisis Response Plan.  Thank you.”
Barbara Arnold, Warren Jr High – Counselor

“This is an excellent training. Because of the tremendous time constraints in my daily schedule, having a near complete plan at the end of the training was a lifesaver. ”
SEARK Coop Attendee

“Practical information presented in understandable language.  Thank you for this valuable information!”
SEARK Coop Attendee 

“We got a lot of excellent information about how to respond to a great many situations.”
Clyde Mitchell, Asst to Superintendent 

What I liked most was…”Getting the Terrorism Plan together to put in our Crisis Plan”
Susan Stewart, Parent Coordinator – Dumas 

What I liked most was…”Sample of Crisis Plan (on Bio-Chem) to take with you (on disk).”
Jimmy Williams, T I Instructor 

What I liked most was…”the knowledge of trainers/presenters.”
Paulette Perryman, Lonoke 

“I received the info need to have my School Crisis Plan.  Thanks to all involved!”
Wilbur D. Mills Attendee 

Constable Kristi Rockley has been a member of our service for over two years and is currently seconded to the Ontario Police College as a Use of Force instructor. Prior to joining York Regional Police, she served as an officer with the Waterloo Regional Police Service. Constable Rockley took the two day course in Grayslake, Illinois on February 10th and 11th, 2004, provided by . This  organization promotes prevention, intervention and crisis preparedness through their teaching materials geared towards students, parents, teachers and law enforcement officers. The course provides Constable Rockley with a two year certification as a Trainer on the Assessment of the Potentially Dangerous Student Course. This course is in response to the wave of school shootings that has taken place in North America, focusing on prevention and assessment of the potentially dangerous student(s), rather than reaction after the shooting has started. Constable Rockley is the first Canadian police trainer to receive this training and will apply these skills in her current assignment as well as at York Regional Police upon her return.