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Lock Out Violence Everyday Campaign (c)

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Lock Out Violence Everyday Campaign.LOVE Campaign

LOVE Campaign

LOVE Motto:  Not in my School, Not in my Home, Not in my Community

*  How Communities can get involved.  Sign Me Up!                         * See an actual campaign
*  What Schools do to Lock Out Violence? Becoming a Safe School!
Mommy I’m afraid to go to school! Article on violence
Start a S.A.F.E. Chapter in your school  Student Lead and Run chapter
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This is a campaign to raise the awareness and find solutions within a Community of how to stop the violence taking place in our schools, homes and communities.  In the past 10 years many people have lost their lives in violent acts in our schools.  Hundreds more have suffered death and injury in their homes and communities. Each one of us individually and each organization or agency suffers when these needless incidents occur.  Something must be done!  The …

L-ock O-ut V-iolence E-veryday Campaign.

itself may last only a week or weekend, but the benefits from the Community Violence Prevention Program should and must continue year round.


Lock Out Violence Everyday Campaign© is to bring organizations, schools, state and government agencies, domestic violence advocates, safe houses, emergency shelters, churches, private organizations (ex. YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc.) , private businesses and more to focus the attention of the entire community on violence issues and solutions in our schools, homes and community. This campaign is dedicated to the members of our community who have been victims of violence in the hope that they will be the last ones.  We need to stop saying, “Some one else will solute the problem.” or “Let that organization do it.”  We MUST say,  “Let’s all work together and solute to problem”.  Excitement and involvement from YOU are the key ingredients to make this program work.  Fun events such as races, basketball tournaments, and carnivals are examples of things that can be done to generate community interest.  Seminars, panels, guest speakers and children’s plays are examples of ways to then communicate the urgency of the need and possible solutions (see example of what one community has done).  The need now is for supporters, volunteers and sponsors to step forward “like YOU“!

Together we can
When it comes to violence, let’s make this our motto:
L-ock O-ut V-iolence E-veryday !!

L-ock O-ut V-iolence E-veryday!!  Not in my school, not in my home, not in my community!!

Lock Out Violence Everyday® and “Not in my School, Not in my Home, Not in my Community® are registered marks of Keys To Safer ©1999
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or call “toll free” 1(800)504-7355 for more information.

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